The Sony "T" series of cameras is an evolution starting with the T100.

There was the T100, T200, T300 which came out 6 months apart.
Then in Aug of 2008 Sony introduced the T500, T700 and T77.

The T series of camera switched to a touch screen LCD with the T200.

The T500 is an evolution of the T100.
The T700 and T77 introduces a thinner camera with a zoom lens of only 4x (instead of 5X).

So you can not assume the T700/T77 will work just like the T100-T500 series of cameras since it uses a different lens.

The T700/T77 are much the same.
The T77 is the little brother of the T700.
It has a smaller LCD (3.0 inch) and less internal memory storage.

Here is a comparison of specifications:

I have not seen a review of the T700 or T77.