shut off laptop in the beginning of update

as the title suggests i messed up pretty bad
i saw my laptop needed updates n let it restart n such
but i saw a blue screen with a loading bar n something something flash updating ? i think
and i panicked bc i thought i was resetting the flash drive i had plugged in? so for some reason i turned it off
and now when i try to turn it on, it does not show anything pure black screen nothing shows
plugging in an external monitor does not show anything theres no input signal
the only thing that happens is the fans spinning at max
i tried plugging in a recovery usb and that does nothing
another thing that happens is if i hold the power button down to shut it off it will just start up again a second or so later after i stop pressing it
the laptop is a rog GL702VM
im a pretty tech savy guy id like to say but i can not find stuff on this?
and i am at a lost

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Reporting: shut off laptop in the beginning of update
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We own a similar ROG.

Anyway try another type of reset. Be sure to unplug ALL HDMI, USB and such connections. Now remove power then the battery. Hold down the power button for 60 seconds, release. Slip in the battery, apply power then test.

If that fails then depending on the results it's in need of repair or it has a blown OS. To test if the OS is blown I unplug the HDD or SSD (both if it has both) and see if the power cycle continues.

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i have opened up the laptop before,but the battery isnt a easily removable one but i did try unplugging the hard drive yesterday and seeing if the power cycle continues and the power cycle does continue, im assuming thats a bad thing

is it possible to install an nvme ssd (the laptop has space for it) with an os? and get that to boot?
Id really like to be able to get some files back from the hard drive

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As to the files.

You put that drive into some USB case and look it over in a working PC. This is a very common procedure so I'll stop here.

As to the laptop, that's not a good sign. I'd remove the drives and the WiFi module now and leave it with one stick of RAM to try again.

As to the battery, this machine is broken. It doesn't matter if it's easy or hard. If this is too hard you get repair estimates but most folk won't so it's off to Youtube to see how to get the battery unplugged for the reset I noted.

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It seems it's easy to unplug the battery.
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(NT) unplugged battery no difference
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And the rest of the reset steps?

I try not to leave out steps but if you complete the steps for the usual reset the outlook is not good. As is a dead laptop. I see from the fixit steps you now have access to the HDD to be put into some USB case to see if you can get the data out.

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unplugged battery has no difference

I hit enter really early my bad
but doing the battery thing didnt help :C (ty for the link btw i thought the process was much more complicated)

i cant seem to remove the one screw that holds the wifi module in, i did unplug two cables from it tho ( a white and black one)

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"the battery thing"?

Let's hope you can still try the generic reset I noted above.

After that we want to give it another reset with the battery out, no power then remove the SSD and HDDs to see if the machine will complain.

If nothing works then it's usually the motherboard. At just 2 years old I don't suspect the CMOS battery but you can pull that and repeat the reset and try again. I don't hold out much hope for this laptop at this point unless you are skipping steps here. You are not being complete in your replies.

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my bad

sorry about my replies i dont typically use forums and im not really the best with typing out things in general so my apologies

i think im gonna give up though, i attempted resetting the with the removal of the battery again and such with no avail and then i tried the cmos battery and that did nothing either
i assume i messed up the laptop pretty bad, i probably bricked it
but thank you a whole buncha for your help !
maybe ill take it to local repair place to see how much it is if that is if they can even fix it

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