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Sony optical block issues with KDF-55E2000???

by duegatti / June 15, 2007 6:21 AM PDT

Im seriously considering purchasing a Sony KDF-55E2000 but in researching I have run across user reviews on 3 different sites that mention users who purchase this TV and right around the 14 month mark began seeing green splotches developing around the screen, and being told by service techs that it is the "optical block" and that the repair is 1100.00$$$

In these threads it appears that after much run arounds Sony is replacing these parts but...I fear that this would be an every 14 month issue.

Does any one know if Sony has RESOLVED this design problem, or do they just intend to fix them when forced to untll the model has been replaced by the 08 models (which I am told is in a few months)?

Love to pick up a bargain but not if it will cost 1100.00 $$$ a year to fix!

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That is an LCD RP tv not..
by givemeaname / June 16, 2007 4:26 AM PDT

an SXRD. The LCD RP NEVER had that issue of 'green blob'. The first gen sxrd (BXR1's), some had the problem. Since the release of the A2000 & XBR2 that problem was fixed.

If you read about 'greed blob' on the AVS forum, there is one person that keeps saying 'there is a design flaw in all sxrd....' & then keeps pushing this one other brand tv, they have been band from AVS many time but keeps resigning up under a diffrent name.

I have the the SXRD A2000, I have had it about 4 or 5 months, have over 1000 hours on it & I have had NO problems.

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Sony KDF-55E2000 3LCD rear projection "optical block"
by duegatti / June 16, 2007 9:35 AM PDT

Thanks for the reply, Yes the model I was asking about is rear projection, but this one is not in the "A" series SXRD series. The one in question is part of the E series consisting of a 46", 50", and 55". However I have found threads reporting issues with optical blocks and the "green blobs" on the A series SXRD's, and issues with optical blocks and "purple haze" issues on the E series.

The threads on the KDF-55E2000 E series were in the user reviews on Circuit City and the threads on the A series SXRD "optical block Green blob" issues were at

If you look closely in the Epinions thread there is even a link to a Sony support document discussing the extended replacment period for models that have had this issue. The funny (and most alarming) part is that when I phoned both Best buy and Sony to ask if this issue had been solved on current units in stock the reply was "We have never heard of these issues"

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Optical Block
by cocho2 / August 9, 2009 3:02 AM PDT

I have the same problem

Sony offered me one of their S-series models. After Doing some research I
come to fnd that the S-series models has a few major defcts. The first is
that when viewing dark scenes the screen blacks our to where you can not
see anything. The second causes a dimming delay which lasts about 2=3 seconds
between dark and light scenes. Very annoying. When contacted Sony, they claimed
that these where intentional features. I joined a lawsuit with the contact below.
Do yourself a favor and sign up.

Robert I. Lax, Esq.
Robert I. Lax & Associates
535 Fifth Avenue
21st Floor
New York, New York 10017
Tel: (212) 818-9150
Fax: (212) 818-1266

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by Riverledge / June 16, 2007 1:56 PM PDT

AS THOUGH THE WRONG MODELS ARE TAKING THE RAP!!! The "GREEN BLOB" occurred with SONY'S FLAT PANEL LCD's ONLY. Namely the early introductions of the FLAT PANEL "BRAVIAS" the 46" and 52" XBR2 and XBR3 production models, i.e. NOT SONYS rear projection 3LCD models. All and any rear projection LCD3 models, such as the KDF-xxE2000 series have not been implicated.

SONY soon remedied the XBR2/3 BRAVIAS (still on retail.) This AUGUST SONY will be introducing its new flat panel BRAVIAS with many great, but is it worth it type up-grades. Plan to really shell out for the brandy-new LCD BRAVIAS, the xxXBR4 and xxXBR5 models. Switch your BEZEL COLOURS redux!!!



THANK SONY for continuing to manufacture a QUALITY TECHNOLOGY, even though it is MUCHED MALIGNED IN THE PRESS.



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by givemeaname / June 17, 2007 4:13 AM PDT


No.. they have the cloudy issues... link w/ photos...

'Official Sony Bravia LCD Uneven Backlight/Cloudy Thread' w/ 278 pages

For the sony LCD RP tv' I have read a tread on the AVS about the purple spots on them but few, at the time, replyed to that tread, I could not find it with the search.

