I understand what you are talking about as I have experienced the same issue. Just curious before I go on ..What make and model and how old is your TV? Do you have HD programming?

I have a new Samsung 46 inch lcd. I calibrated my TV from settings I found on this site and with some of my own "tweeking" I have found a happy medium. My TV has HD programing via HDMI and what I have come to relize is that while some faces can indeed be "sunburned" other faces and skin tones are perfect.

So with that, I believe that HD brings out perhabs some of the wrong settings broadcasted by local and national TV stations, including too much & too dark of base makeup on the news anchors. This is ONLY a theory but given movies and other TV series etc are spot on, I have come to this conclusion. Not to mention older programing recorded in standard defintion can be un-watchable at times with the color being way off. I am also a photographer and skin tones and correct white balance, color saturation, brightness & contrast are essential. Hope this helps.