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Sony, Toshiba or Dell?

I'm torn between these 3 brands, Sony, Toshiba, or a Dell. I want to buy a laptop that's under $1,500 but i don't know what brand is better. My primary use is going to be for movies, music, downloading pictures, and Internet. Does anybody recommendations?

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Sony, definately

On the expensive side, but a faboulous machine. Extremely high end, great features, looks good and very portable. I have the TX series, I love it really great machine. Good Luck

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It's all good (with qualifications)

I eventually selected a Toshiba in that price range for value/$, quality. Nice to use, versatile, no problems so far.

Dell might be good in that range, but avoid their low end components such as the 1390 wireless card.

Never saw anything to distinguish Sony quality-wise that would justify the extra $.

Why not HP? Superior media features and well regarded quality.

It helps to play with display units and sort out the features that make a difference to you personally.

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Apple. Happy

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Required reading.......
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He didn't ask about Apple

Apple sucks anyway. Silly

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Re: He didn't ask about Apple.

Get a VAIO if care about stylishness in your notebook.

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Apples are not that bad.

I am a Dell customer, but I know many happy Apple customers. They have their advantages and disadvantages.

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I loved my mac as long as I had it. But 4 logic board failures put a very bad taste in my mouth.

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You are a dell user?

But you are a dell user. Tell user about your experience

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Re: Sony, Toshiba or Dell?
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Sony or Dell

Do yourself a HUGE favour and stay away from Toshiba. Their costomer service is garbage. Toshiba Satellite A70 laptops, a75 and 1 other one which I cannot remember the name of, have many issues. First off, the clog up with dust fast and overheat, meaning taking it apart and cleaning out the heatsink will be something you will have to do every few months. But I suppose sometimes you have to do that with every laptop/computer. Some of them suffer from an issue with static electricity that when you touch the speaker grills, the touch pad or the buttons, the laptop will freeze and reboot. That problem happens frequently in those models. Another problem occurs with the DC in power jack (which I am currently suffering from) where one of the solder joints on the system board comes loose, and you need to take apart the laptop and re-solder it. Since Toshiba is in it all for the money, once the warranty is up, they figure its your own problem. Even though so many toshiba users are having the same problem, they still wont awknowledge that its an engineering problem, and half the time you send it in for work while its still under warranty, they change the system board and hard drive, send you back the laptop and tell you its fixed, and you will still have the same problem. BOYCOTT TOSHIBA!

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Why would they change the HDD to fix a loose power jack?

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Exactly my point.. Toshiba is a joke.

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RE: Exactly

So THAT explains what my keyboard is doing in the middle of my screen!

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Hey, make jokes all you want. My opinion isnt going to change of this company because their customer service is garbage.. and so is their credibility as far as im concerned. dont believe me? search on the net for toshiba a70 or a75 problems.. look at all the people experiencing problems... yet toshiba wont take the blame for their own mistakes in these machines. People are filing law suits.. so maybe you should do your research before you comment.

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I did, very carefully,.....

..with a little help from this and other forums. I sought all information I could on the reliability of Toshiba, HP, Sony, and Dell.

The problems you describe are on models that used the Pentium 4 processor. That processor generates enough heat to cook your HDD, motherboard, and maybe your breakfast. Hot running machines die young. Other Toshiba laptops have not had these problems.

The lawsuit you referred to was settled November 7. Original owners of Satellite A70, A75, M30 and M35 units are entitled to a warranty extension to November, 2008. More details are available at

"get the machine to a PASP and get the motherboard, top cover and AC adapter replaced free of charge befor november. The new mobos have solid epoxy around the power jacks and fix the problem" (from a WUGNET forum). If you're not eligible for the coverage, the epoxy could be a DIY fix. Good luck.

I eventually swallowed my paranoia and got the Satellite A135-4487. I'm glad I did.

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Full system recall maybe?

I took my laptop to a toshiba certified repair center yesterday, and they said that the warranty had expired. they also told me a new Board to replace my fried one would cost me between $500 and $700.. thats before installation. I wouldnt pay for the installation because Ive taken that laptop apart before.. which the techs for some reasons seemed surprised that I was able to do that. But they still told me its better to get a new laptop instead of replacing the board. But thats still besides my arguement. Toshiba knows they are having a problem with these machines, there SHOULD HAVE BEEN A FULL RECALL. They are DEFECTIVE. What happens when the warranty extension runs out for all those users who are having these problems every 6-12 months? Toshiba says too bad, pay for it yourself. Toshiba is a joke.

