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Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?


I have a HP Pavilion with Vista Home Premium. I know that the
SP1 patch for Vista came out back in May, but I have not
downloaded it yet. I tried to read all of the articles about
the SP1 patch, and basically came to the conclusion that
there were good reasons to download the patch, but also that
the patch could compromise my PC. I've also read that you
need to make sure that your PC is up to all requirements by
the manufacturer of your PC before downloading this patch.
My questions are: Am I being foolish in not downloading the
SP1 patch? What steps should I take before download this
patch? If I download and have problems, will I be able to do
a system restore to a point prior to downloading the patch?
I have been helped many times by using this forum, and I want
to thank all of the contributors that take the time to help
us with our questions and problems.

--Submitted by Mary R.

Here are some featured member answers to get you started, but please do read up on all the advice and suggestions that our members have contributed to this member's question.

Installing Windows Service Packs --Submitted by waytron

Definitely download Windows Vista SP1 --Submitted by TechFleur

Vista SP1 upgrade --Submitted by rkinne01

Thank you note from Mary R.

If you have any addition advice or recommendations for Mary, please click on the reply link and submit it. Please be as detailed as possible in your advice. Thanks!
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In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

Everything i've read points to NOT downloading the SP1 patch. It will only cause more problems than it will solve. If it ain't broke don't fix it!!

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It Almost Caused Me To Reformat

In reply to: SP1

It messed everything up and I was told by tech support to reformat the hard drive. I didn't want to lose all my work and saved files so I did a system restore. he PC has been almost back to normal since.

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Don't Do It!!!!!!!!!!!

In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

I to have an Hp laptop and I installed the patch. My machine was 2 weeks old. It made the machine unacceptable to use. Iis no longer functioned booring was extremely slow opening notepad took forever let alone a real app and my number of errors logged was verfy high. I made the mistake of trusting Microsoft instead of checking online how it had worked for others. Now I checked and found a common thread most people had the same problems. Net result I had to rebuild the machine from scratch which is not easy with a laptop but no choice as the HP recovery disks did not work. Stay away form this SP.

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Windows SP1

In reply to: Don't Do It!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say I have a Dellintel Centrino Duo when it came to download the service pack. I did everything by the book what a mess my computer would not work It caused so many problems i now have no hair left. So eventualy I did something I should have done a long time ago I took the the whole Vista of my computer and went back to XP Windows and What a relief to have a system that works as it should. I even managed to sell the Vista home CD to someone else so I only lost

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In reply to: Windows SP1

i totally agree with you that vista is garbage. i too "upgraded back down" to xp. sadly, ms no longer has the vision or desire to make produce a decent product

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Easy and Safe

In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

Hello Mary!

Well I have no problem with the Vista SP1. I Bought my laptop not that long ago, and it didnt come with the vista SP1. I had a major issue with my computer that had me formating the drive and installing EVERYthing again, including all the manufacturer's drivers, and everything went fine. I installed the SP1 and my system is still running smoothly. So, the answer for your question is YES, you can install the patch and recover from it. The first steps that you have to take is set up your computer as you would recover it to this state. So organize your data, drivers and everything that you want to be recovered and after that, go and create a system restore point. (system restore window.>open system protection>select the disc (usually cHappy and press "create"> name it and save it). After that you are ready to install your SP1. Make sure that save the files in another media if you are instill unsure of whether keep the SP1. After that you will be fine if you want to restore it.
Also, if you really want to make sure that all your data will be recovered. Simply create a full backup of your disc.

I hope it helped.

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In reply to: Easy and Safe

a home user should just be able to click here or there and be able to be productive. you being a microsoft techy is just re-enforcing the notion that the average user needs to be a rocket scientist to make vista work like a Linux box or Mac system... i do not work for my OS, my OS works for me!!! vista means no headaches

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Definitely download Windows Vista SP1

In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?


While it's possible that you'll see little difference in how your computer functions between your current version of Vista and Vista SP1, there are some "under the covers" changes that should have positive impacts on the reliability, security, performance, and usability of your system.

I can say from personal experience that, having been unable to install Windows XP SP2 on my older computer, I was also unable to install some of the software updates/upgrades that relied on XP SP2 features and improvements. XP SP2 was required.

I don't know if that would be true for you but, for example, Vista SP1 now supports the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) and the Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT)for flash devices, so there are/will be devices and software that require Vista SP1.

You've probably already gone to Microsoft's Vista SP1 web page:

which has a downloadable file that provides an overview of Vista SP1, including a description of reliability improvements, performance enhancements, support for new standards and interfaces, etc.

