Looking at sample photos, the photo quality looks about the same to me.

The W1 has a much better video mode.
S5i maximum video is 320x240 at 15 frames per second.
W1 maximum video is 640x480 at 30 frames per second.

Note: you will need to buy the Memory Stick Pro to be able to use the 640x480 mode. The regual memory stick is too slow.


Emailing photos:

You should not email someone a 5 megapixel photo.
Even after .jpg compression it will have a file size of about 3 megapixels.

People with dial-up connections will not be happy with such a large download.

You should also reduce the size of the photo to 640x480 or 800x600. No one wants a photo that does not fit on the screen.


You can also post your photos on a website and your friends can go there and view the photos.
One free place I use is Webshots.


If you want to be able to link to a photo and just send the link, you need a website that will let you linking (most will not).

A free linking website I use is Photobucket.

Here is an example link:


Texas Bluebonnets and Crimson Clover.