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sony hx5v versus panasonic zs7 versus samsung z35w

I am so confused!! I want a small camera that will also take videos of my kids so I don't have to carry both a camcorder and camera around. the most important thing for me is the ease of which to transfer the videos to a dvd or to something I can save them on.
(also I am curious if any of these can make a photo out of a part of the video, but that is not crucial, just curious)
all the reviews at this time are pointing me toward the 3 I listed, but I am not sure if there is something out there that would be better for me.
I would like to spend in around $300 or so, and again the movie feature is the most important.
any feedback would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
I am ready to buy it now.

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Reporting: sony hx5v versus panasonic zs7 versus samsung z35w
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Cameras vs

Sony HX5V - Panasonic ZS7 - Samsung (Z35W) I assume you mean HZ35W

Someone has already done all the work for you.

Here is a link to a review/comparison of Compact Super Zoom cameras which includes the three cameras you mentioned:


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which is better for movies

that is a great comparison-thanks so much. but i still am confused as to which one has a better movie feature. I am buying this camera instead of a camcorder, so I need the movies to be easily transferrable to something I can keep them on long term.
and after reading that I am wondering if i should get the casio exilim fh100.
I still am so confused. please help!

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A camcorder produces better video than a digital camera and a camcorder has many more features.
So don't expect any digital camera to outperform a camcorder.

The video quality from a digital camera is pretty much the same, no matter which digital camera you use.

If you want to be able to zoom while making a video with a digital camera you can be in for a surprise.
When you zoom a digital camera lens you can usually hear the zoom motor.
To prevent the microphone from picking up the zoom motor noise, many cameras will not let you zoom and record video at the same time.
Some cameras will lower the microphone threshold while zooming and some will turn off the microphone while zooming.

The manufacturers seldom mention this in their specifications.
You have to get a copy of their User Manual and try to find that information in the Manual.

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Out of the box, a Samsung HZ35W will not zoom in movie mode (because of the zoom motor noise), but you can go into the menu and change it to allow zooming. The Panasonic and Sony allow zooming; according to, the Sony's zoom control is very jerky. The Sony does not have an manual control either, if that is a concern.

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sony hx5v

thanks to both of you for your help.
whoa, if the microphone is turned off during zooming, well that is not good.

I rarely take my old camcorder with me because it is so clunky. so I figured if it was right there in my camera I might actually use it. I have not taken videos of my growing kids in about 2 years, and I don't want to miss anymore.
but I am concerned about the ease of transfer to something I can save it on. I now have LOTS of old little tapes that I will not be able to watch in the future because transferring them was a big nuisance. so I hope this will be easy/self explanatory on my computer, or directly on a recordable dvd player? is that possible?
and it looks like if I use a 16 gb sd card I can record continuously for an hour or so. is that right?
for some reason I seem to be leaning toward the sony hx5v, maybe because it seems like it has the easiest video to use and ease of transfer to dvd's. any thoughts on if I am correct?
what do you mean by it not having a manual control?

I really want this next purchase to be
1.easy to take pictures
2.easy to take videos,and capability to take an hour or so of video at a time.
3.easy to transfer and save videos.
if there is something out there that you think would meet those 4 needs needs I am open to it, and desperately would love to have someone help me decide.
I eagerly await your thoughts!
thank you, thank you, thank you

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