Smart Hub is being updated. Please try again later. UPDATE.

Every time since I upgraded by Samsung UE46F6345 to version 2113 (and since, also 2114) I get the following message when I want to start Smart Hub on my TV. It takes about 40 seconds (or more) until I can start the smart hub. Needless to say, this is extremely annoying.

Initially, I talked to Samsung online chat, who suggested I reset the smart hub. Which I did. Next, I called them back, as it didn't work (surprise surprise) and they insisted that I call their support telephone (why they could not help me, I don't know). So, I rang a toll number to explain the situation. At first they had me reset the whole TV to factory settings. This didn't work either. I explained that this looked like a new "feature" since 2113, and that my TV works fine after that stupid update has occurred. After a lot of back and forth, the support dude escalated the case to a more senior person. I get an email a few days after - get a hold of this....

(translated from Swedish) :
In connection with the 2013 tv-models being updated to the user interface and features of the 2015 models, an initialisation process needs to run when the TV boots up. This is normal for your model, and you can expect to wait up to 40 seconds before you can start the smart hub after you turn on your TV.

This is totally unacceptable to me. Unless Samsung can fix this, pretty quickly, it goes back to the shop - and I will never look back again. The sad thing is that I was a very contented user until this. Why oh why did they have to mess it up. Samsung, are you listening?

And another note. You cannot downgrade the tv, back to a prior firmware according to Samsung. So, basically I am stuck with a new user interface (which I don't particularly like, as they utilise only a fraction of the real estate of the screen, compared with the old one that actually looked half decent) - and I cannot go back. How smart is this for a "smart" tv?

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Reporting: Smart Hub is being updated. Please try again later. UPDATE.
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Smart Hub is being updated. Please try again later. UPDATE..

This is literally a 5 second fix. You'll wait until hell freezes over when you see 'try again later'

It's in limbo until you do something about it. Press the 'Smart Hub' button; Go to the icons at the bottom of the screen; find 'Samsung Apps', (if 'Samsung Apps' isn't there, click on the 'Media App'... 'Samsung Apps icon will now appear) Click on Samsung Apps and BINGO.

Dozens of Apps will now appear as clocks and start to download, (just the same as App Store on your iPhone)


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It works

Thank you! I waited until hell nearly froze over before I found this answer, and voila!

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You are a Godsend!

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Thank you, thank you!

It may be an overstatement to say that this solution saved my marriage, but... Happy

This is a huge relief. I spent so long trying to fix this television, and I searched all over the internet for an answer. I even watched a YouTube video in Spanish to try to figure this one out.

I tried a bunch of possibilities, but this was golden. Thanks so much for taking the time to post the solution. Huge, huge help!!

My kiddos and their friends are also very thankful, since they use the TV the most.

Thank you!

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You’re the best

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Don't see BINGO

I was very hopeful that this would be my answer as well but I don't know where to find BINGO. I click on 'Samsung Apps' but don't see anything like that. Could you clarify?

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assuming your enquiry is not a wind-up.... "bingo" is another way of saying "there you go" / "voila" / / "that's it". It is not a button to press or app to select, just a saying.

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Thankyou, very quick and easy fix! Grin

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This fix has seriously reduced my anxiety. Been three days without netflix and was becoming extremely agitated Cry

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Omg it worked

I called Samsung they didn’t know how to fix the being updated please try later that had been there for 4 days and they told me to take it to their recommended technician who told me I had to leave it with them for 48hrs - a week and I’d be charged of course. Tried this and it worked perfectly!! Thank you!

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It works!!!!!

I had the same issue going on where it wouldn't open any of the apps saying smart hub is being updated.. tried exactly what you posted and Bammm it worked lol thank you!

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Not working for me

After clicking on Samsung Apps, it pulls up all the apps I have loaded. Next to each app it says "installed". None appear as clocks and nothing is downloading or updating. I also don't see anyplace to check which version I have or manually click to update the apps.

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Thank you!

It works!

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I owe you my arm!

