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Sony TV sound issues

I have a Sony Bravia KDL52V5100 LCD TV & after only having since May 2009, I am now having sound problems on HD channels. It doesn't happen everyday, just sometimes. The sound will go in & out like somebody is turning the volume way down then back up. It's very agrivating. Also, when I watching HD channel then switch to a regular channel the volume is so loud. So, I turn the volume down & when I switch back to HD channel, I can't even hear anything. I have the turn the volume way up again in order to hear anything. I'm going to purchase a new HDMI cable to see if that might solve the sound cutting out problem. I don't know what makes the loudness problem. Has anybody come across problems like these 2??

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Reporting: Sony TV sound issues
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So What

You are just one in a long, long series of people that paid a premium for a Sony TV set that got a problem. You are also a member of the I got screwed by Sony club. There will be a long delay till the warranty expires, then the middle finger.

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Happy Person ???

By your remarks, you obviously got a raw end of a deal w/ Sony. And it sounds like that it is leaving you scarred for life.

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RE: sony tv sound problems

I noticed today that Sony has issued a firmware update for the a number of its
BRAVIA sets including the 32XBR9(my personal interest) and 52V5100.
( I wish Sony would clarify the last item)

The description on the site is:

Sony has designed the BRAVIA

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firmware update

I've already downloaded that firmware & haven't noticed anything different at all. So, open for some more suggestions.

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sound problem

I currently own the same TV...the "problem" you experience i would not consider a defect. In fact the audio differences you are noticing between the High definition channels and regular standard definition is quite normal. Sound qualities are both at a two different bit rates and resulting in the low and high sound outputs. If you have ever noticed back when we only had standard definition television, when you popped in a DVD, you would notice the sound also lower. This is normal, nothing to worry about.

However, one thing i do notice is the static which is mentioned in the firmware update. You will only notice this static in a quiet room with the volume anywhere from 1-2..i have not yet updated the firmware but I do notice that one issue.

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a load of crap

I have 4 other Sony lcd tvs that all use the same set-up with dish network hd boxes and a single hdmi cable. And there is no audio diffrence between the non-hd channels and hd channels. I Have a brand new KDL-40SL150 that has audio issues. A drastic change in the audio level from hd to non-hd channels. I spoke with sony tech , went through the troubleshooting procedure with him. no fix. sent me to a repair shop. The hd side of the tv has its own audio amp. As I understand it; it is a common problem with some of the newer sony's. As a rule:if you can hear a noticable diffrence in audio levels between the hd and non-hd channels. There is a problem

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Same Problem

Same Audio problem on a Sony KDL-52v5100 bought in Nov 09. Intermittant sound on HDMI input from both Sattelite reciever and Sony PS3. Sound returns when changing from HD to SD channels. Sony tech support tells me I have the most current firmware and gave me # for local Sony Service co. Please post if anybody found a fix for this.

Thinking I should have bough Samsung. Too much money to be messing with a lemon.

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Disappearing sound

Every so often the sound will start getting static and then disappear, it comes bak after a period oftime but can get it back right away if I hit skip back on my DVR and all sound is back. This happens on live as well as recorder programs on the DVR.

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Disappearing sound

I have the same exact problem! I thought it had something to do with my Dish equipment, but it doesn't happen on my send TV. It's only on my Sony TV. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening? I purchased this TV in early 2008.

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Make a new post with full details.

As it stands I think only a receiver would be the best fix.

This thread is more than 1835 days old. It is very likely that it does not need any further discussion and replying to it will serve no purpose. However, if you feel it is necessary to make a new reply, you can still do so.

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i have this problems before

Yesterday ,I can listen the songs on my TV ,so who can help me??

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Firmware fix for KDL 32

I want to thank you for alerting us to this fix. I downloaded it last night, and it immediately stopped my sound interruptions when using HDMI cables. I am not sure how well it would work with other problems, but there is no need to curse Sony on this one. It works well.

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Sony TV sound and video issues

Many thanks to you re the Sony firmware update! I've had my Sony KDL-40v5100 since Jan '10. Had it hooked to Direct TV Standard Def. No problems. Just went to Dish with their "free HD", hooked up using the HDMI cable and you all know the rest. Intermittent sound and "flickering" problems. Dish swapped out my receiver 2 weeks ago, seemed okay until yesterday. Same problems recurred. I thought Dish was giving me the run-around when they said there was a known problem with Sony's HDMI connections.

Bottom line: found this thread and your confirmation of the problem. I've updated the firmware. We'll see if it fixes the problems.

Thanks again!

