I am in basically the exact same boat as you. I looked around A LOT.
I am planning on buying a latitude D810. You spoke of the 17in 9300. If you already have a 19 LCD to hook it up to than I really don't see the point in getting the big 17in screen, unless that is the only model with the specs you want. Check out the d810.
Centrino Sonoma 2ghz
ATI X600 128mb graphics
1 gb (512 x2)
7200 rpm 60gb hdd
15 in widescreen (nice for movies)
4:33 battery life (according to CNET and PC MAG)
DVD burner
3-yr mail in warantee
all for about 2250

I haven't been able to find any other systey with
1)good video
2)centrino cpu (less heat=less cooling needed=less weight=more batery life)
3)sub 17 in screen
4) as much portability