Sony Bravia TV cant get NAD HiFi speakers in sync ??

Help, I can't get the KDL55HX853 to work with my NAD HiFi speakers.

At the moment I have to run the red and white sound cables from Sky box to the Hifi. The result, the sound from the hifi speakers and TV is out of sync.

Also I cannot use my HiFi speakers with my PS3 as it does not take any sound cables. My old TV I just had to run the sound cables from TV to the HIFI and connect my PS3 to the TV. it would do all sound via HiFi speakers in sync perfectly without having to change the channel on the HiFi.

I want to connect my SONY BRAVIA KDL55HX853 to my HIFI and use the speakers, please help. Do I need a certain kind of cable ?

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Reporting: Sony Bravia TV cant get NAD HiFi speakers in sync ??
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I see this has video smoothing.

First, the issue is very common with older HiFi systems. I won't dive into all the prior discussions and skip to something that may help. Also I never discuss having the TV and the HiFi speakers enabled at the same time (again, well discussed!)

Try this -> Disable any video smoothing and processing in the HDTV.

Sorry but how to do that is up to you or Sony to reveal. It's a common thing I try and it has helped.

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No TV sound via HiFi

it has nothing to do with video smoothing and processing as it is a sound problem.

The NAD HiFi is not that old.

When I connect the Sky box to the Hifi and turn off the TV speakers it is fine and sound is good. When I keep TV and HiFi on together they sound out of sync, I think its a speaker thing or when there is high pitched sound but they don't match.

Now put it like this, I can't get a simple cable from/to my HiFi and Sony KDL55HX853 TV to work.

I have a cable going from my HiFi to my CD player, connecting it together results in CD music being played via HiFi. Connect the same cable to Sky box and I get TV sound via HiFi.

What I can't get is TV via HiFi. It has to work.. there is audio connections on the back of the Sony although many they don't play sound

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I see where folk new to HDTV would thing that.

I will not debate this area. As the HDTV does have motion smoothing that creates a delay. In the HDTV they compensate for this by delaying the audio by the same amount of time.

I've read your last reply and can't sort out what issue you have.

It's either the same old delay issue or you are trying to get audio out of the TV connections. If it's audio out the back of the TV, supply a manual for me to check your TV ports.

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TV should output audio via audio cables to HiFi

Yes its a how to get audio out of the back of the TV via HiFi question.

I can understand if I can't use both TV speakers and external HiFi speakers together (because of sync problems).

I can't understand why the TV isn't outputting its audio directly to the HiFi.

The manual simply points to the area where the audio cables would go at the back of the TV and the other end of the cable going to a audio/video device.

I should be able to run a cable from the back of the TV to the HiFi and get sound from whatever I am watching on TV, from what ever HDMI input. At the moment if I change HDMI input (from watching satellite TV to playing PS3) I still get the sound from Satellite and there is no way to switch sound to the PS3 no matter what I can change on the TV.

Thanks for your feedback

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You wrote " there is audio connections on the back of the
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good work dude

yes i see that alright. I guess I can convert a 3.5mm to the HiFi and take input from there.....I have running now as I type. I couldn't think straight.

Still, there should be a spot on the back of the TV for taking red and white cables for audio.

The speakers are big but the audio coming out of them seems very high up to the ear. It could be lower.

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Thanks for working with it.

Some folk give up too soon. Like you see, we only need to discuss and eventually something will be said (written) and then you find it.

Good to read it's working now.

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thanks for the help

Just one thing left, I can't combine the two sets of speakers, one from the TV and the other from the HiFi. When I use the 3.5mm jack it cuts out the speakers from the TV (it was designed for headphones).

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That would require a little rewiring in the set.
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TV and HiFi speakers

I just thought there would be a better method of connecting to a HiFi than a 3.5mm headphone cable. Still the sound via HiFi is much better IMO.

The sound cuts out when you put in the 3.5mm cable (which is logical as you are listening to headphones) but why I can't use the TV speakers alongside the HiFi speakers is beyond me.

I don't want to tinker around with any dongle looking device thanks Happy

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