'--->> The Official Sony E2000 series Thread'

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This issue has affected the LCD Projection Models...
by texas_tl / June 25, 2007 6:54 AM PDT
In reply to: .....
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Sony Grand WEGA 2005 KDF-55WF655 - Optical Block
by Resee318 / August 7, 2009 12:29 AM PDT

We bought this LCD HD TV back in August or September 2005. 3 of our neighbors over the past couple of years have gone out and purchased the same TV because of the quality of the picture on ours. Now, we have the blue haze and I paid $75 for a TV repairman to tell me its not worth fixing. Everything I have read seems to indicate 2005 models were not effected by this "optical block" problem but our repair person says this is engine burn-out on the blue LCD (??) Don't know but am calling Sony this morning to attempt a free repair. Paid $3500 for this TV and it should have lasted many more years!!!

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KDF55sx.....Optical Block issue
by jalex1944 / March 12, 2008 9:46 AM PDT

It may not be a green blob but try yellow in the center, hazing purple in sides and guess what. It's the optical block. This is the second time this part is being replaced in 28 months. Fortinately I have an extended warranty from Best buy. The first time it was replaced(14 months) it was an orange haze band on the right size. What I find interesting is both failures occurred after the lamp was replaced. Either it's a coincidence or they are related. I have checked other forums and the bulb replacement and block failure sequence is mentioned. I aLways buy extended warranties until they are not offered. Had a 48" Sony rear project TV for almost seven years. Had a minor problem with the convergence board but Sony didn't rebuild it anymore nor had a replacement. Since it still had a couple of months renewed extended warranty Best Buy gave me a credit for the origianl purchase $1800+. Made me a believer of extended warranties on large TVs as has this problem.

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sony optical block debacle
by iebooverly / July 9, 2009 1:30 AM PDT

Just an FYI: I have a Sony KDF-55WF655 with a dying optical block. Sony's optical block replacement program (which replaced the faulty blocks full of charge including labor) ended 12/31/08. So, after much time on the phone with Sony (moving up the managerial food chain), I was able to get them to agree to pay 50% of the total repair. I'm still ticked that Sony knowingly sold televisions with a defective part, but half better than nothing considering that the repair is $1,100.

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Sony Wega 55 in DLP
by coolsong59 / January 30, 2010 1:52 PM PST

You are correct; the problem I have is not green, it is a 55 inch screen, 3/4 of which is blue blobs and oh yea; the stars ...If you google "Sony Wega blue spots" you will change your song. My cousin has the same brand, a bit smaller, and a year newer with the same issues. Sony is well aware of this and from what I gather extended a wnty on this. The only problem is they did not notify their customers or beleive me I would not have a 55 inch piece of trash to deal with. I hope you will google this to be more informed. Thanks

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Use caution when purchasing Sony rear projection TVs
by slinke / July 1, 2007 9:16 AM PDT

Despite what some other have written here, Sony has had several problems with the optical blocks on their 3-panel LCD and SXRD rear-projection TVs. This has included green blobs and yellow stains on the SXRD models, and random squiggly lines, blue haze/blobs, and blue star patterns with their 2003-2004 Grand WEGA LCD models. I have detailed these problems on a web site:

All of these issues have required replacement of the optical block, which costs about $1,200, and they tend to occur about two years after purchase. In at least three cases, Sony has eventually issued extended service coverage beyond the standard one-year warranty (see the web site above for more details). In some cases, this is after class action lawsuits have been filed or numerous consumer complaints have been filed.

Whether Sony has resolved these issues in their newer models and/or whether you are willing to take the chance that Sony will extend coverage if a similar issue arises is up to the individual. Whether any other brands are better than Sony with regard to quality and ongoing support is also probably a matter of opinion.

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by Riverledge / July 1, 2007 10:22 AM PDT


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No, I'm not.
by slinke / July 1, 2007 4:50 PM PDT

I am not the person who allegedly posts under multiple usernames on AVS forum, if that is what you mean. If you check out the web page I set up (link in my post above), I think I am pretty fair to both Sony and the people who bought the defective TVs. It is certainly not accurate to say that Sony has not had problems with their three-panel rear-projection TVs. In fact, Sony has acknowledged these problems in the form of at least three service coverage extensions that cover the optical blocks of various three-panel rear-projection TVs:

2003-2004 Grand WEGA models KF-42WE610, KF-50WE610, KF-60WE610, KDF-70XBR950, KDF-60XBR950, KDF-42WE655, KDF-50WE655, KDF-55WF655, KDF-60WF655, KDF-55XS955, KDF-60XS955, KF-42WE620, and KF-50WE620 for "stationary scribble," "squiggly lines," "random lines," or "road-mapping" issue.
May 18, 2006 bulletin:

SXRD models KDS-R50XBR1 and KDS-R60XBR1 for the "green blob" and "yellow stain" issues.
March 24, 2007 bulletin:

