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Some of the people Romney considers leeches

The Republicans managed a stunning victory in the Senate today, narrowly defeating a bi-partisan $1 billion bill designed to help 20,000 post-9/11 veterans to find work.

All but a handful of Republicans voted (58-40) to kill the bill on a procedural objection. That's all it took. They beat it by two votes.

Support for veterans is traditionally bipartisan. In fact, the Senate had recently passed a series of smaller measures to expand the G.I. Bill.

So Democrats were feeling good about the Veterans Job Corps bill. They also had the support several Republicans including Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada and Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts.

And let's face it. The Democrats also have the facts on their side when it comes to the need for helping veterans.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 8.3% of veterans were unemployed in 2011. Young male veterans are hit the hardest by joblessness. Male vets aged 18-24 who served during the post-9/11 era are burdened with a 21.9% unemployment rate.

The Veterans Job Corps bill was ready to put those young men to work in the nation's parks or on local fire fighter crews or police squads across the country.

Geez, those freeloading veterans. Sitting around acting like victims and sucking off the government teat....

They are among the 47% you just told to go F themselves, Mitt.
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Reporting: Some of the people Romney considers leeches
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(NT) shame, shame, shame
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Yes...he's such a callous person
Romney buys milk for homeless veterans

What! No steak?

There's actually more to the story. For those who collect Romney gaffs, he's said to have quipped something about maybe the vets could learn to milk cows. For this he was derided in the press and his offer of personal assistance is said to be some atonement for his sin. Yeah...the guy's just plain evil hearted.
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and more about this grinch
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This story impresses me more
Winnipeg bus driver's kindness gets international attention

A Winnipeg Transit driver being hailed for giving his shoes to a barefoot man in the city's downtown earlier this week says he hopes his gesture will inspire kindness in others.

Kris Doubledee told CBC News on Thursday that he is shocked and amazed at the attention his act of kindness is getting.

It became public after some passengers on his bus witnessed the act on Tuesday morning. They were so moved they went to the media to get his story out.

The Route 24 bus had entered downtown from the Unicity area on Tuesday morning when Doubledee pulled over near Portage Avenue and Main Street, passenger Denise Campbell said earlier this week.

"Suddenly the bus driver yelled, 'Hey buddy!' and he got off the bus," Campbell said.

"I didn't realize why he was talking to him until all of a sudden, the bus driver took his shoes off."
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So the Romney story impresses you some?

Maybe there's hope yet.

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(NT) Don't get your hopes up.
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(NT) Haven't you heard? Hope is no longer the message.
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RE:Hope is no longer the message.
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Poor Mitt Romney

Even when he does something right, he does it the wrong way.

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Obama knows how he feels.

you probably disagree.

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Good on him for doing that

All the more reason he should have known better than to lump them in with those he considers freeloaders.

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Evidently it doesn't matter to you

that to pass the bill, the Senate would have been breaking Constitutional Law that revenue bills have to start in the House, not the Senate. This was done specifically by Reid as a political stunt........and there is NO way that the claim that it was 'paid for' is true when it depended upon 'new revenue' over the next ten years. What new revenue other than their plan to raise taxes......and if that failed, it was going to add to the debt.

There are already a number of jobs programs directed specifically at vets....we didn't need another one that we aren't sure will work when the others haven't proven themselves.

I love our vets, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. I told you all quite a while ago that bringing home all those vets from Iraq and Afghanistan was going to dump thousands into the unemployment lines all in one fell swoop instead of gradually. Nobody seemed to care about anything other than 'bringing home our military'. BO can't have his cake of 'ending the wars' and eating it too (not having any jobs for these guys to come home to). If he hadn't spent two years on Obamacare and put that effort into letting the private sector create the jobs and build revenue instead of pushing the private sector out to the curb with ridiculous EPA regulations that shut down entire industries and long-term moratoriums, and bailouts to the auto industry with rules that threw an additional 40,000 or more people out of work by dumping Delphi and shutting dealerships and mom/pop auto parts suppliers, we might not be having this discussion today.

You can't have the Senate bypass Constitutional Law and do it strictly as a political move just before the election in order to deliberately point a bad finger at Republicans for not going along with it. They tried to pull a BO stunt of 'if Congress won't get the job done, I will' and it blew up in their faces........just like they knew it would......and they did it only for publicity.........

There are numerous jobs bills sitting in Reid's pocket that the House had sent over.......NONE have come up for a vote because Reid won't allow them to.

Just like this was a publicity stunt......

"We're fired up and ready to stay and work"......and then they left.

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If we know people by the company they keep

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