SONY KDL75W855C screen issue after repair

Hello guys,

Hope you are all well.

First post so im sorry if I'm not up to standard yet but i have a burning question.

My Sony TV came back after new LED strips were fitted. Problem is i have 4 “dirty” marks in the middle of the screen that resemble dead or stuck pixels but its neither. Please see the pictures ive uploaded quite a lot for your consideration:

My questions is what could possibly that be? Id like to know before i speak with the technicians on Tuesday and hopefully make them pick it up again and fix that if fixable at all.

Ive looked into it and it seems like it might be dirt. But they are so si metrically located that it makes me worry its something else something worse and harder to fix.

Please let me know your thoughts as they will come pick it up again tomorrow and i want to be aware of the situation as they are quite secretive and dont want to admit to anything.

Thank you everyone in advance.

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Reporting: SONY KDL75W855C screen issue after repair
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To me this looks like dust, dirty areas or LCD brusing.

Good enough pictures but I'd have to see it in person to call it LCD bruising or just a clouded, dirty plastic LCD covering. One of the issues of LED strips is that some tech/companies only replace the dead LEDs or strips. The higher quality job and this does cost is to replace all the strips. This is the only way to avoid backliight issues that could be in play here.

Ask them what method they used. Sometimes all it takes is a dirty light diffuser (that plastic bit or reflector which varies with the maker and model and I do not know each model so I can only offer this as-is.)

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Engineer comment

He was sure that its the LEDs that were causing this after sending him the pictures. To me it sounded like he wasn't willing to fix it for free and was trying to say its the third party's fault that provided the LEDs.

Thank you for Your response

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That can be a few things.

1. LED out.
2. LED reflector issue.
3. LCD bruise.
4. LED replacement issue. Some techs try to replace just the failed LED. While this is OK for some sets and situations if your client tests the set with say 10 to 90 % light levels and sees the issue then they may yelp.

But if it's a LCD bruise then replacing the LED stripes will not fix it and the cost to repair is more than the set is worth.

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No dust/dirt option?

Hi and thank you for your time to answer this. So you are completely sure its not dust or dirt issue by not including it as an option?

It looks very much like dirty hands touching the LCD panel but i guess it also looks like bruising/scratching it too...

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Sorry but I did miss that.

Sure could be. My omission. Sorry.

The pictures only make a list of things for the tech to check but if the company/tech is bailing on you then they may know what it is such as the LCD bruise and don't want to tell you since clients often go ballistic and claim the damage was done in repair.

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More pics on another website

Here you can see ive uploaded more pictures.

They are picking up the TV today. Honestly in my opinion when im very very close to the TV they dont even seem to be there but from far i can see them. Also ive realised from the side of the tv i can see a few other little ones that dont appear directly to me but only under a certain angle and seem to be from inside again. It looks very much like dust or oil/dirty hands to me....

Fingers crossed they will be honest and just open it and clean it.

Thank you for your replies!

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What's this about second hand parts?

Sorry but techs I know would only do that on their own sets or for clients that pushed them on getting the repair done cheap. That could be it as well as what else we discussed.

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Stock not available

There were not parts for this tv that could be bought new. So we had to look at tvs that were taken apart and we used parts from another tv that was almost brand new but screen was cracked so they gave us the strips. Strips work perfectly fine but are not brand new. Ans they show no signs of faults at all.

I am thinking now that they mush have rested the screen panel or the screen itself on something that was not clean. And the marks were left on it.

Its right in the middle and symmetrical but not in a way that looks from the TV itself.

Pixels are working fine too. Just slightly darker because of “something”.

On blank screen - dark, white, green and other colours light seems to be constant with no bleeding or places being brighter than others dont show up.

So i dont see how it could be from the LEDs.

They are trying to get away from fixing it for free.

Please let me
Know your thoughts.

Kind regards,

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They are likely trying to avoid the cost of parts.
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From what I can find

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