Simplink HDMI ARC Audio Out Issue - LG 55UH8500 4K TV

I've been having an issue with my home theater audio and need someone savvy in home theater to help me pinpoint what the problem might be.

Up until about a month ago, my home theater was working fine. I have a Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1 hooked up through the ARC HDMI input and my Oppo 103D hooked up through the remaining input. One day, out of the blue, my Oppo stopped outputting 5.1 sound through my home theater (getting sound through the TV speakers works fine).

At first, I thought it was an HDMI cord issue or perhaps an issue with the HDMI input on the TV. But no, trying multiple HDMI cords results in the same problem.

What's odder is I'm NOT having the audio output issue with my other player - a Samsung 4K Blu-ray player...I can hook it up to the same HDMI output on my TV and the home theater will play 5.1 fine.

Here's the even ODDER part: Simply hooking the HDMI output from the Oppo into the HDMI input on the LG TV knocks the 5.1 sound OUT on my cable...EVEN WITH THE OPPO STILL TURNED OFF! I'll plug in the HDMI cord to an output, the 5.1 audio will still work for about 5 to 10 seconds, then - poof - the Simplink switches over to TV speaker output and when I try to reconnect to it, I can get no sound. I pull the HDMI from the Oppo back out (keep in mind the power on the Oppo is still OFF) and 5 to 10 second later, the 5.1 sound will kick back in. Again, using the same HDMI through my Sammy 4k Blu-ray player in the same input doesn't do this to my audio...just when I run HDMI from my Oppo.

The weird thing is, again, it was working fine all year up until about a month ago and these issues started. I've contacted LG about this, and they give me the same standard answers...your HDMI cord must be bad; your Home Theater Must be faulty; your Oppo must be faulty, etc...anything but a good suggestion.

So I'm turning to the experts...there's got to be someone out there who knows what might be the issue or had something similar happen. Thanks in advance!

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Reporting: Simplink HDMI ARC Audio Out Issue - LG 55UH8500 4K TV
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Come on...

Really...none of you gurus can solve this? Disappointed! Sad

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ARC has always been hit or miss.

Even the industry is not solving this one. So what are we doing? Here we revamp the connections and go with what works. Most of the time it's an optical link that does the audio work.

There are folk that demand ARC works. For those folk, gurus send them to the makers. Painful but the only way they'll learn what a mess this area is.

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Some of us gurus answering these questions for free have lives, you know. Little things like kids, sleeping in, work calls that begin at 5-6am tend to take precedence over listening to people worry about their ARC not functioning at 4am PST Wink

<see my other reply regarding your gear>

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I couldn't find their other post.

Was it under another name?

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Sorry. I may have hit 'preview' and never 'send'

Whoops Wink

I just re-posted the 'recipe'.


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Thanks for that.

Once in a while members create more than one account so I can't see their other posts.

My brother has to carry two spare optical cables now. More and more setups to fix and with the amazonbasics cable being cheap and the service call at over 150USD they can give the owner the cable for free or cheap now. It's not free but the clients seem to like a free cable so they just eat that and move on.

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Bob's advice is spot on

ARC is a hot mess, and even when all components are supposedly 'ARC compatible'. You really need a digital optical cable for this to workl, but even then there's the potential for something to go wrong. Understand, the Samsung unit is really not as reliable of an AV 'hub' such as even an entry level AV receiver (~$199). Historically, these compact Samsung units have been troublesome for many users. I have also had the most problem when I have mixed other brands into an existing Samsung system. Anynet+ can cause problems too IME. YMMV.

IMO, you gear is slightly mis-matched. The highly functional/high quality Oppo player *screams* to be mated with a high quality audio receiver and proper speakers (not wireless).
Most importantly, the Samsung J5500W lacks inputs you need to get the job done.

Here's how I would hook everything up, FWIW. Grab an inexpensive digital optical splitter on Amazon to complete the puzzle and circumvent the lack of actual ARC functionality/lack of inputs on the J5500W. The digital optical cable from LG HDTV back to the Samsung J5500W should allow you to run audio from the built in apps on the smart tv, presumably.

Oppo (HDMI out) --> (HDMI in) LG HDTV
"' "" (digital optical out) --> (digital optical in) {2/1 or 3/1 digital optical splitter/switch}

Samsung J5500W (HDMI out) --> (HDMI in) LG HDTV

LG HDTV (digital optical out) --> (digital optical in) {2/1 or 3/1 digital optical splitter/switch}

{2/1 or 3/1 digital optical splitter/switch} (digital optical out) --> (digital optical in) Samsung J5500W

Let me know what doesn't make sense from this 'recipe'.


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Link- 1x3toslink splitter for reference- most will suffice

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