sony dsc-w560

does anyone know if the sweep panorama is hd, i thought i read something that its 43mp. or is it lower quality?

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HD is really only used to describe video resolution, so in that context, yes, the W560 provides HD sweep panorama photos. However, that is not the same thing as the full resolution of the digital imaging sensor of the camera. The W560 has a 14.1 MP sensor. There are four available sweep panorama sizes, none which are larger than 14.1 MP. The widest panorama of 268deg is sized 7152 x 1080, or 7.7 MP.

I believe only the higher-end Sony HX and WX series cameras offer high resolution panoramas.

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Is there a big difference between Sweep Panorama and Intelligent Sweep Panorama. I see the iSweep takes 100 shots a second and complies them. I am looking at the DSC-HX5V also which is iSweep compared with the W560 normal Sweep. I know the HX5V is somewhat an older model, but it seemed to have good reviews. What would you recommend?

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Intelligent Sweep Panorama

Intelligent Sweep has the ability to capture moving subjects within a panorama better. It also allows the camera to be swept vertically in addition to horizontally.

The HX5V is a highly reviewed camera and a bargain now at $200; the replacement camera, the HX9V is $350. I'd pass on the Fujifilm.

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It seems there are many great things about this camera, I love the 10x zoom, iSweep, GPS. Is the MP so low it will hurt? All of the newer cameras are around 16MP while this is only a little above 10MP. Im just looking for a decent point and shoot, I plan on getting the gopro hero hd for surfing.

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More megapixels is not better. When the manufacturers use the same sized sensors with more pixels, the pixels have to be smaller. Smaller pixels have less light gathering area, which worsens the signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range. The manufacturers have gotten better at implementing noise reduction however, so even though in theory they could possibly provide better quality images at lower MP, they choose to go higher, because to the average person higher MP is more desirable.

FYI, if you only print snapshot sizes, or view your images on an average sized monitor, 10 MP is already far beyond the amount of detail your eyes can resolve; you only need a few MP for such purposes.

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Do you feel the HX5V is worth 50 more dollars than the W560? What do you think the largest print 10MP could easily print out? Does the better lense in the Hx5V compensate for the lower MP and provide clearer images?

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It comes down to how many features do you want. The difference is value is probably worth $50, when you consider that the HX5V started off as a $350 camera. The HX5V will give you more zoom range, GPS tagging, and a better functioning sweep panorama. It also has some other useful modes like Handheld Twilight and Anti Motion Blur, and 1080 HD video.

Imaging Resource says prints of up to 13 x 19 are possible at the lowest ISO. The full review (they give it a "Dave's Pick" editor's choice award):

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updated model

Looks like I will grab the HX5V, is the updated version of this the HX7v or the HX9V? Is it worth 100-150 more than the HX5v?

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Nevermind , looks like the store mislabeled the cameras. HX5V is 325, outta my range. So now there is the DSC-H70 (225), DSC-H55(225), DSC-WX9(200). All that research for nothing, do you know anything about these cameras? I know none of them have the iSweep. It seems the "H" have 10x zoom while the "W" has a 5x, although the W has the highest MP. The burst mode would be nice like the HX5V. Which of these has similar optics to the HX5v?

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Amazon has the HX5V for $199.

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Im in japan at the moment, leave by the time it gets here. wanted to have something to take some pictures here.

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Got it

Went to the store that had the HX5V for 325.99, asked if they price matched and they do. They printed out walmart.coms paper and gave it to me for 199.99 with no tax. Is this camera compatible with class 10? The guy said this is only compatible with class 4.

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SD Card Class

For good HD video performance, at a minimum you should use class 6 cards. Class 10 has the fastest read/write speed; there is no drawback to a class 10 other than the higher cost.

Enjoy your new camera.

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