KnowledgeBase (KB) article 936330 provides information you need to know before downloading Vista SP1. You're right that you should check the HP web site for any HP-specific information or cautions for your computer model.

If you're still concerned about the installation or have specific problems, the following Microsoft web page:

states that you can get free technical support for installation and compatibility issues:

"Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for Windows Vista, but only for Service Pack 1 (SP1). This support for SP1 is valid until March 18, 2009. . . . For customers residing in North America or Canada, chat and e-mail support is available.

Some issues may require more advanced support for which there is a charge."

If you need to uninstall Vista SP1, you should have KB article 948537 at hand. You might want to read it before you install Vista SP1 to be sure you have everything you need in case you have to perform the uninstall procedure.

Of course, the ideal situation is if you have a "techie" friend who can help you with the installation and make sure that all your favorite software and frequently used devices are still functioning after installation.

And, although you sound like you're able to perform the installation yourself, sometimes it's easier or less stressful to hire a professional to do it. Your local computer store may offer this type of service for a fee.


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In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

Mary, you do indeed have a dilemma. The question is, are you currently having problems running Vista?

All of the people I know who are running Vista without having problems only use their computer for relatively simple tasks and don't run a lot of specialized software programs.

The power users find it impossible to use. It's full of bugs. Like any Microsoft Operating System, it will take years to get all the bugs out. So, if you're not having problems then back up your system and try the SP1. If your having problems, it is unlikely that the SP1 is going to fix your problems. The choice then becomes change to another operating system. Your choices are Windows XP-Pro or a Windows 200x. The latter is a very good OS with ultimately more power. For a basic PC user the XP-Pro simply works.

Good Luck.

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This post is a joke

In reply to: Dilemma

I don't beleive slickrick is speaking from experience.

I have vista ultimate 64bit and it is solid. SP1 made it better.

quickrick should slow down and take his head out of the sand!

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quickrick is right

In reply to: This post is a joke

quickrick nailed it right on the head!

also, microsoft needs to rework the OS kernel as right now it is spaghetti code. hopefully when win7 ships, yes ms is developing another OS before fixing vista, win7 will be unix based

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Just wondering.

In reply to: quickrick is right

How did you know it's "spagghetti code"? Did you work on it? Or are you one of the privileged outsiders allowed to study it?


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Hey, QuickRick is RIGHT ON!

In reply to: This post is a joke

Sorry, but I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit and three of my most used and most necessary programs for graduate school do NOT work on Vista as well as they did on XP pro, even with their Vista upgrades. So I have a gorgeous HP Pavilion dv2660se laptop, great LCD, 2gb RAM, 250 gb hard drive, six hour battery, and with all that, it was easier to buy a used laptop off of EBay that was made for XP pro, something that would let me use my programs for research as I need to use them. And I've been using laptops since DOS days, before Windows 95, so I'm no novice. So I say, down with Vista! QuickRick does know what he's talking about--his reply matched my problem with Vista exactly! I am so frustrated with Vista, but I don't have the time to search forever for XP drivers that HP will not provide for a machine they sell as a Vista machine (even when slightly older models of it sold as XP machines). I'm waiting for someone to sell a CD with XP drivers on EBay for an HP Pavilion dv2660se. Then I'll happily "downgrade" to XP pro and be rid of this blasted Vista OS forever!!!! Curses upon you, Microsoft, for making our lives harder instead of easier!!!

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In reply to: Hey, QuickRick is RIGHT ON!

You should read your own statement very clearly.
I am so frustrated with Vista, but I don't have the time to search forever for XP drivers that HP will not provide for a machine they sell as a Vista machine.



You also stated that applications you really need for school do not work QUOTE - AS WELL - AS THEY DID ON XP.

Vista is a New Operating system, Microsoft does not program for those applications you need, is the vendor of the application that should have made a Updrade Available to you so that the application works with the new API'S.

My Vista laptop was crashed by Partition Commander, which I obtained an upgrade to the Vista Version for $10.00 that's what AVANQUEST charged me.
But the application screw up the Boot Sector and I had to re-installed Vista.

This was not Vista's fault, A hard drive Partition application should be very carefully programed since it has access to the Kernel and the hard drive boot sector.

Solution, I lost 10 dollars, it broke my Vista installation, therfore I don't use it, recommended, nor will I buy from them again.

Did your application Vendor updated their program?
Retorical Question.
I don't need to know.

The bottom line is that Microsoft does not controlled what vendor's do to program for a operating system.

In addition, MS does go to the extend of implementing a way for programers to submit their drivers for review and certification.
Why? because they know how mal-programmed drivers can make the operating system unstable.

