The duty of the people to support the church has been established for several thousand years. Also, the duty of the people to help support the widow, orphan, and 'stranger'.

The Old Testament, for one, spells this out and calls for a 10% tithe to the church. Similar payments were made to the state although I don't think a specific amount was spelled out.

The state may become immoral if it takes too much. It fails in its responsibility if it does not have good reason for giving away money. That said, our government does have responsibilities which must be funded such as providing for the common defense. I agree that both Dems and Reps are all too willing to take more money, and all too willing to spend it in wasteful ways. To their credit, Reps want to reduce the amount of money taken. It is not clear to me that the Dems want to reduce spending. They want, instead, to redirect it from defense to social needs and desires. That has been proven to be a disaster. Unfortunately, neither party wants to really throttle back the size and scope of government, so we wind up arguing about the fringes of the problem.