Sometimes people win.

(Reuters) - A global effort has eradicated the cattle disease rinderpest, which caused the starvation of millions of people, making it the second disease after smallpox to be wiped out by humankind, world animal health body OIE said. Rinderpest, known before the Roman era and also called cattle plague, did not affect humans directly but caused major famines by killing hundreds of millions of cattle in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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When I read about the symptoms
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A little effort & Sleeping Sickness could also be wiped out.

which also has terrible consequences for cattle and food supply.
I don't know how much effort is going into the extirpation of Malaria, but it would be well worth it, though the backlash in population growth could be extremely dangerous.


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Bad news:

Malaria and TB (yesterday's AIDS) are making comebacks. Drug-resistant strains, plus very unsettled conditions in vulnerable parts of the world.
TB especially is a worry. It often shares hosts with HIV, and the treatment regimen is just as complex. (Remember how the couple met in Rent ?) Victims often are not in populations with the required 'drug smarts'.

AND, to bring up The Immigrant Question again, in 3rd-world areas like the ghettos of L.A., there are pressures to deny free health care to vulnerable populations.

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Homosexuals brought TB back to us

My concern is that HIV may morph one day into something more easily transmissable, as virus frequently do.

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Add A little effort:

Other human and animal diseases have cures available but delivery is a problem, due to wars, corruption, infrastructure, etc. etc.

Like food. Between Canada's wheat and Arkansas' rice, North America could give everyone their daily 2000 calories. But who will bell the greedy dictator?

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... and sometimes we lose, maybe.

"Other substances in that category include the pesticide DDT and gasoline engine exhaust."

From a recent story on an arm of WHO deciding that cellphones may cause brain cancer.
Don't breathe!

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Well, you're the one who's said it most often here, that
"We're all gonna die!"

so that just might make you a prophet. Gotta' be happy about that. Happy
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I got the humor. :-)

However ... (there's always a 'however', right? Happy )
I am a prophet [of God] if I quote one of his authorized prophets (Jesus, Isaiah, Zephaniah ...). Which I have done from time to time. (Muhammad is called The Prophet by his followers for the same reason. The Quran is, I believe, only quotes from the one Muhammad identified as Allah. The prophets in the Bible often spoke their own words, but always- they said- inspired of God, or they quoted conversations with other men.)

Also, I was noting that we've been breathing gasoline vapors for longer than we've been irradiating our brains. Not healthy, but most of us are alive.
I didn't read the article myself, since I've resolved to use my phone regardless. (Willful ignorance? Devil ) But I wonder if Bluetooth devices are safer? They do contain [low-powered] transmitters.

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Don't you plug them into your ear?

So you have sanitation issues maybe? Or perhaps some irritation that leads to some other cancer? All we do by avoiding death by one disease is allow ourselves to be taken by another. No one gets outa' here alive. Happy

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except for Jesus and Enoch

I don't think any others did it, and Jesus had to die first, so that leaves just Enoch. Oh yeah, Elijah did too.

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Well, Morrison didn't.

I was thinking about radiation only. The only time I got an ear infection was just after I married my wife and her son. Doesn't the Bible talk about 'those determined to marry being stabbed all over with many pains'?

Oops, sorry ... that's the one about love of money. My bad. Happy

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Being stabbed all over???

Well, if it's not found in the Bible it's widely written about elsewhere. Wink

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