So, I finally bought the external 2 T memory-need a few tips

Dec 1, 2017 1:14PM PST

Well hello from Europe, (Croatia)
Thank you in advance for any given information.

I work as a translator, so I have a lot of software related to machine translation, a few other special pieces of software dedicated to translation craft.I am a Croatian born but French-schooled.I translate-French-English so , along with my music and some 3000+ photos 12 mpx resolution made me run out of space on my laptop.To say the truth the system is good, I ve got 6 GB of RAM so It handles all my needs nicely but now I have to free the space circa 1 TB from my Toshiba Satellite to the "Seagate Backup Plus Slim" size 2 TB it's a DVD of a moderate size and I hope I made a good choice of buying Seagate since they come in a lot of PC's as built-in DVD's.

So question No.1 :since I want to move all my documents from the Toshiba Sarellite to the Seagate 2T just leaving on the PC the operating system, my linguistic software and a reasonable amount of documents are there some procedures to respect in order not to lose the precious data.Are there some protocols in place that I should know of or I can send it (the data) as it comes first on my computer?

2.nd question.Even this Seagate is portable I intend to use it any time I use the PC as a partion for itself is it OK or is it no good for the drive?



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Clarification Request
Be sure to never MOVE. Why?
Dec 1, 2017 1:46PM PST

One of the pitfalls of externals is they tend to be less reliable than internal storage. This is why we copy our files to the external so we get backup copies.

-> If you move your files to only exist on the external this VIOLATES the very idea of backup. There is only that one copy and no backups.

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Backing up the whole system
Dec 8, 2017 7:43PM PST

Thank you Mr.Proffitt for your answer, to begin with.In fact, I am using this "Backup" as a partition for my laptop since there is no space inside the machine to make it internal.I am very careful not to move it /I have a big working desk so the HDD is securely sitting on the table far from the edges as well as from my accidental moves/-I know that these externals are a bit less reliable than internal ones but I had to make a decision on the spot in order to be able to continue my work.Nevertheless, that is why I bought a Seagate that is a little above entry level, and since the moment I found it a safe place on the desk it is still as can be-no manipulation or moving the drive unless all is shut down.So it's not a backup as much as an extension of 2TB->so far so good.
@Bob B ->thank you also fo the reply, I followed your procedure blindly, and all is well.
I made sure twice that the docs and pics and music are safely stored and readable on the Seagate before deleting it from the C partition, it worked flawlessly so thanks again cause I suck at computing.s.Your econd question is also fascinating because I have, in fact, no backup plan but now you that
you mentionned it I become acutely aware that I urgently need a REAL BACKUP cause if anything goes wrong with the system I am loosing too much critical data of all kind, including my tailored dictionaries, translation software, music, pics, videos and above all the system itself is tuned to be able to handle different languages and alphabets, so your second question is a lifesaver cause untill now I had no backup plan whatsover but that was, I know realize, (I was always an optimist lol) but I have too much to loose without a complete backup, so I found in my local hardware store a Seagate named "External Extension Desktop"
STEB4000200, 3.5'', USB 3.0 with 4TB as you can see.
link posted below

If you could be so kind to take a look to tell me is it good for my purposes or if you'd suggest something different/better I'd appreciate and follow your advice.

I plan to make a complete backup of all my documents - pics-music-software-videos-dictionaries, in a word ALL my data, will be stored safely on the 4 TB Seagate with a weekly backup of all new documents.
The actual backup 4TB Drive will only be manipulated once a week with care and safely stored regarding temperature, humidity and total absence of physical movement during the week.
Is it a viable option for backup or if I need something altogether different, feel free to tell me there's no
bigger newbie than me even though I have been working with the PCs since the 286 and LOTUS 1,2, 3....I was always a user; I realize now I have to learn some things to protect my data and my hardware....

Thanks in advance

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Dec 8, 2017 9:43PM PST

It's a little confusing to follow you.
You start out with a 2TB ext hdd that you bought but your link points to a 4TB unit.
It seems like what you have done is transfer some data from the int hdd to the ext hdd.
That's not a backup.
All you've done is spread things across 2 hdd's and made a more complex system.

There is no one size fits all backup plan.
Some folks use an image others a clone others the cloud.
Give some thought as to how your going to recover if one of those hdd's goes POOF.

Since I don't use 2 disk I just keep it simple.
I have 2 spare disk which I rotate and every 15 days I make a clone.
That fits my needs.

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Ext hdd
Dec 1, 2017 1:49PM PST

You COPY your docs/pics from the internal hdd to the ext hdd.
Then verify the docs/pics on the ext are readable.
Then delete the docs/pics from the internal hdd.

You plug in the ext when you need it.

What's your backup plan?

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System and Backup
Dec 9, 2017 9:29AM PST

Hi Bob.
Thanks for your time.I'll try to keep it short to explain what I have done.
My C partition (the only one ) was used up like 752 out of 760 GB and the system was getting slower.
Since I must keep all data I bought 2 TB EXTERNAL SEAGATE link below, and I had to do it as soon as possible before my system crash due to overloaded memoryand it was getting reaaal slooooow -Happy

the first external DVD / which is now part of the system

this is the I one on which I moved some 500 GB of data accessible immediately I know it's not a pro solution but it works just fine for me, I have now to partitions the native to my laptop some 760GB ROM and now the E partition with Seagate some 1991GB it all works very smoothly for the moment, the "portable" resident is very very fast with the USB 3.0 I am fortunate to have on my Toshiba Satellite.Compared to 2.0 it's a speed of light lol.I have a Toshiba Satellite C50-A-GO with a Intel Pentium CPU 2020M, 2,4Ghz, 6GB RAM x64.A Logitech Keyboard wireless K-370 (Excellent , guaranteed 5.000.000 strokes) very good materiel and a laser mouse Logitech M 705 also an excellent piece of engineering a delight to work with.

The 4 TB I provided you in the link in my post above is for my definite backup as I wrote It has 4GB and once a week I ll update the whole system and keep it safe for I cannot afford to lose my data,
When I fill this box I ll buy one with 16TB and basta Laugh

Best regards


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Dec 9, 2017 9:58AM PST

So it seems you have a 1TB int and a 2TB ext and your files are spread between the units.

You have a 4TB ext to use as a backup device.

Now you need a backup prog.

I have never used the product.
I have seen it mentioned on the forums.
Take a look at the features and see if it fits your needs.

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Question for Bob
Dec 9, 2017 9:55AM PST

Hey Bob, what you think about my backup plan with a 4 TB module? Backing up once a week?
And the next, if needed, will be a 16TB lol...I think that with this combination and my backing up all data in a 4TB "box" and keeping it safe apart from the system.If you ask me if someone holds dear to it s data and cannot imagine losing it, well that person could have TWO EXT drives updating both once a week, keeping them on separate locations...just theorizing
PS I am sure you have a better PC then mine would like to hear your opinion about my configuration (keyboard and mouse included)

I wish you a great day....

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Backup plan
Dec 9, 2017 10:25AM PST

You tailor your plan based on what can you afford to lose.

If you have to restore from a week old backup and lose a weeks worth of stuff is that acceptable?

As I said above there is no one size fits all plan.

I gave my plan which fits my needs.

Some folks take this to the point of running real time backups.

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