I have literally not been able to use my smart hub in 2 years!!! Words can not Express my gratitude

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I had been struggling with this problem for days. Thank you so much - as you said, 5 second fix. Great!

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Thank you

Thank you for sharing. Your advice made for an easy, quick fix.

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You are a genius.

Thank you so much! That was easy and quick.

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This still works!

Thank you soooooo much. This solution still works in March of 2019. You are the best!!!!

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This totally worked, thank u so much!!!

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Worked for me! Thanks!

Had to reset TV back to factory settings (Comcast cable turned off right off in middle of program) Paid past due bill immediately, but Netflix was just sitting there spinning.

Came here to find answer. Pressing the app button twice worked. You saved me so much time. Appreciate you!

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You are a life saver

We were having the same problem for days!!!! After reading this it was fixed in a flash! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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Help please! Smart hub being updated

Keep getting the message smart hub updating. I've tried the suggestion of clicking on smarthub then on the Samsung app or the media app but I don't have that the only apps that show are Netflix, amazon video, Hulu, now, mlbtv, web browser, and search (I tried the search) but that didn't pull it up.
I've tried everything resetting, I've had problems for 3 weeks trying to get it to work. Tried calling support and that didn't help. Can anyone help? This on on my samsung smart tv.

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This buried plea.

I'd top post with full details. Sometimes you have to manually install the latest firmware.

Calling support usually doesn't help. Let me explain this as folk call in but often can't follow the directions so calling doesn't help. Instead try updating the firmware from the maker's web pages on your model. Also, let me be clear. I can never tell you more than this since I am not there to check if your TV uses a specific method. I defer to the web pages on your model.

In parting, don't bury pleas for help.

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Update stuck at 50%

My problem was that when I pressed the Smart Hub button it didn't take me to the Smart Hub screen, I got a small blue pop-up saying "Smart Hub updating". Pressing that still kept me on the TV screen with a progress bar top right. The progress bar would get to 50% then stay there, even overnight - it never proceeded over 50%. I ended up doing a factory reset which, naturally, has solved the problem but is a bit drastic as my screen settings have returned to basic. I have no idea which App update was blocking the update process because it wouldn't show the Smart Hub screen. Luckily the TV is a secondary one for when we wish to watch different programs at the same time, but it was still highly annoying.

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Another fix that I found on Tomsguide and it worked for me

This is a fix for those of you with a Samsung Smart TV and facing Smart Hub Issues.

Your apps may not be working or not showing up even though your internet and network is fine.

Plus you get a "Function not available" message when trying to reset. (quick fix for this is to change the 'source' to tv and try again.

Anyway, after speaking to Samsung support, they gave me an awesome fix. Here it is...

Please follow the below steps:

1. Changing the country code other than US (ex. Zimbawe). (INSTRUCTIONS BELOW)

2. Updating the Smart Hub app as per the respective country. (Allow the new apps to populate the Smart menus: this can take a minute or so depending on your internet speed.)

3. Once the Smart Hub is updated, reverting the country code back to US.

4. Again the Smart Hub apps will update.

5. Launch apps and Enjoy!

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Instructions to change country code

1. Go to system>setup>enter your PIN.
2. Move forward till smart Hub terms and Conditions policy page.
3. Here Press the following sequence on your remote

MUTE , Return(kind of like recycle symbol) ,volume up( + ) , channel up( ^ ), MUTE.

4. You get a tab with different countries. select any country except USA.
5. Proceed till last step. its done!
6. Access smart hub and it should work.

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Same response

The support guy factory reset, changed to Canada, changed back to Australia. Same problem. Then I spoke to second level support and was informed, the software is up to date and because the hardware is old, it takes time to load. This is apparently normal. I won't be buying another samsung. And will probably get apple tv or Chromecast and not bother with the smart hub....

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(NT) The stiil show my smart hub is being updated
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(NT) The stiil show my smart hub is being updated
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What if the Samsung app won’t display anything and it keeps saying Samsung server isn’t not responding...I’ve reset the smart hub and my tv back to factory and nothing this is super annoying as we don’t have cable only Hulu etc to watch tv!

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