2004 Grand WEGA models KDF-42WE655, KDF-50WE655, KDF-55WF655, KDF-60WF655, KDF-55XS955, KDF-60XS955, KF-42WE620, and KF-50WE620 for the "blue dot," "blue star," "blue haze," or "blue blob."
June 23, 2007 bulletin:

It is pretty hard to argue that these problems do not exist when Sony has received enough reports that they have issued official coverage extensions. On the other hand, Sony should be given some credit for extending the warranties a year or so on these TVs with defective optical blocks, and I don't know what percentage are affected or how many of these TVs were sold. However, in all of these cases, the owners were, at first, saddled with approximately $1,200 repair bills on their approximately two-year old Sony rear-projection TVs, and some owners are still waiting for the extended coverage, so it is understandable that people might be concerned. For example, the 2003 Grand WEGA's also suffer from the blue haze problem, but the current coverage extension only applies to the 2004 models.

Have all of these optical block issues been worked out in the newer replacement optical blocks and newer year models? Sony is not really saying much about that, although I would be interested. I have a 2004 Grand WEGA with the blue haze problem that should soon have its optical block replaced under the coverage extension.

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My experience
by Coloboma / August 2, 2007 2:31 PM PDT
In reply to: No, I'm not.

I think you have a huge point. I've owned a Sony KF42WE610 since 2003. I've had to replace the lamp every 12 - 14 months (3 already), and a couple of weeks ago the TV died completely. After sending it for repair, they explained to me that the Optical Block needed to be replaced. I got my TV back today, and it seems to be working fine, but it's a huge hazzard. I was "lucky" because when I got it (Circuit City), I got a 4 year service plan, which will take me until November this year. If the TV fails after that day, it's going directly to the trash.
Not worth betting your money in one of this.

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Blue Haze on Sony KF-50WE610
by raybo4979 / November 25, 2007 7:41 AM PST
In reply to: No, I'm not.

If you are thinking about buying one of these used, don't pay much for it. The optical block needs to be replaced on mine at a cost of $1,400.00. It is a 2003 so it is not included in Sony's extended warranty. One more reason to buy plasma instead of LCD.

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BLUE HAZE Sony 42WE610
by nickinnewyork / December 8, 2007 4:52 AM PST

Hello, I am seeing a sort of like Blue Haze on the TV around the center towards the Top, I also see a slight blue haze to the right of the screen, can anyone help me with this matter, will changing the bulb help? or is this just something to throw away in the trash, I bought my set in 2004.

New York

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KDF Rear Projection 60"
by stonewall_brick / December 20, 2007 7:25 AM PST
In reply to: BLUE HAZE Sony 42WE610

I have had 3 Optical blocks placed in my TV KDF60SX955, I also received an EMAIL from Sony. The (3) Optical Blocks are (1) the Original with the TV (2) replace about One(1) year later and (3) another replacement One(1) year later. If I did not have an extended warranty with Sears the cost of each replacement Optical Block would be an average of $1700.00.

This is a ripoff and a scam on all those who have purchased one of the TV's in the EMAIL. The Optical Block that is replaced is a re-conditioned Optical Block according to SONY. I have talked with their lousy customer service department in New Jersey and said that all replacement Optical Blocks would be as defined. I told them I did not buy a Re-Conditioned TV so why would I have to have a Re-Conditioned Block. Sony said that is the way it is. I did say that SONY should recall all these TV's as I felt I was defrauded by a inferior manufacturing defect and all consumers should be satisfied to correct this defect. It appears that maybe a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT SHOULD BE FILED FOR ALL BRANDS MENTIONNED IN THE EMAIL SENT OUT BY SONY>

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Bashing? Or sharing usefull information?
by duegatti / July 1, 2007 10:11 PM PDT

Ive only been a member of this forum for a very short time, but I have noticed very quickly that the most common type of post here are people who are researching the purchase of a new tv and wanting oppinions of those who may have knowledge of said models. That is after all what Cnet is, a "review source". So as long as someone offers an honest oppinion on their experiance with their purchase, or as in the case of this gentelmen ofers credible info backed up with documentation I hardly consider that bashing.

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More useful info for Sony 55 RP LCD
by derekwh / July 8, 2007 4:03 AM PDT

I have a KDF-55WF655 which is 18 months old, and used every night for about 4 hours.... first, I had the "intermittent turning off" problem, which I fixed myself by simply changing the lamp, BUT now it is the dreaded "blue blob" Optic Block problem -- so the "Basher" and the "Sony Lover" (could it be Sir Howard himself with a bit of spare time??) both have valid points. I am grateful that Sony has extended the Warranty Period, so I will be calling to get the TV "evaluated" tomorrow. It is great that Sony have "stepped up", but will it stop me buying a Samsung or Panasonic for my next TV purchase? No, because the inconvenience of getting something fixed, even under warranty, is just mind-numbing... so I have to support the "Basher" on this issue.