The result an unhappy camper like you.

I am sorry that you are not enjoying the good things about Vista.

Do you have a test machine.

Run Vista in it, with only MS applications, and you will see the stability.
But this is not real life correct ?

So a lot of responsibility falls on the hands of third party applications.

Send me your laptop, I'll take it off your hands.
Even the name HP Pavillion DV2660se ( I wonder what the s.e. stands for ) Sub-Par Equipment ? just kidding with you.


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QuickRick is wrong

In reply to: Hey, QuickRick is RIGHT ON!

Did you do this?
1. Uninstall your prized three programs
2. Install the SP1 download
3. Reinstall your three programs

The order of your installation could be your problem.

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reverting to an older operating system can cause problems

In reply to: Dilemma

If your computer came with Vista installed it also came with the drivers needed for all the components in your computer. If you revert to an older OS you may have hunt down drivers for those components. Also you could find that some of your current software relies on Vista and will not work on an older OS or that something you will want to run in the future requires Vista. Much as I liked Win XP I would not go backwards while all new software is being developed for Vista.

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Don't do it Mary!!

In reply to: Dilemma

I am what Dilemma posted as a 'power user' and I have installed AND swiftly uninstalled Vista SP1 twice. I SOOOOOOO regret ever having bought a PC (made to order) with Vista in the first place - I was ill advised. I bought a replacement for an iMac and insisted it was XP.

Vista has cost me as a small business huge heartache, time and lost business - I produce videos, websites, multi media presentations and EVERY single piece of software i owned and used on a regular basis had to be upgraded(cost $1200 ++) or abandoned as it didn't work with Vista.

I resisted and resisted the SP1 update for obvious reasons - I could not afford more downtime and was scared (with good reason as it turned out)that I would have more problems after the update than before 9and there were enough before to last me a lifetime !

My Computer supplier encouraged me to do the update ! What a joke!! I have uninstalled it twice and so it shall remain - UNINSTALLED. At least until I read enough evidence to tell me it is safe to use it again.

I am not allowed to use profanity but I have to say that Microsoft has a great deal to answer for in terms of upsetting my business life, and my ability to operate as a successful small business

So, Mary, DON'T DO IT!

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Hank Freeman Respons to Cleo on Vista

In reply to: Don't do it Mary!!

Cleo, you have had some severe issue as your post state.

If you have the Vista system and need assistance I will be happy to provide it... If other Pro Vista user of this board want to assist, I will join them in getting you straight.

So before you throw out the baby with the bath water, let us talk seriously about your issues and then your expectation and see if after those facts are place on the table what can be done...

The going rate for my services is Home made choclate chip cookies, so if we get them done, you can contract with Mary to get them made and shipped to me...

Looking forward to your response.

Hank Freeman


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In reply to: Hank Freeman Respons to Cleo on Vista

Cleo...beware...FHankfreeman gives excellent advice, and before you know it you'll be addicted to him and you'll owe him a ton of chocolate chip cookies as I do.

I would highly recommend any advice he gives you.


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specific examples needed

In reply to: Dilemma

What are these so called (in your eyes) 'power users' doing exactly? Give some examples of specific software or processes that they are running compared to the rest of us (LOL). Unless you give examples, you draw a crappy conclusion.


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It worked wonderful for me.

In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

My low end lenovo was sluggish running Vista Home Premium, even with 2g of RAM, the maximum it will take. It was sluggish to the point of me considering either selling it and buying a more capable PC, finding a copy of Windows XP to run on it, or switching to Linux.

SP1 pretty much solved the sluggishness, except for the machine still taking a long time to shut down. Everything just works better, smoother, and slicker. There were no compatibility or upgrade issues.

That being said, be sure you back up everything your backup software will allow before upgrading, and be sure you have a boot disk to allow you to bring the computer come up if there's an issue with the boot sector of your hard drive.

I remember that Windows XP had many issues at first, including a way too frequent occurance of the dreaded "blue screen of death".

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Wing42 is Correct !

In reply to: It worked wonderful for me.

Wing42 has correctly stated the history of xp...LET US NOT Forget.

As for Vista SP1, I had a talk with my son Justin today about all of this, he being a resident engineer at Georgia Tech. We both agreed that the best way to improve performance when installin Vista SP1 is to do it from a clean OS install. Meaning Load Vista OS then apply SP1.

If you have Vista DVD with SP1, then use that....

If you are an XP user going to Vista, get ALL the Driver for all you inboard hardware. NO EXCEPTION HERE. Lastly, never update an XP system or re-install VISTA on a system with another system right next to in connected to the internet, so as to find the drives that you forgot and can port by a thumb drive to the Vista system..


