I've had a membership at Sam's Club for about 10 years now, and bought online at samsclub.com for the last 4 yr. My advice is,

ELECTRONICS: Be VERY wary of electronic items from Sam's. In my opinion their brand-name items are poor quality - in some cases I suspect they're seconds, or manufacturing runs that didn't pass 'wear-and-tear' tests. And in my humble opinion the off-brand electronics they carry are junk. Just like shopping on the web, if you can't find the brand name with a google search, then avoid it. Not worth the cost, frustration, and possible danger of using it.

OUTDOOR GOODS: I'm picky about these so I'd just pass on anything they have. If you must buy something, examine it closely on delivery. Make sure you put a lot of use on anything before their 90-day return period is over. And for pete's sake, make sure that volleyball set you buy is actually made by VOIT and not VOIGHT, with a tiny "gh" printed between the I and the T.