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One would expect to get a decent machine after paying the cost of an A70.. they were expensive laptops at the time.

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(NT) So you're not eligible under the terms of the settlement?
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Not according to...

Not according to the Toshiba Tech I just visited last week.

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(NT) The reason?
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The issues im having dont relate to the static discharge causing machine lock up.

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Check the link in post #12

I don't recall seeing that as a restriction on the extension. Be sure.

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Laptop magazine ranked the major

companies for support Apple was selected as the best with Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Sony, Gateway close to the top. Acer was average but Toshiba had a D- ranking. Ouch

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Sony, Dell.............or Toshiba?

Powerslave15 is right!....... STAY AWAY FROM Toshiba!!
.....I lost the CDs of my SATELLITE 2085-S402 purchased
in here in Italy I cannot get any HELP!to have
a copy of them,they told me to contact Toshiba USA.I did
with no result!a friend of mine living in the States called
at Irvine customer-service offices...Sorry! they say the
model is too old(2001) we cannot help!what a shame for a big
company!!! having a lot of problems with it(no audio,etc,etc)
I cannot use+restore as it was coming out of the factory....
So I do myself a favor!!! I stay off the Toshiba for good.
I do the same to them......I BOYCOTT their products!Claudio T.

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Laptop Problems

I too have had problems with Toshiba customer service, and thier laptops. When it was time to replace laptops, bought 15 from HP. If you think Toshiba laptops and customer service are bad, you aint seen nothing yet!HP makes Toshiba look like heaven

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Laptops PROBLEMS !!!!!!!

Yes! daym115. but my problem is that I live in Italy and the Pc has been
bought in the USA(big mistake!)so this model(Satellite 2805-S402)isn't
available in all Europe....and to me is already a HELL!!
I have to search on the ebay(Usa) looking for someone selling the same computer and ask if gently can I have a copy of the CDs(restore,recovery,reconfiguration)...and this has going on for more than one year now....even try with my Skype contact: claudio29751
I contacted quite a few Toshiba repair-center ..and you know what they all say? We cannot make a copy(because of copy-write legislation)
bring the machine to us and will be restored as it was from factory.Can
you imagine that!!it cost more to send than fix it....Ciao all Claudio T.

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Couldn't disagree with you more

At current, I have 4 Toshiba's, one of which I am using at the moment. In my exp they are the best laptops around, and I have two Toshiba laptops before that. I very talented at breaking computers, yet Toshibas's seem to survive my use of them for a long time!

Dell is really the one you least touch. Wanna know why? Put into Google: "dell japan fire conference", or "dell battery recalls" or even "dell power adaptor recalls". Just to top it all off? Google "dell customer support". I very much doubt whether you will even touch Dell after seeing the results. I might add, I believe Dell batteries have been subject to at least three major recalls, 2 to my certain knowledge. I do not understand why so many people like Dell. They really are the worst make of the lot.

With Toshiba, My experience has been that customer support is excellent. I might add is operated from Japanese, not poorly trained staff from India! There is one model I know that is rather Ghastly, but that is only ONE model. On the whole they are REALLY built to last. I have yet to here off any incidents with overheating batteries/power adaptors on Toshibas.

As for the Sonys, from what I know they are from what I know good, but I have never used one myself. I have heard though, that are largely formed of Toshiba parts. Though I have verified this myself.

Hope this helps: Jamie

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I forgot to say..

I also might add, reading some others posts, you probably find the more expensive (of any make) will be better, particuarly with Toshiba. They will have almost put more effort into designing the more expensive ones.

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The issues..

The issues here arent really whether or not you like toshiba laptops. Im not saying all models of toshiba laptops are bad. What I AM SAYING.. for anyone whos missed it and keeps talking about how great toshibas are... THEY MADE A FAULTY PRODUCT AND WOULD NOT RECALL THE SYSTEMS. The satellite a70's were nearly 2000$ here, and for a product that costs that much money, youd think the company, toshiba, being as big as they are would say "hey we realized weve made a mistake, send us your a70 or a75 and we'll give you a new laptop, or a full refund. When they say "these problems dont exist" or "we'll extend the warranty" all that shows is that they are just in it for the money, and dont care about their customers. Its a shame really that you people(not all of you) cant see that. Therefore, Toshiba customer service is a joke, they have no credibility as a company, and I will personally never buy a toshiba product again. End of story.

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