Some of my photo files will not open

Some (a lot) of my photos will no longer open. I have tried everything I have been able to find on the internet with no luck. I think it started when I upgraded to windows 10, but not sure. I have a folder named Mom & Dad with 971 files on April 10th 2019 I moved all of the pictures that would not open to a new folder I named files that won't open, 197 total. Today I checked to see if any of them would open, they won't. I also checked to see if there were any in the Mom & Dad folder that would open then, but not today April 23 and I found 4 files, 2 jpeg, 1 bmp, 1 png. This just keep happening and I have no ideal what to do please help, I love my photos and it is breaking my heart.

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Reporting: Some of my photo files will not open
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You write you tried all that was on the Internet?

Since you tried all you found on the Internet I can't offer new ideas but will share the usual.

Most of the time I just install another photo viewer (mostly from and try those. But this is also an issue with backups. We only lose what we don't back up and with RANSOMWARE being a problem sometimes folk get hit with that and the files are gone unless they had backup copies.

Tell more.

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Re: photo's

- First copy them to a usb-stick and try on another PC.
- Then look at the change date (in the properties). Were those 4 files that couldn't be read now changed between April 10 and April 23? Or are they unchanged?
- Then compare those 4 files with your backup copy. What's different?

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Some of my photo files will not open

I tried opening them on my laptop that has windows xp and they will not open there either. The dates in the properties did not change between April 10 & 23. In fact the dates have not changed in two years or more on these four.

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Malware, ransomware and such

Can change files and leave the size+date unchanged.

Try IRFANVIEW from as it's viewer is about the most capable I know today.

As Kees asked, how about a compare with backup copies and testing on another PC?

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Some of my photo files will not open

I downloaded IRFANVIEW from but it could open a file either. I got the error message, (can't read file header, unknown file, empty/damaged file or file not found.) the properties for the file are file type is JPG, file size is 88.4 KB, dates are created on 6-3-2011, modified on 6-9-2014, accessed on 1-30-2015.

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Some of my photo files will not openrom

I forgot to add, that my backup external drive some time ago and I have no backup

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Re: no backup

Consider them lost then. That's the well-known risk of not having a backup.

Compare the start of the file of a jpg that opens and a jpg that doesn't open with a hex editor. I'd recommend HxD (free).
I looked at two jpg's and both start with FF D8 FF E0 00 10, followed by JFIF. If it's totally different, they are corrupt and not recognised by a video viewer.

The cause of such corruption is unknown. Can be bad hardware or can be malware. An offline backup (to external hard disk, another PC or the cloud) protects against such because you still have an uncorrupted copy elsewhere.

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Some of my photo files will not open

Thanks for the help, I run HxD and looked at the files that will not open and they are all zeros. So as you said they are all lost. I will get me a new backup going asap so that I will not lose any more.Again thanks I don't like it but at least I will quit trying to find a way to open them.

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Some of my photo files will not open

One more request, do you have any suggestions on how to find how my files are being damaged. I do know it is not the external drive they are stored on, because I used my daughters external drive and it did the same thing to some of her files. I am now trying to keep mine unplugged except when I need it hoping that will help, but I really need to find the problem if I can.

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Since malware can be a cause.

As well as a defect in the PC two ideas.

1. Scan with Grif's list at
If you don't want to do that, head to Bleepingcomputer and post about your issue of files going corrupt and follow their advice on scans.

2. Let's hear a lot more about this PC.

Top post (new post with the Web Speccy link and and I'll look it over.
Read how at Keep in mind the Speccy system may be overloaded today.

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memtest 86

Run a test program like subject line to test your RAM. When you copy or change known good files and then they are written back incorrectly, it often indicates failing memory chips aka RAM.

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Fix your Problem
Consider these steps are:

1. Check your existed antivirus
2. Implement the Photo viewer with a defaut image viewer.
3. You can use Powershell while reinstalling Photo app.
4. If not work properly then use install third party photo viewer.
5. If these types of problems have occurred then can use Window Apps troubleshooter.
6. Check your Photo app either updated or not.
7. The photo app is turned off if it running in the background.
8. Alter your inheritance general setting.

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