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Slow internet pages

I have a cable connection and lately I have notice that most of my internet pages are laoding painfully slow. I have clean up the temp files, cache and have check for adware/spyware. I am directly connect to the cable modem so there is no interference with a router. My cable provider says there is no "packet loss" when they ping by IP. They suggest that it is something to do with my PC any suggestions?

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First thing to do

In reply to: Slow internet pages

is to review your anti-malware precautions.

Do you use a firewall? If so, which one. Any is better than none, and if you have none, turn on the XP Firewall immediately.

Is your Operating System up to date? You haven't given any details of your system, eg XP, but with SP2, or just SP1, or no service packs? Have you updated Windows recently? When?

You mention adware/spyware, but no anti-virus. What anti-virus do you use? Are its virus definitions up to date?

Try an online anti-virus scan at Housecall, Delete everything it finds.

What anti-spyware do you use? (Spyware includes adware). Are the anti-spyware definitions up to date?

If you only have one anti-spyware utility, consider beefing up your protection with;

Ewido, Spybot Search & Destroy, WIndows Defender and Spywareblaster.

Install, update all, then scan with all and with your anti-vius, one at a time, in Safe Mode. Turn off System Restore before entering Safe Mode to delete all the System Restore backup files, (they can harbor viruses/spyware), and turn it back on after you return to Normal mode.

Which browser do you use? Internet Explorer is prone to attack. You may want to consider moving to another browser, like Opera, of Firefox.

Do you use applications like P2P filesharing? If so, that is most likely where you pick up any viruses, from infected files.

Do you open email attachments before checking them for viruses. Another source of viruses. Outlook and Outlook Express are also prone to attack. Consider moving to Thunderbird or another email client.

All of these are the things that we normally see as the cause for slow performing computers, and slow internet connections.


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Slow internet pages

In reply to: First thing to do

I was running my connection through a secured wireless Linksys router that had a firewall until I started to have this problem. Yesterday, as part of my troubleshooting, I bypassed the router and went directly from the cable modem to the PC. I have the corporate edition of Norton (from my work) and the updates are on auto. I checked it manually and it was up to date. I am also running Webroot Spy sweeper and Lavasoft Ad-ware personal. I use IE but am seriously thinking about switching. One of the applications my kids have is Bearshare, which I think is a P2P. We've had this for a while and did not have this problem. My spyware software is set to alert me is any unauthorized files are being loaded. However, it appears that feature is not working well.

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In reply to: Slow internet pages

... flushing the DNS and renew the IPs:

At Start>Run, type in cmd -->OK. At the comand prompt, type in ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter. At the command prompt again, type in ''ipconfig /renew and press Enter.

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Slow internet pages

In reply to: Try...

Thanks, this also improved the speed.

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Thanks to Papa Echo for 'Try'

In reply to: Try...

I just tried your little bit of advice, and it sure worked for me. I have been trying for months to speed up my internet pages, and what a difference this has made.



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Thank You

In reply to: Try...

You think you know it all and then someone like Papa humbles me.

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Thank You! Papa Echo

In reply to: Try...

I was just browsing around here and ran into your post. I am always interested in finding ways to improve my speed on my PC. Well, I followed your instructions and I can say is wow! what a difference it has made.

Out of all the things that I have tried in the past to improve the speed on this PC, doing what you suggested has by far worked the best. And it only took less then a minute!

I thank you very much for the information it is greatly appreciated here.

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For those...

In reply to: Thank You! Papa Echo

... who find my suggestions helpful, you are all welcome. Depending on the causes of slow internet, these commands do not always work.

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flushing the DNS and renew the IPs:

In reply to: Try...

Dear papa Echo
When I used your sugesstion the command prompt claimed that both of your command are illegal. Of course, nothing else happened. I am using updated win xp home eddition and sp2.

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In reply to: flushing the DNS and renew the IPs:

Have you typed in correctly ?
?ipconfig /renew
?ipconfig /flushdns
?ipconfig /?

Notice the space between ''ipconfig'' and ''/'' ?

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Flush DNS

In reply to: Strange...

When I attempt this I get
''Could not flush dns resolver cache: Function failed during execution''.
Does anyone know why?

