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Slow games!


My computer is a Pentium 4, 1,7 Ghz, 384 RDRAM, 60 Gb hard drive, GeForce 2 GTS graphic card

My computer used to play games like BF:1942 or CS perfectly
But, for maybe one year, I've had bad perfomances with games (even Flash games on internet are slow sometimes!)
I thought maybe it's my graphic card drivers, so I tried newer ones, it did nothing, then I tried another set, and so on, but it didn't solve the problem
I formatted my computer, but nothing changed
Later, I bought a GeForce FX 5500 video card, and installed it....but the speed was even slower
So I put back my old GeForce 2 GTS
I opened my computer's case, I thought maybe the processor had heating problems, but that still didn't change anything
I don't want to format again
Any ideas on what's my problem?
it's impossible that it was caused by Spywares, virus, or fragmented disk, since even after formating it was slow
So, my guess is that I either have hardware problems, or maybe a Windows update that makes my system to go slowly....but I really don't know
(After formatting, I think that I installed the windows update before trying any games)
Even games like Doom work slowly sometimes (like, it will "freeze" for a very short time (like, a split of a second) but maybe every 3-4 seconds, and it's like that in most games (And flash games are simply too slow)
Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you really much

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Re :

Btw, I use Windows XP Home edition
(anyone knows if Microsoft release an update last year (maybe around may 2004) that could slow down some PCs/videocards?)

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A Few Ideas

- Is your PSU adequate?
- Have you tinkered with the graphics settings on the nVidia card using the provided console?

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Re :

I didn't change anything related to the card before I got the problem (Like, I didn't open my computer, and didn't change the card's settings neither, I tried those only after getting the problem, and even the GeForce FX5500 was slower than the GeForce 2)
On a side-note, anybody knows if that kind of "old" computer supports AGP 8x?
But anyway, the problem isn't related to the new card, since that before getting problems, my GeForce 2 ran perfectly
About the PSU, I didn't change it neither, and it used to be alright
I ran Sisoft Sandra, and they didn't mention anything wrong about my power supply, and it should be ok too
My problems are with multimedia things, like, windows will load normaly, programs will run normaly most of the time too
I really hope my problem comes from an windows update or something like that (Lol, I really don't have any money to spend on another computer or part)

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Just to clarify......

I don't have a solution but just want to clarify what you mean by slow.

Are the games installed on your computer running slow, or are these web based games, (online multiplayer games, etc), that are slow because of a problem with your internet connection?

Do you have problems loading web pages? eg slower load times?

Do you have problems loading applications from your desktop or Start menu, (like Word, Excel, Browser etc)?

What about playing videos? Are they slow, choppy, stuttering? Does Windows Media Player play videos ok?

What about music tracks? Do they work ok? (WMP problems).

Have you tried changing the video acceleration for your video graphics? (Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshoot). If video hardware acceleration is set to maximum, reduce it by a notch and see if that makes a difference.

If you're having WMP video playback problems, do the same in Windows Media Player, (WMP > Tools > Options > Performance > Video Acceleration). Reduce it by a notch and try again.

Not sure if any of this will help.


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Re :

About the games, they are installed on my computer (and some web ones, but my ISP is really fast, cable internet, so it's not the problem)
So loading pages is fine
Loading applications is fine too
Videos are sometimes slow (slower than before)
But if I don't run many applications, it's ok
Same thing for music, if I have many applications running, it will seem slower than it used to be
I tried to reduce video hardware acceleration, but it didn't improve the speed
Thanks for your suggestions

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OK, thanks

That makes it clearer.

I hope you get some ideas about your problem.


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One more thing, I went on that website : to analyse my computer, and it seems that everything is going fine, like they say my video card is having better performances than average, and that my CPU too...
(Like, 105% compared to average)
Once, I called to a computer store to tell them about my problem, they told me that maybe it's the motherboard, but still, I want to try to see if I could fix the problem (like, if it's just a problem with configuration or drivers...)
It used to work perfectly, like with Bf:1942, the game was fast
The only things I updated are the video card drivers, and the Windows Update (and after updating the drivers, I returned to the older version, because I noticed some problems with games)

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RE :

Did anyone else ever experienced something like that before?

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