I bought the kdf-42we655 about a month ago for the playoffs and superbowl. At first I was disappointed with the picture quality. But I think that the problem was actually with the quality of the signal. Old VHS, current off air standard def. signals, and regular coaxial cable feed arejust too messy for the screen. The signals are full of crap that I never was able to see before. My new TV versus my old tube TV is like reading without glasses and then reading with a magnifying glass- the flaws and also the details are more apparent. I bought an antenna that picked up off the air HD signals, and really began to appreaciate th TV. Off the air HDTV or DVD's connected with component cable have pictures so crisp it is almost unbelieveable. You can see blood on fingers of football players or the sweat and pores on the faces of Tonight Show guests or American Idol contestants- it is that clear. Just make sure that you buy the right connections- S video or component cable and upgrade to HDTV antenna/satellite, or it won't be worth the money and you will be disappointed.