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Slow moving computer, but show NO Viruses or Adware

My computer is loading EVERYTHING very slowly, yet i clean every part i can: 'Disk Cleanup;' temp files; under Document & settings - Local Settings - then Internet temp files; i even defragment once a week. Yet even bringing up 'My Computer,' causes the 'search light' to try to find files (about 30 seconds later, it does).
I've checked for viruses and adware and have none (under AOL's system). Is there something i'm not doing or that needs to be cleaned? Thank you for any help. alan

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Reporting: Slow moving computer, but show NO Viruses or Adware
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Slow moving.....................

Try this: Go to Control Panel--->System--->Hardware--->
Device Mgr.--->IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers--->Primary IDE Channel--->Advanced Settings--->set to "DMA if possible".
Go back to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers & choose Secondary
IDE Channel. Reset it the same way as the primary. For
some reason, XP will "slip off" of DMA. System glitch!

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What are your system specs?

if Earthquake's suggestion doesn't help, let us know what your computer specs are.

Also, what do you do about spyware? You mention viruses and adware, but nothing about spyware.


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Slow moving computer specs

if by specs, you mean: HP Pavilion a1030e; AMD Sempron Processor; 1.81 GHz, 896 MB of RAM; Microsoft Windows XP, Home Edition, then there it is.
I thought that AOL took care of that also, but maybe i should add some extra.
Thanks for responding. alan

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There's more to restting the DMA.

DMA doesnt always mean DMA. First it must be [physically] set to PIO Only > OK. [Then] set back to DMA > OK.

More info at MS KB artical DMA Mode for ATA/ATAPI Devices in Windows XP The entire artical is a good read but the necessary fix is probably ''To enable DMA mode using the Device Manager'' at the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps.


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Slow moving computer.

Thanks Charlie, i'll give it a try, alan

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Locked in PIO mode


Read your post as I'm trying to speed up my computer and I have my Primary IDE stuck in PIO mode. It's an HP Presario SR1720NX, AMD Sempron 3500+, Windows XP SP2. In an attempt to speed it up, I purchased a 1G module of Kingston RAM and moved the previously installed 256 modules to slots 2 & 3. Marginal improvement. Video & music files skip and bog down so I added a ATI 1650 (512 mB) graphics card: no improvement, even when I down loaded the current driver.

I've run SpyBot and EasyCleaner. Plenty of room on the harddrive 120G left, Windows says the disk does not need to be defragged so I didn't do it.

A while back, my wife's computer (an e-Machine) died--could not resurrect it-finally concluded it was a problem with the motherboard--possible lightning strike---we wanted photos & files from her harddrive so I slaved it to this one. Can't say for certain if that was coincident with the onset of problems, I don't think so, but I physically removed the drive recently. Now on the Device Manager, I have two "Primary IDE Channel" entries and two "Secondary IDE Channel" enteries. One of each has "Current Transfer Mode: Not applicable" The other Primary IDE Channel I cannot get out of PIO mode. What now?


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I have AOL also, but use other items than AOL's

AOL Toolbar I deleted, AOL Spyware also I don't use McAfee Antivirus either. I use Computer Associates Antivirus v7.1 for antispy, I found that Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware SE Personal is more thorough and Spybot puts all the various spyware in Internet Explorer"s Internet options Privacy Tab in sites blocked with 60 sites I've put in, about 60 plus over a hundred added.
One site installed is and another from aol is't block this but other is blocked). Another that is removed that is AOL is blocked by Spybot S&D 7.4.
Two sites will clean out a lot. EasyClean and CCleaner (this I had to adjust so temp files were not deleted, macromedia, sun java, WMP, SpyBot, CCleaner & Ad-Aware).EasyCleaner: has 3 as most popular, top left is flashplayer and bottom right is java in the columns. Darrell Lewis

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Slow moving computer

Thanks Darrell for the info, i'll give it a try. alan

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Alan, I also went Internet Options and put History at zero +

I also reset Settings to 10 MB, under the Advanced tab there is in security *Empty Temporaty Internet Files when Browser is closed."
Another item is "Disk Cleanup" and I highlighted compress old files and selected Options and set that to one, it will spin past one to 500 but you would be amazed how many files I just deleted. in ond day, 1500 and it could be even higher. Originally, it took about 5 minutes of compressed old files in the computer to delete. Darrell Lewis

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Slow moving computer

Thanks again, Darrell. alan

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Stop unneeded programs and services from running


Go to the services tab.... check the box hiding all microsoft services... then look at whats left.... uncheck anything that you dont want starting when you boot MSN messenger, Music
match jukebox, yahoo messenger etc...anything that you can start on your own when you need it like adobe and things of that nature.

Then go to the startup tab and do the same thing.

Then click apply>close>restart.... usually that helps.

