I don't know if this will help, but did you add the 01, 02, etc., to the ID3 tag track name? My player annoyingly alphabetizes albums. Changing the file name doesn't help, because it alphabetizes using the ID3 tag track name, not the file name. So, I had to rename the track name to include the track number (01, 02, etc.).

Try a few and see if that helps. There's a program called MP3 Tag Tools which can do a mass rename if you find that this method works.

A word of caution -- using this naming scheme will screw up the order on any view other than Album view. For example, if you view by Genre, the songs will be in track number order based on their original album order. So, all the track 01 songs will be together, then all the track 02 songs, etc. I was will to sacrifice a usable song list in order to listen to albums in order.