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Try this:

In reply to: Flush DNS

START>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services.

Under "DNS Client" make sure "Status" is on "STARTED" and "Startup type" is on "MANUAL"

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Greased lightning

In reply to: Try this:

Thank You Papa Echo.
That did it.
I'm now surfing on greased lightning!

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My "Startup type" was on "Automatic"

In reply to: Try this:

Will changing this to "Manual" on XP Professinal, IE6, Cable Internet Connection with Router have any effects or benefits?

Thank you Papa Echo.

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I was on "automatic" also, and

In reply to: My "Startup type" was on "Automatic"

I made the change.
What are the side effects, if any?

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flushing the DNS and renew the IPs -

In reply to: Try...

I did what you said to speed up my computer. Not sure if it did it or not. Does this keep working all the time or is it a once off flush?

I want a site to keep itself logged in but it keeps logging out. Can I reverse the above so that it will stay logged in. I am running XP service pack 3.

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Login to site does work

In reply to: flushing the DNS and renew the IPs -

It's ok I just hadn't ticked a box on the site.

Not sure whether this advise has solved my problem though. It still takes a while before I can type anything into boxes on sites and also if I want to scroll down the page takes a while before it responds.

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Flushing the DNS and renew the IP

In reply to: Try...

My operating system is Windows XP and using wireless broadband. Lately, the internet pages are loading painfully slow. Tried lots of things to restore repair etc, but still too slow. Then I came across your reply to flush the DNS and renew IP. The first part went OK, but the second didn't. The reply was: The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation. What do I do now?

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slow internet pages

In reply to: First thing to do

I did as you and explained and I do see a noticable improvement. Thank You

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In reply to: slow internet pages

I have to say that using any form of filesharing application leaevs your computer open to infection.

It's like being in the pit with the bear.

How does your son use Bearshare? When he downloads files what does he do with them? Does he use them straightaway?

Besides the fact that he may be downloading copyright material, for which any discussion in these forums is prohibited, the makers of the genuine programs/music/videos he may be downloading will seed these P2P's with virus infected files to protect their property.

So, without virus checking each and every file downloaded individually, leaves the computer at risk as soon as the file is opened. Don't expect the background anti-virus to automatically pick up all infected files.

Just my comment.


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Be Carefull!!!

In reply to: First thing to do

Some anti spyware, adware, and anti virus can delete things that will make some legit programs NOT work anymore and you'll have to reinstall them.
I know because I've been there already. One anti spyware tried to delete IExployer. Wow I know it's not good to use but you have to have it to make the internet even work.

NOTE: I use ONLY Firefox and Opera, they work GREAT!!
This is just my experience!

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Checking. . .

In reply to: Slow internet pages

I have a cable connection . . provider says there is no "packet loss" when they ping by IP . . that it is something to do with my PC

1. What speeds do these utilities show for your type connection -- not that you need post the results; simply use that for your own satisfaction?


CNET Bandwidth Meter speed test:

Internet Frog:

SpeakEasy and then "Choose a server":

2. Most ISP/Cable companies (which you did not identify) will only guarantee against "packet loss" and not that your system will maintain a given connection at speeds of . . . Arm yourself with some statistics with the above utilities to see if it falls within acceptable areas or not, so you can intelligently discuss it with your ISP/Cable company, and then decide whether they are good enough to stay with. Note: If the utilities do not provide a "log", it will be up to you to keep personal notes either on the computer or by pencil and paper along with the date and time performed -- which both or these last two items could be an important factor.
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In reply to: Checking. . .

Before running any link a second time delete the internet cache - Tools, Internet Options, Delete File and then click OK.

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If everything else fails

In reply to: Slow internet pages

If all the abovementioned tricks work - great!

If not, there is a dirty little secret that cable companies don't tell you: The speed of your internet connection is directly affected by the number of subsribers that are being serviced by a distribution box. For the cable company, it's easier to hand out cable modems than to add distibution boxes. When my connection speed started slowly deteriorating, I called Time Warner Cable and told them that I was seriously considering alternative solutions, because I just did not get the speed I used to have.

Next thing I knew there were service trucks with cherry-pickers working on a couple of neigborhood telephone poles and voila: Connection speed back to whwere it used to be.

