Get a grown up computer.... a PC, Mac was fine when I was in middle school but after that PC is the way + Macs laptops have the problem of fixed battery, so you have to lug around the wall adaptor just incase & they are very over priced for what you get.

For the iPad, PC has better gaming but then your paying more for the games, iPad games run $12 or less, most run $4.99. It is great for surfing the net, email & travel, the instant on is really nice, it is not as fast loading webpages as my laptop. Sometime the auto reload of webpages when you have "many" pages open & go back & forth or close Safari then open some other program then go back to Safari then it reloads is annoying, you never know when it will reload, it is a minor thing... I hope they fix that with O/S 4.2. The iPad is no replacement for a Decktop or a laptop but is an alternative to a netbook & is a fun multi-tasking toy.