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Something to chew on. I don't know its significance

red states recovering faster than blue states

I live in a swing state...whatever that is...and don't belong to or give to either major party. Numbers like this can be foolers. Perhaps those in red just lost more during the depression have more volatile economies and would naturally recover more quickly. We all have the same president but some have governors from other parties. Should that make a difference? I can't see any political reason for this as, basically, the US is divided fairly equally when it comes to reds and blues.
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Consensus start with the Voter

The most important thing to remember in a Democracy on any level, consensus starts with the Voter. One can only hope their chosen representative will not be swayed by partisan pressures and when the levels of government disagree you have to evaluate their pros and cons of why and adjust your choice going forward.

Can different levels of government get along? Hell ya? Unless they let partisan politics or trying to get (re)elected get in the way.

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The climate change can definitely be felt

as a national election approaches. When it's over, there will be a short period of turbulence until the politicians crawl back into the woodwork and disappear once again. It's really the people that will be doing any needed repair work and not the president. He points the ship with a lazy turn of the wheel while we will do all the oaring. Those who will help row are always the same ones who did so before. That never changes.

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The 'climate change'

will undoubtedly be a far left battle cry over more EPA regs being needed, too, but now they'll want to create a new agency that deals with voting preferences. lol

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at least 10 of those states are energy industry hotbeds

Oil along the gulf coast states. Oil industry in the Dakotas and Alaska. Marcellus shale gas drilling in Appalachia. Coal in Appalachia.

As to WV being a red state? State government is decidedly democrat. Yes, voting for President was consistently GOP during the Bush years, but federal senators and congressmen have always been split more towards the Democrats than the Republicans. I expect the presidential election vote to be for Romney but that is no surprise considering many folks in Appalachia in general... think Obama is Muslim, and will cast their vote on that "fact" alone.

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(NT) Can't help that he speaks ill of coal.
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You are so full of crap on that Muslim statement

People in Appalachia don't care about the religion of a Presidential candidate anymore than the rest of the USA....what we DO care about is this prez deliberately shutting down thousands of jobs all with a swift stroke of that EPA pen of his that has closed quite a few coal mines here and put already pretty poor people out of work and into an even poorer state of scraping by. People up and down that Appalachian Mountain Trail from PA to Alabama and west through Texas hate his energy agenda because it hurts them personally........his POLICIES are what is driving these people to walk away from his hope and change mantra because they have seen first hand what it comes down to with him. It may not be that they THINK a may be because he ACTS like a radical one........he is terrorizing this country into submission and he's doing it with a smile on his face and a song on his lips.

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Believing we should move away from coal as a fuel source....

.....does not make someone a terrorist, Toni.

I would agree though that voters in coal states consider the future of coal mining to be their biggest concern. I'm sure Obama is aware of that, but he isn't going to pander to them by telling them he still believes in coal if he doesn't.

It is unfortunate that a lot of Americans still do believe Obama is a closet Muslim, and see being Muslim as an automatic negative.

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He won't pander to coal country voters

but he WILL pander to the entitlement society voters............that figures. Kill the jobs completely and give the entitlement voters as many freebies and promises of more freebies to come as possible. Dangerous ground, doncha think? Think about it, Josh....didn't the radical Islams start off the same way? Kill off freedoms, then swoop in to 'rescue' the remainders with medical, schools, food, etc. in order to recruit them to their side?

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Oh lord, here we go again

Helping the poor = terrorism/Hitler, etc.

You do get that those coal country workers are among the 47% Romney wrote off?

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And YOU know he didn't

just as every other liberal does and you know exactly what he was talking about and what he meant. It just serves your purpose and agenda to keep harping on a non-issue over a video that was in a private home to private investors and Romney has reasonable expectation of privacy in that environment and some hack decided otherwise. There are already talks going on about bringing charges against the person who taped it and then aired it.

You can't come to grips with the 'open mic' situations with BO and HIS mouth and HIS cronies that had NO privacy expectations but no LSM rag ever brings THOSE situations up, do they? How many covered the 'I'll be more flexible after the elections' conversation with Putin's spox? There are many assumptions by that statement alone that could point to real dire ramifications for this country but that wasn't important enough to the left to even mention.

Get over your love affair with BO......he's got no record to run on that he can brag about so the only plan they have is to "KILL ROMNEY" (LEFT'S agenda during the candidate debates, remember?) in any way they can. We're not buying that program a second time around.

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Outrageous! Since you introduced it

Are you taking over for Goebbel's office of Lies and Propaganda? Accusing Romney of what actually Obama has done to Coal?!!

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Maybe we need a Coal War

Similar to the Whiskey War of years ago.

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Yeah, that would be called the Battle for Blair Mountain.

