Slow Broad Band Speed

I am paying for 30 Megs Broadband With A Doxis 3 modem. My friend has 1.5 Megs From DSL. It seems that my service should be a lot faster than my friend Service, But it is not my web pages just opens up a little faster than my friends web pages. When I download software I do not get higher than 305 mb/sec. Some time I feel that I am running dial up again. I had Technicians over numerous amount of times.
1) I know I am in a college town
2) I am running Window 7 I installed not a lot of sofware
3) I have plenty Memory
4) I have i7 2600K
5) Nortons 360
6) A Lot of Big Fish Games
Did speed test I do not believe them. Some of the web pages I open up should open a lot faster than they do.
What could be the problem ?
Help Please

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Reporting: Slow Broad Band Speed
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305mb/sec ?

You have to be very careful the ISP quotes rates in bits and file transfer is in bytes. So if I assume you really meant 305 Kilo byte/sec That gives 2.4 mega bit. Still much below the advertised rate BUT

The rates they advertise are all smoke and mirrors. When you read the fine print all they promise is you can get that rate MAXIMUM and even worse only to their network. The promise nothing about going to another ISP network or any site off their network.

The only way you can even think to test this type of stuff would be to find someone else who uses their service and run testing between your machines. You would then at least have a chance to get them to do something since it is all their network.

They can do little if the problem is a overloaded server or circuit in something they do not control.

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Re: slow speed

It's a pity your statement "Did speed test I do not believe them" isn't more detailed. What speed tests did you do (try at least 3 different ones) and what did they tell you for the download and upload speed. Compare those with the same measurements when done with your friends.

The loading speed of a webpage doesn't tell much about the speed of the connection between you and your ISP.


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I have tried 3 speed test.

I have tried three speet test, speakeasy, speedtest, toast,net, charter. Charter gave unbelievable speeds, which if I was getting I would not complain. Toast gave me a lot to work with and to make a lot of choices.
I know some sites are hard to bring up I expect that. but others that should come up quick do not. I have a big time with videos on youtube. With 30 meg I do not think I should.

Thank you very much

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This is what Charter Says But I do not believe it

Last Result: From Charter
Download Speed: 51.49 Mbps (6.44 MB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 3.82 Mbps (0.48 MB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 43 ms
Sunday, September 30, 2012 2:49:10 AM

Speakeasy Says Download 7.28 Mbps
Upload 2.97 Mbps

I do not believe the results I get from Charter I am suppose to get 30 Mbps but techs says if I get 70% Thats good. Speakeasy,net and Just about the same Bandwith is 9.16 Download and 3.11 upload.
How could I get those high speed checks from charter. ?

Thank You

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I believe it.

If you are on Charter's network, the speeds are pretty assured. Once you transition out to the rest of the internet you are on the highway and must share the road.

This confuses the heck out of folk.

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web page load time

is not necessarily related to download speed while it does help a poorly designed web page with too many snooping apps that need to get data before they complete is just a problem you cannot fix on your end.

Most modern virus scanners check the web page data too which slows it down, a necessary side effect of the advanced programming languages web sites use these days.

Aside from that, you may still have good speed from your provider and problems on your side, I once had a router that offered to check my javascript/activeX/and java code against a database of known problem apps, it literally crippled my browsing to turn this on. Nothing my ISP could do it was my router and my choice to have it on or off.

So the first thing to do is test your connection with a straight shot to the modem and then reboot it, if web page load time gets better, you either need to read up on your router, try resetting it to default settings or buy a new router.

Out side of a router, go to this should be your modems cable signals and error logs, post them here. T3/and t4 errors in excess with valid dats can be the sign of a cable issue with your service.

Another good test is go to, register, and run the line quality test under tools.

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