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Sony Vaio vs. Apple

...could anyone gave me an advice what to chouse between Sony Vaio AR790U/B premium model or Apple mac book pro 17"...thanks or if someone have some other sugestion...

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Hardware wise, nothing to compare.

Save that power cord. The nice Apple OS however does mean you can skip scanning for virus every day and just use the machine.

How much is that worth to you?

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You can also skip constant visits to the Apple Store

to have 'issues' looked at. What's that worth to you?

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Only reason I go there

Is to watch more being sold. Are you going for another reason?

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Where do I start?

Component failures, warping(!), functional issues, etc. Since Apple doesn't have timely onsite service like any manufacturer worth a damn, the quickest way if I don't want to deal with a two-week turnaround is to take it to them.

Maybe because I'm used to similarly priced kit in the Windows world and I'm not blinded by eye candy I have better standards...?

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Outside the forums.

No other owner I know has that issue. The one constant I have learned over the decades is the people with such an issue are the most vocal.

Comparing the Apple hardware price is nearly impossible because that OS, support and more is part of the bundle.

What eye candy? It's no more or less than what Windows has today.


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...i mean choose not chouse...choose between does two laptops...

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Same Boat

I have the same situation. If apple doesn't upgrade MP pro in the next 2 months I will have to jump on the sony ar790. I love mac book pro's but apple does not carry Hi-def laptops. The only advantage apple has is the OS and the back lit Keyboard. If you disagree please look up the spec of the new sony ar790 and post why?? Let me state why! The New Sony ar790 for the price is less than a comparable MP PRO. AR790 is one of the most impressive laptops on the market. Seriously Its the ultimate Hi-Def media-TV-DVR tuner laptop with enough horse power to double as a gaming laptop also it includes blu-ray writer and since blu ray has won the format war its a safe purchase. Serious this laptop does everything from playing games to playing back Hi DEF movies on the go it even doubles as a TV-DVR. AR790 9 cell replaceable battery insure few hrs of usage before charge not to shabby. The only draw back is vista os, I hate vista right now, but i think once M$ gets it together service pack will resolve a lot of the problems. The only way I can justify purchasing a mac-book pro at this point in time, apple will have to come seriously strong with a new revised updated MP Pro that includes at least a blu-ray player and HD screen with a updated graphics card. For the price sony ar790 blows MP pro out of the water its up to apple to revise its MP pro and compete.

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HD DVD is dead.

Your wish may be possible soon.

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I'd go Apple.

If you want a computer that you don't have to constantly scan for viruses, I'd go with the Mac. They may not have on-site technicians but I believe they have the best customer support in the business. Although with a Mac, you will have to sacrifice some software as always with the Mac OS, but you could get Parallels and rune both Windows and Leopard. It's just whatever you want.

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mac OS

Apple does have the advantage of OS, most cant argue that but its the hardware that is always lacking from apple. Its Build to Order is a joke and for what you pay compared to what you get is just unfair. If i compare the price of a new MB Pro to a new sony ar790 apple at this point just cant compete. Its hard for me to justify the price knowing all your getting with ar790u

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Consider Sony Vaio AR770 CTO

I received my Sony Vaio AR770 CTO (Configure-to-Order) earlier today. It is the fully customizable version of the Vaio AR790U/B. I upgraded it to include the faster (7200rpm) hard drives, faster processor (2.6GHZ), and extended-life battery. If you're considering the Sony at all, definitely take a look at the'll probably be happier being able to choose many of the parts, and the wait of a few days for the machine to get built isn't that bad.

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feed back

After you spend a few days with the ar770cto please enlighten us on what you think of the laptop. I'm at crossroads right now between the new updated MacBook pro & Sony vaioar770cto.

IMO ar779 CTO is pretty much the best, most feature rich laptop you can get for a decent price tag. I just hate windows-let us know how vista works on this lappy. I really want to hear your review of your new laptop Chadkatter

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...could you tell me does AR770 have the same things as AR790U/B, i mean ports and other stuff, like card readers and so...thanks...i am planing to get

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Mac vs Sony Vaio

Apple ...much doesn`t get virused...i will buy a mac very soon...i found a good offer on Britainprice...

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