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Someone should tell them that FL issues non-res CCWs, too.

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Reporting: Someone should tell them that FL issues non-res CCWs, too.
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Link to the actual legislation...
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Just what one would expect from a Christian State, J?

>> declaring that a person has no duty to retreat
17 and has the right to stand his or her ground
18 and meet force with force if the person is in a
19 place where he or she has a right to be and the
20 force is necessary to prevent death, great
21 bodily harm, or the commission of a forcible
22 felony <<

A fine codification of "turn the other cheek" -- NOT! This would seem to justify pulling out a gun and blowing someone away who takes a swing at you...

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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(NT) (NT) It does.
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(NT) (NT) You're wrong, Dave.
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(NT) (NT) and if i felt in danger so be it
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Heck, I guess that law must make it ok to shoot people who

make jokes at you. Was that your next statement Dave?
You see the funny thing is with guns, if someone's gonna shoot you, turning the cheek doesn't exactly work unless you're Superman. The bullet will pass through the cheek you present, and then the one you turned.
Get off your holier-than-thou (literal since you seem to be criticizing Christians) pedestal and stop spouting your anti (fill in the blank with anything Republicans support) hysterics.

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What has Christian have to do with it....

Dave, what has Christian to do with it?
I notice that you didn't mention "and has the right to stand his or her ground and meat force with force if the person is in a place where he or she has a right to be and the force is necessary to prevent death, great bodily harm or the commission of a forcible felony". BTW "the person against whom the defensive force was used had unlawfully and forcible and forcefully entered a dwelling, residence or occupied vehicle or if that person had removed or attempted to remove another against that person's will from the dwelling, redidence or occupied vehicle" means kidnap.

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Home invasion, Dave K....

BTW, Dave, this morning's Atlanta paper reported another story on what they call "home invasion". This time, 6 people died and 5 were wounded. Oh, something that you might want to know, considering your gun control stance, only one of the fatalities was shot, the rest were beaten to death with an aluminum baseball bat. The injued people also met with the baseball bat, one of them has now 10 metal staples in the bones of his skull in the temple area.
Well, I guess that the victims could have run in your prefered world.

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(NT) (NT) or we kneed bat control ordinances
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Well, Mark...

Well, Mark, living in that area and near that elderly couple that were the victims of that "home invasion" situation that I mentioned a while back, all I can say is thank heavens I hung onto some Glaser Safety Slugs (and a Dade Speed Loader). The Lord helps those who save their own A**.

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(NT) (NT) i use simular rounds call hydro shocks
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We already are aware that you feel that no one has any right to defend themselves (that feeling is contrary to common law however) and that everyone should "call the police and wait for them to respond".

YOUR PREFERENCES have absolutely no bearing on EVERYONE'S right to self defense or defense of others or even simply defense of their property which after all is theirs and not yours to determine the worth of defending it.

I do note that you STILL have not taken me up on my offer to provide you, completely free including shipping charges, a good looking sign to post near your front door declaring your home to be "firearm free". Could that be because you are aware that without the sign there is an element of doubt for potential house breakers? You are getting a free ride on the coat-tails of those who are ready and willing to defend self or others.

Need you be reminded yet again that Christ stated rather unequivocally -

Matthew 10:34 Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.

Luke 5:32 I came not to call the just, but sinners to penance.

Matthew 12:29 Or how can any one enter into the house of the strong, and rifle his goods, unless he first bind the strong? and then he will rifle his house.

Matthew 24:43 But this know ye, that, if the goodman of the house knew at what hour the thief would come, he would certainly watch and would not suffer his house to be broken open.

Luke 22:36 But they said: Nothing. Then said he unto them: But now he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise a scrip: and he that hath not, let him sell his coat and buy a sword

Acts 7:24 And when he had seen one of them suffer wrong, he defended him: and striking the Egyptian, he avenged him who suffered the injury

1 Timothy 1:9 Knowing this: That the law is not made for the just man but for the unjust and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the wicked and defiled, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers

Do you want that sign for your home?

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"Just what one would expect from a Christian State"

The ?Christian State? of Florida, has had a concealed weapon law for eighteen years and since the adoption/modification of their gun laws they have experienced a thirty-six percent drop in violent crime in the state for those eighteen years. There has been no blood bath as predicted by the anti-gun crowd back in the late eighties. So far, the law abiding ?Christians? of Fla., have proved that they have the basic human morals God intended for all mankind to have.

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(NT) (NT) i guess the guns mightier than the bible belt:)
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The Christian thing again?
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Excellent new law expecially the

provision of throwing out civil law suits against a citizen using 'authorized' deadly force.

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No reason to hold people responsible for thier actions.


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Yep, no reason to hold responsible

the person shooting someone attempting to attack your child in the next room. So the relatives of a sex offender killed while committing his sex crime should sue for a large $$ settlement, eh. Opra W. just yesterday offered an extra $100,000 out of her own pocket to get some of these wanted sex offenders still on the loose. She didn't specify on payment that any had to be alive or dead.

Or, how about the guy (happens in other states besides Florida), pulling open the door of a car your wife is driving or entering, pushing her over to the side and taking off with her. She pulls an authorized to carry snub nose .38 Special and wounds the guy or kills him. Should he or his relatives sue for hospital and suffering or death?

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No, but how about the

guy who tries to stop that same carjacker and pumps a round into the hostage and 6 or 7 into the day care center across the street?

It's going to happen.


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and when thugs drag a man out of his semi

and beat him silly? remember the riots after the killer oj was freed?

to bad that trucker didnt have a gun or use his semi!

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(NT) (NT) That relates in no way to my comment.
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yes it does

people get hijacked all the time it may happenGrin

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How is it a reply to

what I posted?


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You posted a scenario that you feel

shows the injustice inherent in the legislation, and Mark provided a scenario that counters it. He simply replied to you in the manner you originally replied to him.

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And that guy will be held responsible. Not sure what

your criticism is.

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It doesn't sound like it.
A person who uses force as described in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer,...

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You missed the repeated mentions

and the whole section outlining that the force is to be used against a specific individual or group who threaten your life. Collateral assaults by the individual defending himself/herself are in no way protected under this statute.
Even the actions which one may interpret as "life-threatening" are stated in the law, limiting the situations in which someone may use deadly force to defend themselves.

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Or defend others. Don't forget that.

That could easily lead to great confusion.

The limitations seem clear until you get to the allowance in the event of a forcible felony. This term usually covers a huge spectrum of offenses.


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I forgot this.

I could not find any mention of special cases for innocent bystanders in the law.


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dan as your well aware

i have a ccw in ga. the law says i cant qoute excact wording, i can use my gun to defend me, or some one else i can use deadly force if its warented.
if a adult of same size attacks me or others i can use deadly force, but if the attackers smaller i cant use deadly force.

but ill not take time to measure attackers hight i will do the right thing ill pay for the funeral.

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