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Sony KDL-52W3000 'Double Vision' / Blury

At almost exactly the 2 year mark of owning this tv (which up until this point had been perfect), it developed double vision after about 20 minutes of being on. Before I could even discuss my problem with Sony I had to have an authorized Sony repair tech come look at it. $75 later, he says it's a bad panel and will cost $3000 to repair! That's more than I paid for the tv new 2 years ago?!!!

I realize it's no longer under warranty, but come on! Is it unreasonable to expect a $2500 tv to last longer than 2 years? I've never paid this much for any product that didn't last many years........I've got a 20 year old tv that still works great.

Sony 'customer relations' is a joke. While I'm still trying to get this resolved, I'm telling everyone I know DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM SONY! That is, unless you plan on buying new every 2 years.

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Reporting: Sony KDL-52W3000 'Double Vision' / Blury
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Be aware that

Other makers are not much better. Ready?

"Five year design life" is in most if not all consumer gear. Not that all make it to that point and some will make it longer but what you see on the shelves is designed to hit the price points and the short 1 year warranty period.

This is a repeat of the disaster in the 50's when color tubes were failing. If you are old enough you remember the move to 5, 8 and so many year warranties on the color tube.

My point is simple. This is not a Sony exclusive.

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re:be aware

Bob you are right!I just priced a Sharp LCD panel
for a friend at encompass cost was 1650.00.You have
to pay for two inverter boards and controller board
also you can't just purchase the panel it's a package deal.
The purchase price for the set was around 850.00 when

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Understand, but still not happy

While I don't discount at all what you're saying--in fact I've heard that before--it seems to me that electronics in general are the definition of planned obsolesence. However, I realize this when I buy them. And while I know that what I buy today will be old news next year, I still expect it to work when I'm forking out a few thousand dollars for it.

And when it breaks, I expect to be able to fix it for a reasonable price. If my $40,000 truck engine fails I can fix my truck for a LOT less than $40K. When my $1000 refrigerator compressor for a lot less than $1000K. And so on. If all consumer gear in this price range is geared to fail after the warranty is up, it would seem to me that consumers would quit buying 'gear' pretty quickly?

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You got that right.

But the consumers are not up in arms (yet.) Here in the USA I see the old consumer protection agencies have been decimated and instead of getting on the job about this they side with makers. That is "did they meet the warranty?" and yes they did.

I don't remember what it took for consumers to get this fixed in the early color TV days but this appears to have to happen again.

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Double vision/blurry image

I experienced the same problem with my KDL52W300. I bought it approximately 2 years and 4 months ago. Worked great till the middle of the World Cup then it happened. Same issue with an authorized Sony reapirman: "Change the panel" + shipping + installation/labor + tax = $3,200.00.(I bought it for $2,400.00). If that is the only solution then I'm gonna wait till it conks out and look for another brand to buy. My confidence in Sony is shaken. All my tvs at home till the 52" are Sony (Trinitron, up to the flat screen 36" and they still work great!). I have friends who bought the rear projection DLP and had to change the blulb after 2 year because of diminished brightness and that's why I bought the flat panel LCD, supposedly it would last longer. I guess Sony got me, but it will be only this one time!

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What is Double Vision?

I have a SONY 32". Sometimes when I change channel the first channel will stay frozen on the right 1/4 side of the screen and the new channel is working in the rest of the screen. Sometimes it happens twice so I get 2 frozen channels next to each other and 1 current working on the left third of the screen.

ALSO....I have Comcast HD Cable and sometimes when I hit the Guide and it comes up with the 4 channel TV guide at the bottom and then the Guide will get stuck there and stay frozen and the picture is squeezed above it. Then if I hit the Guide again I will have another Guide above the first frozen one.

I have to turn everything off and on to clear it. Does it sound like a TV or Cable problem?

...I know, I know, this belongs in it's own thread but the Double Vision sounded like it....

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Sony Bravia BKDL-52W3000

We are having trouble also. We have had this TV for 3 years and have been very happy with it until now. It cycles off and back on and just keeps doing it. The repair man had a Sony Engineer on the phone and decided it was a certain part. It cost 600.00 dollars. TV worked good for 4 days then started the same thing again. Don't know what is going to happen at this point. What scares me is that we have another Sony Bravia in another room. We have always bought Sony products but no more. And, of course you never can talk to anyone at Sony that knows anything. It probably is true that this happens with other companies also but, who want's to take another chance with Sony; not me.

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