Smart Hub Servers Are Down

Mar 2, 2013 5:16AM PST

I just called Samsung and they said their Smart Hub servers are down. I'm not sure if this applies to all TVs, but it certainly applies to my UN60ES7100. The person I spoke to said they should be back up within 2-3 days. Just wanted to let everyone know before they ask a question about an issue they can't resolve themselves - it's probably Samsung's issue!

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Reporting: Smart Hub Servers Are Down
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Can confirm
Mar 2, 2013 5:58AM PST

I can confirm this.. I posted a reply in another thread about the Smart Hub being down... I was on the phone with Samsung reporting problems when the message came up on my screen about maintenance from Mar 4 9pm est until Mar 5 1am est.. they confirmed for me that the Smart Hub will be unavailable until the maintenance is done. Silly

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So what about ?
Mar 3, 2013 8:52AM PST

So what about the browser? If smarthub is down does that mean I can't do anything? Like web browser or anything. I just bought my tv a couple hours ago and I'm getting extremely mad !

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take it back
Mar 4, 2013 11:55AM PST

My suggestion to you jaysin is to take your TV back. If you want to use the "Smart HUB" features like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Streaming, or any other 'app', you will be disappointed.

The apps all work great, but in Samsung's infinite wisdom, they engineered the SmartHub system to be entirely dependent upon their services' availability in order to work.

What this means in terms of iPhone land - let's say you go to use your iPhone but Apple's iTunes store is having problems or is down for a 3 day maintenance period. You can make calls, but when you try and open Angry Birds, Facebook app, or any other app - you can't. Not because Facebook or Amazon is down, but because Apple decided to require you to connect to their servers before any app will run - even though you have the app installed on your phone and it has no logical reason to connect to iTunes to work.

But that is exactly what Samsung has done with their application.

I'd also like to add that Samsung seems to have 3 or more 'maintenance periods' lasting 2-3 days every year as well as a few unscheduled outages lasting a day or so (since I bought my TV last fall). Their estimated up time is about 97% which doesn't sound bad until you realize that most real data centers strive for 99.95% uptime.

Samsung doesn't seem to understand the concept of high availability or failover on their servers. Good application and system architecture allows for the system to be updated without causing a full application outage.

I know my post may sound critical, but Samsung is a large company with a large customer base and building a dependency like this into the TV that I bought and paid for Amazon and Hulu streaming service thus causing me about 9 days of down time per year (thus far) is unacceptable. Multiply that by the number of customers that own a Samsung TV and it's really unacceptable.

I'm a systems engineer and over the past 10 years have been a part of several very large customer facing applications. I've worked several projects requiring 99.95%+ uptime in which the only downtime acceptable was when a series of components failed. Patching and system maintenance had to be done with out any customer facing down time.

I see the Samsung rep posting on these forums, and I'm genuinely interested in :

1.) Why does my Hulu or Amazon app have to connect to Samsung's servers before it runs when it is installed on my TV and connects to Amazon directly?
2.) Does Samsung use this constant connection to track my habits?
3.) Why does Samsung have what appears to be <97% uptime on a system which plays such a critical part in the TVs operation?
4.) Do you guys need some consulting on system & apps?

The last one was kinda tongue-in-cheek but I'm really interested in hearing the technical reasons for the first 3.



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New TV
Mar 2, 2013 8:37AM PST

I just got my TV today so forgive me if my questions are elementary. Smart Hub tells me I am not connected to the internet, even though I am. I am hoping this is the issue, because I have no idea what else it could be since I am literally 5 feet away from my router.

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Mar 2, 2013 9:18AM PST

Maybe.. but you won't know for sure until Tuesday, by the looks of things. Silly Silly

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Keep calm and don't panic
Mar 2, 2013 4:56PM PST

Exactly the same issue dude, it's the servers not your tv.
I was panicking after a 5 hour old tv wasn't working. For me it's working now but it's definitely the servers

This is in the UK for me anyway

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Samsung Says Issues Resolved
Mar 2, 2013 10:07AM PST

This just posted on Samsung TV's Facebook:

Samsung TV USA Any customers having issues, currently with Smart Hub, they are resolved. If you are still having any issues please let us know, by using the Support Form at the top of our page or click here: Be sure to include your model #, serial #, Smart Hub and firmware version. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. Thank you!

I just tried mine and my apps are loading fine, just have to do all my passwords and stuff again Silly

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NOT resolved!!
Mar 2, 2013 10:19PM PST

Same problems are back this morning.

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Smart TV
Mar 2, 2013 10:59PM PST

I spent an hour on Live Chat trying to troubleshoot this AM..

I then called in on Phone Support and after awhile the girl explained that they will be down for probebly another day or so...

They really should let their Support Staff know when they are "Down for Maintenence"...

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Smart TV Apps...
Mar 3, 2013 1:15AM PST

Smart Hub tells me I am not connected to the internet, even though I am. I am hoping this is the issue, because I have no idea what else it could be since I am literally 0.5 feet away from my router.

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Mar 3, 2013 7:31AM PST

Yes - we were having the same issue with our brand-new (today!) blueray player . . . after a long and very frustrating live chat with Samsung Support, I came away with what everyone else here is saying. It is a server issue on their end. We alternately receive error messages stating either that the network is not connected (it is, as with yours. Confirmed both by network checks and ability to do things like set up a SmartHub account) or that it could not connect to the server.

