I have a Sony kp-wv600 . Its the 3 gun rear project unit and I only paid $2500 for it and Iam very happy with it . First there is no pixel effect,the picture is very natural looking and the black level is awsomeWell if your looking at l.c.d. vs d.l.p. I like the Sony l.c.d. set I saw there 70" rear l.c.d and the picture was stunning But whatever you buy dont make the mistake I made Make sure you use the d.v.i. or h.d.m.i input on your t.v. for your hi-def cable or satellite and d.v.d player I had a terrible picture on my d.v.d player until I bought a Denon d.v.d player with d.v.i. output and a GIFFEN d.v.d switcher so I switch between my hi-def tuner and d.v.d. player good luck