Spoofed email messages last month. It's not only misspelling which can cause issues. Graphic similarites also can, as noted in paragraph two below. I found it interesting.. and something which could be easily over-looked.

'As well as email spoofing techniques, attacks can be carried out from Internet domains with similar phonetics to the attacker's domain, such as using 'companny.com' instead of ''company.com''. At a glance, this deception can go unnoticed.

Phonetic similarities are not the only problem; graphic similarities can also be used to confuse users. For example, the letters 'r' y 'n' can have a similar graphics to the letter 'm', so that ''cornpany.com' can pass for 'company.com', especially in certain fonts and letter sizes. What's more, the high resolution of monitors with extremely small pixels also adds to this confusion'