Any laser type printer uses the same principles and processes you've pointed out. That in turn applies to all such "laser" printers with minor acceptations and even those really aren't that different, just the build-up. The only so-called laser printers are LED type that displace actual laser beam. Everything else follows the same pattern though other than what's needed for LED use. the mechanics are basically the same.

As the problems you've described, here "cleaning" is clearly needed. Any decent tech would have done this or at least look to see if that was required. As for vacuum cleaner, here you better decide that the vacuum cleaner you use is capable because vacuuming "toner" is a destructive process and should any of that get into eletrical paths, shorts will be coming. Not only that but such fine powder tends to wear down any bearings, etc.. Toner type vacuum cleaners aren't made to be the best out there, they have a short wear&tear period, maybe 50-100 cleaning then poof something is bound to happen.

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