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Someone dares to praise Donald Trump?

How bold can she get?

“President Trump continues to be the great protector of the Medicare program for our nation’s seniors,” said CMS Administrator Seema Verma. “Thanks to the President’s leadership and commitment, the improvements that CMS has made to the Medicare Advantage and Part D programs means that seniors will have access to more high-quality plans. Proposals for more government in our healthcare – such as Medicare-for-All – would eviscerate the progress we’ve made to strengthen the program by empowering patients to make informed choices in choosing high-quality plans that best fit their needs.”

Must be just kissing up or Trump wrote this himself and forced her to sign it. Happy

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Reporting: Someone dares to praise Donald Trump?
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Well, I once said he chose a pleasant lady for his

[current] wife. Boy, did I get trolled or cancelled or something for that!

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But seriously.

We've been happy with my wife's experiences on her low-income medical. We're 'too poor to pay attention', so it must be adequate. She gets care, drugs, gear and visits, for non-jab diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.
Her current plan is run by a large hospital; good care.
I haven't kept track, but it seems some of it came from Obama Care (whatever that was), and some of it in 2018 & 2019.
I guess Trump gets credit for that.

I have the VA, as noted, and they treat me fine. Last time sick (jaw infection) I learned I can go to my regular Dr as a walk-in - much faster than the triage at Emergency- or something new, Same Day Treatment. That worked as advertised. I suspect some of it is a result of the "40 dead soldiers" thing a few years ago; may be too expensive for the long run.
I've learned not to get sick on Mondays. Happy

Add: We both took early SSI. Some of hers is Medicare, your OP.

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Diabetes Type 2. A cure?

For a few years I had problems with diabetes type 2. I no longer do. Here's the three things I did.

1) Had a large hernia near strangled repaired. Two hours surgery, but Dr. Kravitz in Rockville Md did a great job. People come from other states to get it done by him. He deals in volume and lower cost to patients.

2) On a tip from my sister who does bike racing and her rapid improvement in time per mile, I started taking Qunol, a CoQ10 supplement, available at Walmart. It tends to lower blood sugar naturally. One or a two work wonders. Find your own link, (so cnet link bot doesn't hit this) it's a natural substance.

3) A youtube 'Ted Talks' video that breaks conventional thinking on Diabetes Type 2 and it's causes.

4) My own approach based on the youtube dr's video. Basically it's this; I quit ALL food that had animal fats in it. No sour cream, no philly cream cheese on bagels, no butter, no hydrogenated butter oil spreads aka "butter crock" stuff, no fatty steaks, only lean meat in moderation, hard cheeses only and moderation, basically anything that had fat which was hardened when at room temperature, or known to have extra animal fat products in it.

5) My reaction to #4 was instead ADDING vegetable oils, those with least density, specifically sunflower, safflower, toasted sesame (for flavoring), and corn oil to my food, almost all of it. I would do flaxseed oil too, but never see it in my store, would have to find a place. One of my favorite quick meals is garbanzos out of can, microwaved, added oil on them, salt, pepper. I put the oil on salads (no vinegar, uck), often dripping in it. No more "ranch house" for me. On greens, (turnips, collards) which helps capture various oil soluble vitamens too.

I had checked on the most polyunsaturated oils which even in refrigerator never even get cloudy, since some like olive oil do have larger amounts of mono-unsaturated oils in them. Absolutely NOTHING from coconut "oil" or "palm oil". My concept was thinking what can serve as a solvent in the body against harder fats, what can aid in keeping such from being absorbed, help remove hard fats. I'd noticed when cooking pork or beef that when any juices which contained fat from those cooled to room temperature, they solidified, but interestingly, when those same hard fats also had some cooking oil added to them, reheated and then allowed to cool again, they were never hard again, not totally clear, but definitely softer, perhaps suspended in the oils. NO animal fats!

I even had 24oz of coca-cola, which you KNOW is high in sugar, but woke up to 79 reading on my meter this morning. Before this, my high readings would range between 150-220, and my A1C had been around 5.9

Hope this helps you in your fight against diabetes type 2. I actually prefer the way I eat now, no cravings from the changes for former way of eating.

One last thing. Saccharin, OK, still add to coffee, but stop those diet drinks with aspartame. I was a diet coke addict. Since then my main go to other than coffee is Liptons Green Tea with Citrus, and yes, sugar. I don't know why, but the aspartame they use in diet drinks today seem to make one thirstier, and actually seem to promote higher blood sugar readings. I don't know if maybe the sugar meters are including aspartame as a sugar in their readings, or some other reason for it.