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I have a similar problem, but only since switching to Dish.

The problem I'm having seems to be with the "audio compression" used on some movie channels and in some commercials. If the volume is loud enough to comfortably hear what the characters are saying, events like explosions are accompanied by annoying bursts of volume, as if we can't imagine that an explosion would be much louder than a normal conversation. I did not experience this problem with Charter or with the local fiber optic TV provider. This may be a good effect for movie theaters, but it's driving me up the wall! This is probably what most people in this thread are complaining about. There is nothing wrong with your TV set. Sony is and always has been one of the best TV's on the market.

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re:sony sound

There has been a problem with the sound
on sony's and other models also.The HDMI
cable connected to the set top box,direct tv,dish
or cable.try googling the model number of
stb and find user manual.And set output parameters.
Hope this helps.

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Mine Does The Same Thing

Sony Bravia 46" purchased in September of 08'. I have Dish Net. Feed is from an HDMI cabel to the TV. I called Dish repeatedly about losing the audio COMPLETELY for no longer than 30 seconds or so ONLY when watching HD channels. Doesn't happen all the time. Watched an entire Redwings Hockey game last night with no occurance. Other times, once it starts, it becomes vary annoying. It will happen every 5 to 10 minutes. You can get the audio back by switching up or down one channel and then switch right back. If you just let the channel set it will come back in about 30 to 60 seconds. They (DISH) changed the cables, changed the reciever, changed the dish. In essence completely changed out the whole system. Still does it. This is the only HD TV in the house so the tech brought over another one and hooked it up to the same reciever. I forget what brand it was. Guess what, that didn't loose audio when the Sony did. Luckily we bought the 4 year warranty from Best Buy and now they're on it. No resolution yet but at least I'll get my money back if they can't fix it.

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Sony 52 LCD bought in Nov 09

Having tyhe Same issue, bought from Best Buy Taylor MI. Also got the Geek Squad 4 yr warranty. They replaced the Audio Board last week, it improved the intermittant sound but didn't fix it completely. Get this- the audio board the tech removed from my brand new TV had burn marks that were circled in blue marker- meaning either Sony installed a know bad board at the factory or Best Buy is selling remanufactured TV's as new. Called the Geek Squad again and they are replacing the audio board again. Geek squad says they need 4 total attempts before I can get another tv.

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Sony sound issues


This is the same sound Issue I am experiencing...Even I have a Sony LCD..there is a same issue..why is this so..well no idea

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Aliens living in my Sony

I have a new Sony Bravia that also has sound issues. Not only does the sound cut in and out but also gargled like the aliens are remarking about the program material. I can switch to receiver and surround speakers and it correct the issue thus knowing it is the TV. I am so disappointed and will be calling about it tomorrow. I have a Uverse cable box so how do I download the new software update?

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Known issue with Direct Tv

Direct TV has a known software issue with sound dropouts on HD channels when run through an A/V receiver and HDMI cable. This has been an issue since 2009 at least, so it does not seem to be a priority for them. This problem exists in carrying the HD signal through the HDMI cable. I therefore suspect that some picture issues are a result of the software comparability with the HDMI connection. I suggest that everyone who has this issue complain to Direct TV. Their fix for this is to use a lossy connection from the receiver to the A/V receiver or hook it directly to the television and use the television speakers.This fix is not acceptable to all of us who have paid for 5.1 sound systems or even good speakers which are hooked to the A/V receiver.

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Sound Issues Sony Bravia

I have the same issue since I switched from Comcast to ATT. The sound is "fuzzy" on the HD channels after the TV is on for about an hour,but not on the normal channels. It is EXTREMELY annoying. None of the advice I get seems to work.

I have a cheap Vizio that I bought in Target in my bedroom and the surround sound is fantastic. I'm sorry I wasted my money on Sony.

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KDL52V5100 is not worth investment

I am not using COMCAST cable (had the same problem with them), I receive over the air HD for free using the built in tuner on a KDL52V5100. Dropped sound happens on other channels from time to time? it's not just HD channels. The sound just fades out. Only way to reset it is to turn the TV on and off while on that channel (and even this does not always work). I have consistently applied the "updates" hoping it would solve the issue eventually.. it has not. I also have other issues switching inputs, and the built in tuner drops channels all the time. Signal diagnostics show the signal strength at 95% and all indicators are positive for reception, but the picture will not display. This is one of the MANY issues I have with this TV. I've done all the updates. This TV is not worth what I paid for it. Lots of problems. Sorry to hear you got suckered by SONY too.