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Intermittent Turning Off Problem
by speedyg944 / July 24, 2007 8:23 PM PDT

I have the same TV for a little over 2 years and now am experiencing the intermittent turning off problem. The TV goes into standby mode, and it's light flashes green until the TV comes back. The lamp light does not come on indicating any problems with the lamp. I called customer service and they just wanted to schedule an appointment with a repairman. When you had the intermittent turning off problem - was only the standby light flashing and no flashing from the lamp indicator light? When you replaced the lamp - did that problem go away? I'm ready to order the replacement lamp - but just want to make sure that we have the same symptoms. Thanks for any help.


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re: intermittent turning off problem.
by martin1141 / August 5, 2007 12:20 AM PDT

just got back from vacation and just started seeing this problem also..

i thought it was associated with the ps3 I had just hooked up via hdmi - the problem would occur every 5-10mins when playing on the ps3

about 2-3 weeks ago when I got the ps3 I had turned on the i-link standby option. This resulted in a solid 'red light' when tv off (i-link standy-by)

just turned off the the 'i-link standby' and haven't yet had the problem today..on the tv when wathcing shows or when on the ps3..

will keep you posted if anything else occurs.....

my tv is about 1.5 years old....

on a another matter - i'm extremely pissed off that sony literature + circuit city stated this was a 1080p system.... looks like it only goes to 1080i (xbr1 model 50'). Is anyone else peeved about the misrepresentation by sony ??

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"green haze"
by j8535 / September 28, 2007 9:29 AM PDT

I noticed recently a green haze over my r60xbr1 picture. I thought it was a faulty dvr and had that replaced but there was no change. Just called Sony and described the problem and they immediately informed me about the extended warranty on the optical block. After arranging a service call I did a Google search on "Optical block" and came up with this forum thread.

I've had the tv for about 18 months and noticed the problem about a month ago; so this is consistent with most of what people are saying. I've loved the picture on this television and hope that this will restore it back to the original condition.

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Green Blob KDS-R50XBR1
by mbfleth / October 18, 2007 3:08 PM PDT
In reply to: "green haze"

It took seven days from the first phone call to have the optical block replaced free of charge. Sony has done an excellent job in accepting responsibility for the problem and expediting repairs. I have been usng Sony fo over twenty years and have always been quite pleased with their quality and now their service.

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optical block issue
by sleighbor / October 23, 2008 4:34 AM PDT
In reply to: Green Blob KDS-R50XBR1

Hi everyone,

I have had my tv for about two years now and am noticing the yellow haze at the bottom. Glad that sony is covering at least until June 2009. Does anyone know if the replacement part is the same part and will have the same problem in two years or has Sony fixed the problem with the optical block??

Thank you,

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I have the same problem
by cocho2 / May 8, 2009 2:00 AM PDT
In reply to: optical block issue

Sony offered me one of their S-series models. After Doing some research I
come to fnd that the S-series models has a few major defcts. The first is
that when viewing dark scenes the screen blacks our to where you can not
see anything. The second causes a dimming delay which lasts about 2=3 seconds
between dark and light scenes. Very annoying. When contacted Sony, they claimed
that these where intentional features. I joined a lawsuit with the contact below.
Do yourself a favor and sign up.

Robert I. Lax, Esq.
Robert I. Lax & Associates
535 Fifth Avenue
21st Floor
New York, New York 10017
Tel: (212) 818-9150
Fax: (212) 818-1266

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Blue Haze Sony LCD HD
by Groomesl / January 8, 2009 8:58 PM PST

My TV is experiencing a Blue Haze around the perimiter of the screen. Has Sony resolved this problem? I contacted the store where I bought the tv and fortunately still have an active warrenty.