Link removed by moderator.

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Thanks for the info.

First, note I said "non-jab". I always forget the numbers; if that's type 2 then we're on the same page. Happy

Most of your post is either well-known or common sense. Now, if I could get her off 'bacon as universal seasoning' ...

Her weight was also a problem but is coming down, so good news.

We also have two acupuncturists we see. I for pain occasionally, and she for pain and BP. Two. Top that, sucka! Also her medicine cabinet is full of Asian remedies like you wouldn't believe.

Bottom line: Both are 'upright and breathing'!

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Taking metformin?

I tried that, tore my guts up. Had to quit it. I discovered however the Qunol actually worked better, non prescription OTC, natural substance, no bad reactions at all. Definitely works on lowering blood sugar and seems to increase energy levels overall.

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No metformin.

She has been taking coq10 and it has lowered blood sugar.

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Artificial sweeteners:

Even since the saccharine thing, there's too much belief that the risk in their reward/risk ratio is near zero. Not true. Best rule is to stay away from man-made drinks. Plenty of good natural stuff out there, beginning with water. Happy

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I may have mentioned before the Consumer Reports said coco water is a good drink but not coco milk. Gets some natural arsenic from the ground. Also the fat is problematic.

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Here's for comparison, just in.
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So it stands to reason

that since "Trump is using crude ways of wrapping himself in the flag", Dems must be "insultingly" wrapping themselves in the 'spit on the flag and Americans who voted for Trump' ? I prefer the former than the latter, tyvm.

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RE:Americans who voted for Trump'
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You forgot the Putin wrap.

Seriously, you two, again, have no real contribution to an OP.
Grow up.

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RE: Putin wrap
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No real contribution?

All I did was respond to YOUR post claiming he was crudely wrapping himself in the flag while your seem to be ok with the Dems wrapping themselves up in the Constitution with lies and false statements/actions.

How is that not contributing? As far as I can tell, you feel it's ok for you to make crap statements about Trump because you don't like him but we who DO like aren't allowed to compare or make in-kind statements about radical leftists in Congress? Come on, drp…..face it, you CANNOT shut us up just because you don't like OUR free speech while trying to voice your own. Grow up? Yep....maybe you need to do just that.

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'... since Trump ... then Dems ...'

made no sense. Non sequitur
Focus on my introduction of a similar happening an ocean away. Recall that Trump has been offering unsolicited advice to Boris.
What gives, IYO?

Another parallel just today. Won't trouble you with it.

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But you will love this.

> Hillary Clinton: "Every person who votes in this country (UK) deserves to see that report before the election"
From a just-now BBC article.

Earlier I noted "Recall that Trump has been offering unsolicited advice to Boris."

To paraphrase Stalin, 'How many divisions does Hillary have?' Happy

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Wrapping himself in Putin.

Which he was doing maybe a year ago, no?

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That's a commonly used form of false logic.

In this case, so convoluted it makes my head hurt.

I linked and summarized a BBC story on NHS in the current Brit election. In fact I was surprised to note the similarities. I think the Brexit thing is making their heads hurt. Happy
Anything to say about the situation after your own careful analysis of it?

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RE:kissing up to Trump

He will be no longer known as President...he will be known as Glorious Leader?

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Meanwhile; Canada...

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Well, he could go out to Alberta.

Weather's good there in the fall.

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RE:Weather's good there in the fall.

That's what the lyrics say , but

-14°C .... 6 F..... Light Snow

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Ian and Sylvia were Canadians.

Tough guys, eh?

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RE:Tough guys, eh?

Some days are diamonds, some days are stones
Sometimes the hard times won't leave me alone
Sometimes a cold wind blows a chill in my bones

more lyrics for you.

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(NT) Dylan? S. side of Chicago?
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RE:Seems your attentions are misdirected.

your link is kinda' out of date, Here's the latest.

'Marching towards separation': Wexit Alberta applies to become registered party

Wexit, a portmanteau of “western and exit,” is a western separatist movement that has appeared to be gaining momentum since Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won the 43rd federal election. About 700 people reportedly attended a rally in Edmonton over the weekend where Downing and others were seen wearing blue “Make Alberta Great Again” hats, a nod to U.S. President Donald Trump’s successful 2016 campaign slogan. A Facebook page for the group created in June has more than 30,700 likes.

It appears not only MY attentions are misdirected.

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OK, then.

Go out to Quebec? Ily'a bon temps en l'automne.

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You wascally wabbit!!!.

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I've also complimented his daughter's

intellectual standing.

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