Otherwise known as the solidification of the modern union labor movement in the US.

Yeah James, I think we do need a modern coal war.

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Well, you'd never win it

by kissing Obama's butt.

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(NT) " * "
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You know, Toni. You already said ...

... you're from the North. Don't you think that someone native born to Appalachia, someone who has roots going back hundreds of years, might have bit more insight about what motivates the political views of his neighbors? $ years ago, people from around here were on the national news saying they were not voting for BO because he was an Arab and a Muslim. What makes you think they have changed their minds? As for hating the energy policy? These are the same people who want to protect the coal companies that used to employ tens of thousand of miners in underground mining, despite the fact that most of these companies have moved to mountaintop removal that only employs a few hundreds of miners. They forget that once the coal is gone then the hundreds of jobs will go the same way as the thousands of old mining jobs went. All they know is that coal is here right now and that coal means jobs. They don't connect with the idea that the jobs will go soon after the mountain top mines go too.

You may have lived here for a few years, but your words both today and in the past, prove you don't know Appalachia.

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starve now, starve later

what would you choose?

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(NT) " * "
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I've lived here 23 years

a little under a third of the time I lived in the North.......but a third of my time in the North was as a kid, so I'm pretty equal in experience of both areas.

I've got a DIL who was born and raised in Lewisburg, WV and a good number of people SHE has known for her life of 26 years has been experienced with coal country there. Yes, regulations were needed to make mining safety a factor and health concerns dealt with over time (just as OSHA was established for manufacturing jobs that didn't have those same safety and health concerns)....however, with BO's agenda, the EPA has made new regulations (from 80% compliant to over 90% compliant) that make it impossible for coal companies to comply with now and are forcing massive shut downs of plants that have been around for generations. Thousands of jobs have been needlessly lost TO MEET A PERSONAL AGENDA and not for any other reason.

There is enough coal available for hundreds of years here in the USA and there is no logic to your argument that to keep mining for it isn't feasible and that jobs will be lost as the coal 'dries up' a mine loses coal because it's been all mined out, the miners, especially those with experience, will move on to the next mine to find work. Once a mine is deliberately shut down even though the coal is there and providing jobs, there are fewer and fewer options for those mines left behind because the next mine they travel to looking for work is being shut down by the EPA as well.

This is a vicious circle that is costing people not only their jobs and income and homes, but the hope of finding an alternative is also gone because it's pretty much all they had. Not only are the actual coal mines being shut down costing jobs, but the trickle down affect on coal TOWNS is devasting, in addition to the refineries in other areas where the coal is transported to along with THOSE towns because even those refineries are being shut down.

I would appreciate it if you would discontinue your condescending speeches toward me.

If you are from coal country, Grim, you KNOW this already.........

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Since when did "compliance" of the law or regulatory rules stop at 80%. You know as well as i do they're suppose to be at 100%. It only gets less if some time or need is required to comply. If we were at all out war(like WWII), you can pretty much find some rules relaxed or outright tossed during that time period. However, you can't expect a free society to knuckle down for very long, since it will assert itself in one way or another, as in strikes during WWII. As for coal mining things have gotten better only because of federal rules were in place. It's a dangerous job no matter what but at least you may see a "retirement day" if you're lucky and that's a real assessment. One can see what happens outside of US mining were hundreds still die, that's NOT the case in the USA.

One of reasons, coal is still gotten from the eastern areas is that's its a better coal, but the easier coal can be had from the western states. However, this coal isn't as good and it has to be transported to areas still using coal burners. if a coal co. moves from one area to another, its a cost factor. They maybe playing with the rules and such, but they're certainly NOT doing it for the people that do the grunt work. All too often they'll drop them as fast as possible if it means to spend more. Why do you think, miners were the toughest union organizers in yrs. past and fought back hard, real hard to get unions and some respect in the process. Ask that of your DIL. -----Willy Happy

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They were already

at over 90% when the new EPA regs went into place a year or so ago, which dropped them to only 80% compliance now......the coal industries were already making great strides in complying with regulations already in place, until the new regs went into place and made it nearly impossible, if not completely impossible to meet in the time frame they were given. The original time frame for the original regs were being complied with.......there is NO industry out there that can ever reach a 100% compliance when new regs keep moving that bar. Once that happens, cost effectiveness becomes thrown out the window and the company has to make a decision that they can't compete anymore and they close the door. When it is being done to that industry deliberately in order to achieve that outcome, it's shameful to say the least.

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Bumper Sticker

which might smarten up local voters. "If You HATE Coal, Vote Obama. If you SUPPORT Coal, Vote Romney".

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(NT) It means you go both ways Steven. Rob

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