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Sony Optic Block problem for KDF42WE655
by RockARoo92905 / April 23, 2009 9:24 AM PDT

I just got my Optic block replaced under extended warranty( I was one of the lucky users ).
It would seem that there are extensive problems with the original design for the optic blocks installed in the Grand Wega series of RP Sony TVs. I understand that they used plastic mirrors/lenses instead of glass, and the proximity of these components to the lamp causes failure after some time; the problem is made worse by dust accumulation and bad venting, but it is, ultimately, a design flaw.
For more extensive details on the problem, and to see if your TV, or one you are intending to purchase is at risk, go to :
For those of you who might still be swayed by those posters to this forum claiming there are conspirators out there "bashing" Sony, I would suggest simply googling "Sony Optic block" and derive your own conclusions. The number of users on the above forum who are reporting optic block problems is increasing almost daily as these models age. Sony have acknowledged the problem but have now pulled their special warranty that offered repairs to the sets;. Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly evident that the only recourse for Sony customers who now find themselves with an expensive piece of rapidly degrading consumer electronics is to take Sony to court to try to recoup their losses; Sony is offering discounts on newer tvs for customers with this problem, however anecdotal evidence suggests that their offers beet market prices by very slim margins.

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Sony's Optical Block Problems Continue... I promise
by matt41--2008 / June 25, 2009 9:03 AM PDT

The failed optical block in my 2 year old Sony has rendered it useless. I was blessed with the blue star field and the blue blob. The total of 16 hours on the phone with Sony "SUPPORT" yielded absolutely nothing. I paid $2700 for my KDF 50 WE 655 two years ago. Today, its a fish tank. Thank you so very much for taking my money and extending the warranty on the known issue, just long enough for it expire before your garbage television expired. I bought the TV from COMP USA who is now out of business. I got through 4 levels of support, ultimately to finally speak with someone who could put an entire sentence together who essentially told me to go and pound sand.

Well, in all fairness to the electronics giant, they did offer me the opportunity to buy another TV, also with known technological issues for ONLY another $1350 plus tax. The product is garbage, and the support system completely failed in all aspects of their implied function. I was disconnected and forced to call back and rehash the issue through their low level, incompetent agents 3 times. When they did call back with their "offer" it was left in voicemail by someone with such a heavy accent, I had no idea what the offer was. I was forced to call again... and again there was no resolve.

I have two choice words for SONY and their SUPPORT people. I don't believe however that they are appropriate to post here. Please click the link below:

I have two choice words for SONY and their SUPPORT people. I don't believe however that they are appropriate to post here. Please click the link. I believe the sentiment is shared there.

... and HELP ME. Please, post a link to the link above. The more links that point to the site, the more Google will recognize it, the faster it will be come up in Google searches and the more likely Sony will be to understand how pissed we are. Thank you all!

------In follow up-----
I sent this email to Howard Stringer, President of Sony.

Mr Stringer

My goal is to start a North American Sony Boycott. By the time the Holiday Season comes, I will have hundreds of thousands of people refusing to buy SONY. I will make a career of this. No litigation, just justice. You took my money for a product that you knew was problematic and refused to rectify the issue. Consequently, I will make a career out of this. I have sent the following email to countless people.

My 2 year old Sony Grand Wega $2700 50" LCD recently failed due to a faulty component in the system called the optical block.
After some research, it has become clear that Sony was selling these TV's with full knowledge of the bad technology. With that
knowledge, they extended the service warranty for a short duration which expired precisely 3 months before my TV did.

I am not alone. There are apparently tens of thousands of others with the identical problem. Sony has offered the following as compensation.

1. They will reimburse up to $400 of the repair, which costs $1300 plus
labor ($400).
2. They will sell me another TV, the current model, for only $1350 plus tax.
After considering that offer and researching the TV, I have learned that
it also has a known defect.

Please click the link below to absorb the sentiment shared by thousands of American and Canadian customers.
I have also posted the following link at Apparently, you monitor those boards. Today is day one. Every day the effort will intensify until such a swell is created that Sony will have no chance to compete in this marketplace.

Can I do this?

MBA in Marketing and Communications
President of an Advertising Agency
Friend of the media in 200 markets

... and a full time creative staff, who by the way will produce dazzling anti SONY commercials and advertorials that will air spot for spot and page for page in your targeted media markets.

I have seen the class action filing and read it thoroughly. As conclusive as it is, I'm not interested in waiting for a ruling. I have made my judgement. Now, let the sentencing commence. I want satisfaction and I want it now.

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Still Issues
by Bander09 / October 10, 2009 3:18 PM PDT

There have been so many issues Sony stopped production of teir rear projection televisions. I had the issue which the yellowing of the screen got progressively worse. I called their so called customer service department 1 day after the warranty expired and all they would tell me is take it to a Sony authorized repair place. They would not tell me what they would do ecause they "don't deal with hypothetical" situations. It costs $200 for the repair place to diagnose a known probllem. Sony reps are rude and not helpful. I will never buy another Sony product again.

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Join the group
by simply_bill / February 3, 2010 10:03 AM PST
In reply to: Still Issues
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