A lot of times computers run slow even if they have no malware on them because there's a lot of unnecessary programs/services running in the background hogging memory.

If you have less than a Gigabyte of Ram you may want to try a RAM upgrade as well.

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Disregard the RAM comment

I see you tried that...

Still try to make sure that you dont have too many programs and services going...

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Slow computer at startup
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Disregarding RAM

I'll try anything--I'll try pulling out the 1 gig module and see if it helps. Even when I have no windows open, I may have as many as 20 processes running--all seem to be legit (looked them up on google). I may have 5 or 6 svchost.exe 's open. I'm wondering if I may have some virus or trojan running in the backround because I'm currently running an old eMachine T2245 with a 2.2 gHz processor and 512 of RAM that runs pretty quickly...and I have 41 processes going right now!

If it is a virus, I've been unable to pick it up with SpyBot, Easy Cleaner or Norton. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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I think that the best programs to remove Trojans are Webroot Spysweeper and Trojan Hunter.

or AVG spysweeper..formerly known as ewido...

If you can download the AVG antispy program(sometimes comps are so slow its impossible to download anything to fix them)... after your AVG is downloaded and updated...

Unplug your internet connection and sweep your system

A lot of people try sweeping for Trojans with their systems connected to the web... it doesn't work because while you are sweeping and cleaning... the Trojans that you haven't caught are replacing the bad files that you have already identified. So by time you are done...depending on the system and the Trojan you may still be dirty.

If you are using webroot.. take it a step further, unplug the pc from the web and boot up into safe mode before you sweep... this is the best way to kill a Trojan and a worm.

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AOL?? Pulled From Several Sources (Note Kaspersky Refs)...

From Virus Bulletin News 2006

Recently released Active Virus Shield, the Kaspersky-based anti-virus product from web giant AOL, is coming under criticism, with allegations ranging from harboring adware to actually being spyware.

According to a report from PC World, small print in the EULA attached to the product allows AOL to harvest data from users' machines, bars users from installing ad-blocking software, and reserves the right to send out spam to email addresses required by the sign-up process. The privileges demanded by the EULA would, if put to use, earn the product the label spyware, according to the StopBadware Coalition. AOL has announced that it will be revising the EULA, which has been removed from the download site (here).

An optional toolbar included with the package has also been revealed to derive from software labeled as adware by Kaspersky's own products, and is alleged to have security vulnerabilities.

Google:Problems using AOL: AOL 9 Startup speed
I have un-installed the AOL spyware, AOL AV and security center in Favor of Symantec corporate and that has helped with the overall machine speed, but AOL is ... - 19k -
Recent (April 2007?) News Report:
A number of users are reporting that the >>>> new Kaspersky AV component <<< in the latest ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7 is BROKEN, and broken in such a way as to leave your system unprotected while appearing to be fully functional.

The problem manifests itself after a successful installation with the AV engine corrupting during a system signature update. Once corrupted it simply fails to offer ANY protection at all, although the USER will be none the wiser of this unless they happen to put their protection to the test.

Something as simple as running an EICAR file past the scanner will do the trick.


You can obtain/download & save a free copy of the EICAR Test Virus
(perfectly safe: Looks exactly like a virus to AV scans BUT CONTAINS NO PAYLOAD..ALL working AV should find it during scan) from the following link:
Just leave it in your MY Docs or wherever for scan to find each time run.

No wonder AOL will never get near my machine!

Try an ONLINE Scan for Viruses/Spyware etc:

May not cure but can't hurt! Good Luck! Happy

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It's AOL

If you installed AOL, then that is why your computer is running slow. I know this because my wife has AOL on her computer for years and it was always painfully slow. I would remove viruses, spyware, malware, defrag, and optimize on a regular basis and get very little improvement. I also noticed that the hard drive was always clicking (being accessed) even when the computer was idle. Finally, I removed the background programs that AOL installs from the start-up list(among them were "AOL Dialer" and "AOL Connection Manager" often seen in your system tray) and after rebooting was amazed at the lightening fast speed of the computer (and no more hard drive clicking for not reason).

You can remove these programs from the start-up list (not to be confused with the start-up folder) by downloading "Advanced System Care Free" (it's a free download right here on CNET so you know I'm not trying to plug software with this post). Once installed, right click the system tray icon for the Advance System Care (a white "C" in a blue circle) and go to the "Action" submenu where you'll see a menu item called "Manage Startups." Click "Manage Startups" and uncheck any background program with the words "AOL" in them (or better yet, right click and delete them). Then press "Apply" and/or "Go", restart your computer and enjoy the super fast speed of which AOL has been depriving you.

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Remove unnessary applications

Firstly remove some unnessary programs from your computer.
Secondly run spyware scanning with Malwarebytes Free

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no volume slow computer


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low moving computer, but show NO Viruses or Adware

low moving computer, but show NO Viruses or Adware

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