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Other possibilities

In reply to: Slow internet pages

I had a period when everything turned to sludge and the isp ''help'' wasn't. They could check speed, etc., but didn't have any suggestions for additional things to check. Since then, I've found some things that I tried and never had the same problems.

When clearing the cache, deleting ''offline content'' as well as simply deleting files seems to help. I still do that peridically, while deletng files pretty much daily..

As others have suggested, I run a couple of different anti-spyware programs. I use Spy-Bot and Ad-Aware SE and the Microsoft anti-spyware - all free, btw. I check for updates frequently.

I replaced Norton Anti-Virus/Norton InternetSecurity. Norton has gotten some bad press for congesting systems and slowing them down on some forums. It was effective as an anti-virus. Since removing Norton can apparently be difficult, check by search for the process, they also have ''tools'' on their site, IIRC. to swap them I first checked out the instructions and "tools" that might have been needed for dropping Norton. I "saved" them and printed the various instruction pages. I purchased Eset NOD32 and downloaded it - but didn't install immediately.

After getting ready, I took the computer off the net, deleted Norton and installed the new AV. The first thing I did when going back on-line was download and install current updates for Eset.

Since I did the ''Offline content'' the first time and replaced Norton essentially simultaneously, I'm not sure which or if both did the trick. Haven't had the trouble since though.

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one simple suggestion

In reply to: Slow internet pages

I do not have cable. I have Verizon DSL. Every so often I have to turn off the PC's, the router, & the modem. Wait for a while the turn on the modem, the router & the PC's. This reset seems to restore the speed very nicely.

I run SPY-SWEEPER, NORTON, and a couple of other defensive programs. Spyware and adware can affect the computer. If Norton is setup and maintained properly I poses no problem.

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Verizon DSL

In reply to: one simple suggestion

I too have Verizon DSL...actually twice. I work at home and have the Business version for work use and the $15 version for home use.

The business version works like a charm, never a problem (I use a Linksys V2 router which I am afraid to change!). With the home version I have good days and bad days.

The only way I am able to fix the bad days is the same as you....I shut down the wireless router and the dsl modem, give it a few minutes then power them back up. That fixes the problem for 3-5 days and then I have to do it all over again. When I hook the PC directly to the modem (Verizon's test solution), I get great speed but that is not what I want to do. Verizon then figures it isn't their problem and they are probably right, although I haven't tested it that way for a week or so to see if the service downgrades to the point of a modem reboot.

What a PIA. I changed from the Linksys v5 router I was using on my home system because there were numerous complaints about problems with it plus many times I couldn't pickup a signal on my laptop when it was less than 15' away. I decided on a Buffalo AirStation TurboG. The problem remains, although not to the degree I had when using the Linksys v5.

I have resigned myself to the fact that there is a problem and this is how I fix it, but I am certainly not happy about it. And I certainly don't believe that multitudes of people have this same problem and put up with it.

I have researched this ad nauseum on the net and have finally just given up which usually is not my style!

I have WXP Home SP2 with all updates, Nod32, Ewido, Spywareblaster, Adaware, Spybot S&D and CCleaner, all of which I keep up-to-date and regularly perform maintenance on the PC.

If any of you have a suggestion, I am all ears!

Thanks for listening!

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This WILL fix slow internet!

In reply to: Slow internet pages

Download this program

Go here and get this it's FREE and man does it work GOOOOOD!

Increased my internet speed from 2 to 3k to 10 to 11k +

Believe me THIS WORKS! Becareful when you install though,
has 2 or 3 bonus softwares that I DIDN'T install.
Just uncheck them!!

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In reply to: Slow internet pages

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slowed down

In reply to: This WORKS!

you can head to broadband reports ( and do some signal and line tests. i have even used pcpitstop for scans and suggestions with good results. be learey of "speed boosting" programs most come with unwanted extras. Xcleaner free is a well known program that will clear caches and temps.
one other item to look at is the norton. i know i am going to catch flack over this but... i have worked on many systems where norton has caused a major slowdown in page loading. try a free trial of NOD32,Kaspersky or the new product from FSecure. complete un-installation of norton is required so at the very least write down your license code in case you want to go back. i doubt you will unless you have to because of work

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