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Smart TV connected, but no web apps load


Nothing in the smart hub that requires a connection will work. Web Browser gives "ERROR_EXE_001" message. Everything else just says it is loading and never loads anything.

Purchased 8/18. Connected 20Mbps ethernet connection which works for all other devices, including two Samsung phones and a Samsung laptop. The connection worked for installing the firmware updates to the television. And the Allshare features work between the other devices and the telivision.

I have no firewall on the modem or router.

Network Status section shows connected with a valid IP address, valid mac, valid gateway. I have tried DNS as well as an auto-assigned DNS. I have done a smart hub reset. I have power-cycled. I have verified with Samsung's tech support that I have the most recent firmware.

Samsung's tech support first told me the servers were probably just down for a quick maintenance. Then they told me to allow 2-3 days for the issue to resolve itself. When that failed, I was told to wait 2-3 days while the issue was escalated.

I am extremely frustrated. I have tried everything short of returning the television and buying an LG. The issue itself is annoying but the lack of support is incredible and the exact opposite of what I would expect from a company I've given so much of my money to. A quick web search reveals it is a common issue - yet Samsung acts like they've never heard of it, and their television's interface says to call the internet provider for ANY issues connecting, once the television has a connection. As thought that is the ONLY possibility. As though the Samsung firmware, software, and their servers they require you to connect through are immune to faults and could not possibly contribute to an issue - nope, it's the cable company; call them.

Does anybody have anything else they can recommend before a throw up a warning video and just return the television and call it a lesson learned?

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Reporting: Smart TV connected, but no web apps load
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You may have to manually select the internet service location where smart hub will connect to. In other words the TV has no idea what to tell the Samsung servers.

Enter the Smart Hub and using the TV remote press FFWD 289 REW. Then scroll down to select your country.

Best of luck


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Re: Smart TV connected, but no web apps load

Hi lolsociety,

Frank's suggestion is a good one. Another thing to make sure of is that you're on the most recent firmware for your TV.

HD Tech

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Samsung UN55E 6100 55" series will not connect to internet

After countless hours with Time Warner cable co. replaced routers etc ; Samsung on the phone; Samsung accredited service person; we have NO solution.
Will try again tomorrow at out appt. at (9:00 AM) by co-ordinating our cable company's Signature Home Specialist at the SAME time that the Samsung repairman is in our home for his second in home call. The last one left without it being fixed and that was 2 weeks ago.
I will have to pay for this service call from the cable company due to the many times they have tried to fix it and it is not their problem! I also paid a computer consultand $200 to fix this Samsung issue. He had nothing to advise.
Samsung on the "executive level" of filing a complaint said to me," if Samsung DEEMS it is NOT our problem we will NOT do anything about the issue".
So, I am caught in their 1 year warranty and cannot access the continued warranty with HH Greg until this year runs out on my TV in November she says.
No assistance from Samsung at this point!

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Sorry but this is a post by lolsociety

So I don't want to derail tlolsociety's discussion. If you can top post we can check a few things. I am not a Samsung rep but have some exposure to getting the usual networking working.

ALWAYS ask Samsung if they are doing maintenance. Seems the engineers love to tinker at times.

PS. In the CNET Networking Forum we have a collection of ideas but let's hear what's been done in a new post first.

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Try Frank's suggestion.

That sounds frustrating. For what it's worth, Frank's suggestion worked for me. It's 'funny,' I had read about people using that menu successfully and even asked Samsung's 'tech,' how to access that menu on my model. He replied that he assures me we have taken all the possible troubleshooting steps.

I think TWC should bill Samsung for all the labor put into resolving an issue that is not theirs, in your situation. I think all the service providers should bill Samsung for the phone hours caused by their TV suggesting you call your ISP whenever something doesn't work when there are CLEARLY known issues with their firmware.

This whole situation has frustrated me as I am sure it has you. Samsung has gotten over two thousand dollars from me within the past few months and I wish I could take it all back. Even their brand ambassador, above, suggested I upgrade firmware, completely ignoring my original post where I stated I had tried that already. Even though everything is resolved now and I like the features of the TV - their lack of support and unwillingness to admit fault really left a bad taste in my mouth. I have three weeks to decide whether the TV goes back or not with the only thing stopping me being the integration with my other devices.

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I'd also like to add - I was never contacted regarding the requests for escalations.

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Thank you:

I think it is amazing that we have received 5 or 6 roto dialed calls asking us about "Samsung's service" in a number "1-5 with 5 being the best" survey.
What can I say?
Does it make a difference?
in my opinion the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. It is all disjointed with Samsung to say the least, plus they absolutely do not take responsibility at all for their troubles with us and other customers.
I hope tomorrow answers this for a lot of people when we get the service call.
The Time Warner call I made today was answered by a tech who had "done the research of this problem on line". There was no answer to be had on how to resolve it. Just complaints about Samsung Service. Also I was told the complaints included all types of internet providers, not just Time Warner.
If the man who has a chance to RETURN his TV still can do this, I would highly recommend it rather than go through all the wasted time we have allotted this this problem.
If we get it resolved I will post their efforts here in the forum.

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Hoping this is the end of THE SAGA between cable and Samsung

Hi and thanks for the ideas on billing. Wish it were so! The Samsung repair gentleman they sent to our house said Samsung will probably bill Time Warner for the second trip.Also, Samsung appears to have sent 2 new circuit boards to replace again when I am about to tell you who was responsible for this debaucle.
It seems it WAS a Time Warner ISSUE (of all things )after all the 5 or 6 trips they made to our home and the mentions d of charging us for the other days' visits.
This time we got a TWarner tech that changed the "standard issue" cheapo Aris Modem"
for a "UBEE modem". IT (the ubee) ACTUALLY WORKS with the Smart Hub on the discussed TV and picks it up the apps well and updates with ease. At least Streaming so far is seamless for Netflix .
I had both the Time Warner folks and the Samsung repair person here at the same time (9:00 AM). I was lucky to be able to INSIST on this effort by Time Warner even though the threat of a service charge of $40 was agreed to by me and the cable company against my will.
Now, with all the customers these two companies have with the same issue of a disfunctioning Smart Hubs 2012, I hope both companies learned something.
This entire morning with the two of them here took over 2 hours.
I am not complaining anymore except for the loss of use of my 8 month old TV for over 3 months, and the probably 40 hours of our time to take off and be at home for service calls. SOMEONE owes me for being persistant!
I hope this is one of those solutions other Cnet forum users can put into their use of Samsung Co. products and that the cable companies' disjointed abilities to solve problems can be improved by customer determination.
I also hope I am finished with Samsung! and a big thanks for all of your help on line.

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