Should I make the switch from IE 8 to IE 9?

I have a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop with Windows Vista Premium, my current Internet browser is Internet Explorer 8 which has worked very good. The last few weeks I've been receiving these pop up messages when I sign into my webmail accounts that my current browser has expired and I need to upgrade to Internet Explorer 9. I received a message from Windows Update yesterday saying one update was currently available, the update was Internet Explorer 9, 18.0MB.

I've just finished reading through many posts in the browser's forum, many saying they are not pleased with making the switch to IE9, many said they have encountered problems with IE9, should I still make the switch from IE8 to IE9 or can I stay with IE8 and ignore these messages? I also have a Dell Dimension 3100 desktop PC with Windows Home XP SP2 which also has IE8.

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That's the short answer. Happy

I've never seen a web site cause a browser to pop up with a message saying the browser has expired. Can you be more specific with the error messages?

I ask because I know users who are still using IE6, and they have little reported problems. In fact consider this; IE9 is not available to XP users, so web sites that attempt to force a change like that would soon lose millions of existing XP users.

I will always update Windows whenever updates are offered. It keeps my system up to date which causes fewer problems in the long run.

Also, the problem with forums and reviews are that people generally only report problems. You won't see many 'thread starter' posts where users say, "I upgraded to IE9 and all is well". There are now millions of happy IE9 users.

If you do experience problems with IE9, you can always revert back to IE8. Just be sure you have another working browser installed so you can find out how to do that.

I hope that helps.


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Re: Should I make the switch from IE8 to IE9?

If IE9 isn't available for XP I'll keep everything as is then. I have Google Chrome as a backup but I don't use it much.

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(NT) But what about your Vista rig?
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Re: (NT) But what about your Vista rig?

I haven't decided what to do with my Vista rig yet but I'm thinking about it.

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Re: (NT) But what about your Vista rig?

I upgraded tonight from IE8 to IE9, I might be switching back to IE8 but one thing I don't like now is I've lost my sound when I click on a feature I like to hear that "click" but nowit's like I have my speakers turned off, no sound. I can still view YouTube and hear the vids but I lost my "clicking" sounds which I've been use to hearing for years. Is that a new feature of IE9? Also to retrieve my favorites I have to go to the top right hand corner of my monitor's screen, click on a star, then my favorites appear. I can then click on a green arrow to move my favorites column to the left side of my monitor's screen like it was with IE8 but when I close out the screen and come back I have to go through all the motions again.

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IE9 is not good at all

I have also instaled ie9 , but this browser simple do not work in many situation. I want to revert back to IE8 but I don't know how to do this. Can't find in the prgram list .Any idea ?

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Link only
How do I install or uninstall Internet Explorer 9?

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Re: Link only

When I clicked on your link, How do I install or uninstall Internet Explorer 9? it said the page could not be found which is why I used the other one from PC Magazine.

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Well that's strange
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Re: Well that's strange

Now that link worked but I've already reverted back to IE8. Maybe now our friend Wiker007 who seems to be having troube can get some help.

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Re: IE9 is not good at all
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don't work

It did not work for me. I do not have that option on my control panel Happy
The first link do not work

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Re: don't work

My laptop's OS is Vista, like my article from PCMag said I went to Control Panel, then to installed updates, scrolled down my list of installed updates until I found IE9 which I installed late last night, I then clicked uninstall and the rest is history.

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A happy bunny bothering to post!

It's obvious that happy users don't post - so I'm just going to support Mark and say I'm entirely happy with IE9 on Vista and on Win 7. The 'favourites' button has moved - so what - it is tidier IMO, and I don't remember hearing 'clicks' in IE8 - (I don't doubt that they were there, but clearly they passed me by so I don't miss them!)
The notifications (in yellow at the bottom of the screen) are less 'assertive' than they used to be, which I think is good - less of the Microsoft insisting on what is good for you. The 'speed up browser' notification is extremely useful IMO - it highlights the rubbish which you hadn't spotted and never wanted anyway.
I think it is a noticeable, if not large, improvement on IE8, and (probably against the mainstream) I'd argue it is generally more comprehensive than Chrome, which I also use and admire.

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IE9 experience of mine

It works very well for general use.I came across problem after installing IE9 in HPQ 6830s-this was strange, no problems when entering ID and password in common sites, when banking, a much tougher situation-I do all my banking over the net.I could not log in to my account,even after repeated trys.I could not get any help from Microsoft.I had to revert back to IE8,HooRah, my banking situation got solved.It has happened repeatedly on my laptop

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My IE9 experience

I upgraded to IE9 as soon as it was no longer beta. At first we had a problem with logging into the bank, but contacted the bank and told them we upgraded. Soon after doing that the problem was fixed and we have no problems with that anymore. It took a little time to get used to the new version but it sure works better than the IE8 we originally had. IE8 would lock up constantly and close. We would have to start it many times before it would work, but most of the time it would only work a short time and close while you were working on something. We enjoy IE9 simply because all of the problems we had with IE8 are gone and any issues we had after switching to IE9 have all worked themselves out leaving us with a smooth running browser. Computing is now a pleasant experience. Wink

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