1. For any Windows version before Win2K and NT, you will always have to pay attention to what you do in order to conserve system resource usage - there is only so much available. You should study Fred Langa's article, "Resource Leaks, Part One" and descide not only: 1) what the system resources percentage is; 2) what uses them; and then 3) what you can do without to keep the percentage high -- the higher the better.

2. For your reading pleasure and further understanding:

a. "Computer Speed and Performance Decreases (Q259161)."

b. "SmartComputing Editoral - Monitor & Conserve System Resources."

c. "Using the System Configuration Utility:."

d. "System File Checker", and "Using System File Checker."

3. Download and use, "Startup Cop: PC Magazine's, version 1.01."