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So,it was an ordinary day in our svc dept until 12:30.......

I was on lunch so I could sit around and watch the fun!

A black '09 Rav4 pulls into our shop with the r/f tire blown out,r/f fender squashed flat and pushed back,r/s mirror torn off,both r/s doors squashed flat and the r/s curtain airbags deployed.It was obvious to me this dingbat had creamed a pole!

The driver appeared "unsteady" but I thought the poor ****** might be suffering from a concussion and cut him some slack.

I talked to one of our writers that was looking at the Rav and asked "Wazzup"? "The guy says he hit a pole".

Yeah and?? why the F didn't he stay where he was after hitting the friggin pole and then come here,did he think we'd fix the damn thing so he could keep running?? Did anyone call the cops yet?

So I get on my cell and tell the cops an obvious accident vehicle came into our shop and the driver was acting suspiciously.

About 3min go by and one then two Cliffs Cops show up,the first cop in was big kid himself with huge arms.I met him and said:"there's the vehicle and there's the driver,you can sort this out".Cop #2 took pics of the Rav and went out to his car and got on the radio.

Cop #1 very nicely interviewed the driver asking how he was and what happened.I could only hear snippets but I heard the cop say "are you under the influence of any medication or drugs?".No,not me.

About this time Cop#2 comes back in and whispers in #1's ear.Cop#1 says "come out to my car with me,PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE ROOF OF THE CAR" and proceeds to pat down this loser.Cop #1 pulls a huge bag of weed and a bottle of oxycontin from the fool's waist band!

Out come the cuffs and I hear miranda being read.You would think by now that this rocket scientist had dug his hole deep enough..but nooo.Cop#1 politely asked him to get in the back seat of the car and the jerk refused and gave the cop an argument about it.

Suffice to say,an "attitude adjustment" was administered to the suspect and he was fully cooperative afterwards.

By this time I'm asking myself when will the fun ever end?

That's when two more cops from a town 5mi away pulled in and took pics and possession of the 'evidence bag',it seems this guy hit a pole in their town and just kept driving to get away,one of them had the mirror from the Rav that came off at the scene.

Now the EMTs from the local hospital show up and the cops load the loser into the ambulance,I'm guessing he was taken to get blood work done to see what was in him exactly.

Finally as a "coup de gr

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But, doesn't that mean

no service write up and you lost this guy's business? not that you'd want it. Wink

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(NT) Yep, I would have enjoyed that myself.
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LOL...Cop #1 was funny.....

When he found the large Tic Tac container full of oxycontin,"ooh,got a presription for these tic tacs"? bwahaha

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Perhaps that's the
real resolution of the actress/model/whatever joke:
"I'm starved. Does anyone have half a Tic-Tac?" Happy
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Unless there's a witness

who can identify him as the one who hit the pole, they can't prove there wasn't a change of driver between then and when he rolled into your shop. In Maryland if you have an accident and leave the car there with no one seeing you leave, then you can't be blamed personally for it. A lot of drunk drivers who have an one car accident flee the scene on foot before being seen and get off since no one can prove they were the one actually driving at the time. There's a good reason for it because if the drunk driver can call and get picked up quick enough, someone else who is obviously not drunk can claim to have been driving the car, usually a family member, and that becomes mostly a matter between the state and insurance company for any damage compensation due to the state.

Of course he won't get off on the drugs they found on his person.

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Maybe not hitting the pole

but since he drove the car into the garage, while under the influence, they've got plenty of evidence and testimony to nail him on that too.

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"So I get on my cell and tell the cops an obvious accident vehicle came into our shop and the driver was acting suspiciously."

Why? Was he creating a problem at the dealership?
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When he got out of the vehicle...

he fell and one of the car jockeys caught him before he hit the floor and plopped him in a chair,he couldn't even stand.He did tell the writer he hit a pole too.

Like I said,I thought he may have been suffering from a concussion and could have needed medical attention.I suppose the cop determined otherwise after listening to him and "reading" his eyes for signs of dui.

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Concern for his health is a good reason

As Steve noted, maybe someone else was hurt and he was to blame. However, if I'm on the interstate and see someone clip a mile post or similar, I don't call it in, I figure the damage done to his car is more than adequate punitive value for not watching where he was going. If I see someone weaving back and forth then I will call, to get him off the road before he hurts himself or others. Coming back from Florida a few years ago I called on a trucker because he kept drifting into the fast lane and then jerking back to the slow lane. I was scared to try and pass him. I fell way back and called it in on cell phone #77 I think is the number. Before a state cop could get there he drifted PAST the fast lane, slid into the middle grass area and thankfully it was soft and wet so quickly bogged down with some jackknife of the trailer, the cab digging sideways into the dirt. I think he was trying to make a trucker's rest area about 10 miles ahead.

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RE: Why?
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A judgement call

Evidence of the recent accident? Airbags popped? There could be more damage or someone hurting elsewhere down the road. It would be similar to someone showing up at the ER with obvious bullet wounds.

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Got a minor ticket in California some years ago.

Went to the driver-ed class to keep it off my record.
CHP finished the sessions by telling us some of his favorites, including:
'I responded to an accident call to find a car wrapped around a utility pole. Via some miracle the driver was OK but we had to call for the Jaws of Life. While waiting, I started to interview the driver, who interrupted me with, "Whydja stop me, Officer?" '

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An unofficial update of sorts........

I say unofficial because it hasn't hit local papers as yet and if it's published,I'll post a link.

Our lot guy that does vehicle inventory is a volunteer fireman in the local FD and knows all the cops.He spoke with cop#1 and got a rundown and upshot of what transpired.

The Rav4 was a lease vehicle from our of luck,Toyota is gonna bill that moron for the value of the Rav that the cops confiscated!

Cops 3&4 were from the town of Tenafly,even though the Cliffs PD made the collar,the chief turned the entire investigation and evidence over to their town,including the priviledge of writing all the motor vehicle violations which were the length of my arm.

An analysis of the drugs recovered(and idiot)showed that the weed was laced with "angel dust" and that the fool was higher than a kite when he came to us.Tenafly police also recovered many more pills after searching the Rav.

Upon interrogation,the moron stated he was leaving the house of the dealer he purchased the drugs from,which was in Tenafly when he hit the pole..He had hit himself up when he left and the rest was history.IOW,he busted his guts and gave up the dealer! So I guess Tenafly owns a Rav4 and a house as of today?

The moron has no priors of any kind and will likely get off after his grandfather posts bail and he enters a drug program.

It probably would have happened anyway,but I'm glad I called 911.

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