since you normally expound on your abilities of looking and researching 'facts', why is it that you continually harp on how Conservatives and Republicans are all for 'Big Business' because we believe that lowering their taxes would actually help the economy but fail to take note of the fact that
Big Business and Wall Street have actually increased their wealth under THIS administration?

And as for another thread regarding 'personal attacks', do you not see how you do this continuously by referring to us with derogatory terms by changing your spelling of those two words? Wasn't too long ago that the term "RINO" was actually 'banned' or at the very least discouraged here when WE used it to describe established Republicans that we didn't approve of. Is your terminology now the 'new normal' and considered to be okay? Would it be okay for people like me to re-name liberals, especially the radical types like Shuman, Pelosi, Reid, and BO, something equally insulting like "the Domestic Democrat Terrorists' because that's what they appear to be to ME.