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Sound problem with sony bravia

Even I am facing a similar problem I purchased a Sony Bravia KLV52EX 32 inches Full HD LED TV on 10th March 2011 from the Sony showroom in Amritsar. Initially I was using the standard Dish TV st top box with which it was doing fine. But, after I switched to a Dish TV HD (High Definition) set top box 2 months back, I started noticing sound problems. The video is alright, but there is no sound. The sound then comes back after switching one channel up or down & sometimes it does not come even with this manoeuvre. This sound problem is very irregular & I have been experiencing it now since the last 2 months. I called up the Dish tv people, & they changed the set top box & even the HDMI cable, but still it was persisting. Then I noticed thrice that sometimes there was no sound even in the DVD player attached to the TV when no sound was present in the TV too. I called up sony customer care explaining to them my problem. Initially they were not convinced & were blaming Dish tv for the sound problem, but when I demonstrated the sound problem in front of them with no sound coming even from the DVD player, they were convinced & took the TV to their customer care shop for a detailed analysis of the problem. Then after 1 week they called me up telling they could find no major fault in the TV as to why the sound stops suddenly & that they have even changed the sound board in the rear as it is within warranty. They suggested to me the reason for the sound problem could be due to incompatibility of the Dish TV software with that of the Sony TV & suggested me to get an Airtel connection.Sometimes, when the sound is absent, I see the message 'Unsupported Audio signal please check your device output" When I suggested to the Sony people for a replacement, they refused citing that LCDs can't be replaced The problem is still persisting & I am now at my wit's end. Kindly give me some helpful advice regarding this chronic problem.

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Bravia audio problems

Hi mantech123,
I am sorry to read of your bravia audio problems, please email for help.

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had everything changed I think

I have a 52 inch Bravia, luckily bought service plan. First incident was pic and sound flickered until both went out, changed the channel and it worked, had hdmi panel changed, after getting back entire pic goes out then comes back on, power supply replaced , received tv back and the tv started loosing connection the would get it back in about 10 seconds. was taken to shop and changed hdmi board again, still same problem.back to shop and then returned a week later and after about 3 hours it started again. It would drop signal then after 10 seconds would come back on.Started while having Direct tv then changed to att and problems continued.put different tv in place of 52 inch ran for a couple of weeks and no issue. Also did notice that the tv is a lot warmer than any other tv ever owned. Now waiting for geeksquad to get back to me to see if they will replace set. So in all the tv went to shop 2 times and technician came to house 3 times which is five tries.One of the problems is the problem is diagnosed while talking to a geeksquad member, the request is made to repair shop, part sent to shop and replaced even if it is not the actual problem. There should be in shop troubleshooting rather than over the phone troubleshooting and just part replacement.

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Input Signal

Pal, This has happened to me as well, but I learned that the input signal is the problem, if not the cable itself, then the signal strenght from your cable company. (Or maybe you are using over the air signal, which is worse).
Once I fix that my 46 inch SONY tv is a good deal.
Hope it helps.

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sound issues.

Thks. for your query. I first thought it was my imagination; then decided I needed a hearing test.
Never thought it could be my television. My first big LCD tv. I chose Sony because it was a reputable company. With no longer under warranty, and on a fixed income (now retired) I have to tolerate this nuisance. My son is planning to set up my surround sound so maybe this will help.

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HDMI Sound Issue (Sound dropping out) ER4.12-E328

<span id="INSERTION_MARKER">I own both a KDL-52V5100 and KDL-40V5100, both exhibited the HDMI sound drop out for years. GOOD NEWS: As of Nov 2011, the ER4.12-E328 (Upgraded from E22Cool solved the issue for BOTH TVs. This was released April 4/20/2011. After 2 years, I was ready to trade them in, but all is good.<span>



<span>(Links may wrap)

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Sony Audio issues

Thanks to all who posted resolutions to this problem. I have a Sony KDL-40WL140. I've had the TV for about 3 years with several different cable companies and box types, and never had a problem until my cable company came out yesterday and swapped out my DVR. They didn't change the HDMI cable - just the box, so I have no idea why the problem just started, but this intermittent muting is driving me crazy. Since I have a DVR on the TV, I can rewind to catch the audio I missed, but it is annoying. I followed the instructions in the fix, but my current software version (HH-D-QM-B-CJ) didn't look anything like the one shown in the fix, so I called Sony - 800-222-7669. They are sending me a flash drive (no charge to me) with the update on it and instructions on how to install it. They said it will be 7 - 10 days though, so if I can't deal with the issue before I get the flash drive, I will try downloading the software myself.

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i just known sony computer,,,,,,,,,

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