Now the question is whether to return the unit and try a different brand (this seems to have been an ongoing issue with SmartHub, as I see chat threads from January regarding the same topic, although the live chat assoc. insisted it is "NOT an ongoing issue") or wait it out and see . . . :/

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Smart Hub Servers Still Down
Mar 2, 2013 11:11PM PST

My TV was able to download a software update but no Smart hub service. Samsung says;

"As of now we are having an issue with our Smart Hub servers. Right now our engineers are working overtime on a fix . We can't give you a specific timeframe when it will be resolved."

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Install apps
Mar 3, 2013 1:41AM PST

Is there any way to install an app with the servers down? i just want to install the Plex app so i can access local content

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Thanks for the information
Mar 2, 2013 11:59PM PST

With a new Samsung TV, I have just wasted a few hours of my life trying to workout what the problem was.

Dear Samsung, if you are going to insist that we use your servers, tell us when you have problems with them. Put a better message on the TV screen, or perhaps have a service status on your support web page. Do NOT keep telling me to check my connection settings.

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Just wondering
Mar 3, 2013 12:24AM PST

Greetings from Finland!

I had the same problem. So I guess the servers are global; no regional ones?

Why are the smmarthub servers needed to use downloaded application like Netflix?

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Greetings from someone affected in UK
Mar 3, 2013 1:06AM PST

I have the same problem in the UK.

I assume that this server issue affects us all regardless of geographical location?

What a farce!

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Norway also....
Mar 3, 2013 1:25AM PST

Well, same issue here (although using USA locale). Bougth the freaking TV yesterday and have not had any stable connection to smart hub.... What confuses me is that my Plex app, netflix app won't run either although they are downloaded to the TV .... ??? What a design fault!

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Here here
Mar 3, 2013 5:25AM PST

i am in the uk also and experiencing the same problem in manchester

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I second that!
Mar 3, 2013 1:25AM PST

Just purchased ours 3 days ago and all was fine except for the sporadic network message, even though our internet service and wifi signal was working perfectly. The router is only 10 feet away. Drove myself nuts this morning going through everything trying to find out what the problem was and decided to check if anyone was had the same issue. I thought we had set something up wrong. Nice to know I wasted all that time, when they could have just put a better message up that the servers were down. Mine seems to be up now btw.

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I agree!
Mar 4, 2013 1:18AM PST

I agree. Samsung, this is the most pitiful customer service. I continued to check my internet and contacted ATT per your messages. 4 hours wasted. Takes less time to return the tv (which I just bought yesterday).

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SmartHub servers down
Mar 3, 2013 1:39AM PST

I was already googling to see if i could find my tv's old firmware to downgrade. Just upgraded mu UE40ES5500W to FW1032. Unlucky moment now with the server problems of Samsung. Network test succesfull and SmartHub was either very slow or unreachable.

Looks like I have to be patient for a few days.


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Down again?
Mar 3, 2013 3:38AM PST

My apps were working fine for a few hours this morning. Now they are down again..... Is the Hub really this unstable?

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Error Model Bind Error Message-- Model: 65ES6500
Mar 3, 2013 4:03AM PST

I'm located in Orange County CA, and I can't access any apps like Pandora or Netflix. I'm getting the [error model bind] message. Is this due to the Samsung Smart Hub servers being down?

Anyone local to me experiencing the same problem?

I have access to all wireless devices including this laptop and my TV does connect to my wireless, but then gives me the error message.

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Samsung smart hub not working
Mar 3, 2013 4:37AM PST

Hi there, thank you for that, i have been trying to connect SMART HUB all day{03/03/2013} with no success. I tried reset the tv, reset the smart hub, turned the tv on and of from socket and the same with talktalk modem with no difference. When I selected option update by internet it actually did find update no with last for digits 2005 which is the newest update. The tv has downloaded it and install it but smart hub is still not working.

Once again thank you for calling samsung customer service and letting us all know

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SmartHub Not Connecting
Mar 3, 2013 5:02AM PST

I am having what I believe is the same problem. Due to a problem with Vudu, I was instructed by Vudu support to reset the SmartHub to try to force an update of the Vudu app. After the reset, Smarthub only says to connect to the Internet. However, the Network settings on the TV verify that the TV is connected to the Internet already. I have recycled the router, recycled the TV, re-setup the network connection. Al with no effect to Smarthub whatsoever. It still just tells me to connect to the Internet. The TV is a 2011 version UN40D6000, connecting via a wireless dongle. Smarthub has worked flawlessly for over a year. The trouble began immediately after the reset. Is this caused by the Samsung SmartHub servers being down or is this a separate issue?

All aid much appreciated.

Jim Robinson

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Smart hub not connecting
Mar 3, 2013 1:46PM PST

Just the exact same thing happened to me this Morning in Memphis, TN. After resetting, i could not reconnect to the Smart hub.

Will wait and see if they will fix it.

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Mar 3, 2013 11:00PM PST

This is the same issue. Samsung has been performing maintenance on their servers. The smarthub service has been unreliable for a few days.

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Same here
Mar 3, 2013 5:28AM PST

i have same problem with samsung and my internet is also talk talk but the internet connection is fine
the problem is samsung.

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Smart Hub doesn't work
Jan 21, 2014 4:38AM PST

Today my Smart Hub of Samsung TV is down so I want to know any body faced this problem?

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Mar 3, 2013 9:02AM PST

If smarthub is down does that mean no internet function at all ? I'm just wondering if the internet browser or anything works. I just want my Netflix to be hooked up.

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