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In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

What should you do:
1- Your HP comes equiped with a utility for checking system status and application updates. I know this for a fact because I helped my syster buy a HP system in Dec. 07.

2- Some HP's come with Audio Drivers from Realteck and could cause a problem with the SP1 update.
Her machine is set to download updates automatically from Windows Update, but the SP1 had not been downloaded to her machine as of July.
I was also concern that the Realteck drivers had something to do with it, so I kept waiting for it to be fix by the HP utility.
One afternoon I set out to check for any updates with the HP utility and there was non, so I initiated a Windows Update Scan manually and sure enough the SP1 Patch was listed.
I proceded to update her machine and everything went well.
But again I can't stress enough that you should check with the utility or HP website for driver updates for your machine before you procede with anything else.

3- It is a good idea aside from what you have read or heard to upgrade to SP1 since it brings better performance, security and compatabilities with older applications. It also speads up the boot up process.
You didn't give details of your pc, so for the purpose of this information, I am going under the assumption that you have a machine with a dual core cpu and at least 2GB of ram. Your video Card should have at least 128MB of Memory.

4- HP's come loaded with application that launch at windows start up, I noticed this on my syster's machine and decided to disable some of them that are useless.

5- Before you upgrade to SP1, download Rivo Uninstaller from Cnet Downloads, it is free and it is a very useful application, the latest ver. is 7.0.
Launch it and the default view is the applications installed on your computer, at the top you will see bottons such as Tools, click on it and the first choice on the left pane will be Windows Starup.
When you click on this you should be able to see all the applications that you are currently loading with the operating system.
Highlight one of them and right click on it, this gives you several choices on how to lookup the application online and give you an idea if you need it or not. Deselecting the box will keep this application from loading the next time you start windows, but you will still be able to launch it from the start up menu or shorcut on your desktop or simply use Revo and check the box for the appliation you deselected before, it that simple. This is necessary because many people complain about how slow vista is but in reality HP tends to allow a lot of applications to load on starup instead of letting the user decide.
Read about revo, I highly recomend this utility when uninstalling applications from your computer it does a great job at freen up space and unstalling a lot of entries in the windows register that the original application does not uninstall on its own.
If you are asking yourself why I am going into the above topic, is because it helps clean your machine, as the register becomes bloated with entries left on your machine, your machine begins to slow down.
Although, Revo Is not necessarily a Register Cleaner, it is great an tracking down entries that other appliations leave behind.
For a Good Register Clenaner you can download CCleaner from Cnet also read about it and it will help you keep up with the maintanance of yor pc.

6- Your HP computer has a hiden partion, this partion contains all the applications and the operating system as when it was brand new.
This hidden partion although visible to vista is not touch by the updrade to SP1, hence you should not be concern about upgrading and not being able to restore it to the previous state. Do not use Restore points created by vista or any other program if you want to reverst to pre SP1. You would have to restart the computer and when the first HP bootscreen appears you should be able to see an F12 or other F follow by a number corresponding to the action you want to take, for example F12 will cause the boot procees to go into the restore mode, the machine will then be re-store to its previous steps from the hidden partion, of course you have to follow the instructions presented to you on the screen.
Your HP computer has a utility to create a copy of the hidden partion onto DVD's. Go into the HP utility forlder there should be an application with the name similar to Create Restore Disk.
You are only allowed to do this once.
Buy DVD + R Media and buy more then 3, my syster's pc took only three disks but in the process it fail one, the application is smart enough to know that the last copy was not finished and it will start where it left off, which is the reason why you need more then 3 disk even if the applications tells you that you only need 3.

ALSO, very important, when you create this disk make sure you turn off suspend mode or the screan saver, this would absolutely cause the copy of the hidden partion to fail and you could end up with the appliation being confused and telling you that you already made a copy of the operating system. Even if this happens, not really a worry since HP allows you to buy the Operating System Restore Disk from their webiste for about $19.00 depending on your machine.

to turn off screen saver - Right click on the desktop select Personalize, select Screan Saver and set the box to none.

to turn off your suspend/sleep mode, - Click on start, Control Panel on the right pane, For Laptops the Battery setting is under Mobile Pc
click on Change battery settings, click the change plan setting, I am assuming you are connected to a external power, set the timings for 5 hours or more for both the screan and the sleep time, click save changes and then close all open windows.

You can restore this changes later to their defaul using the same procedure.

WHILE SP1 does not touch the hidden partion you could get a virus that may replicate onto the hidden partion and destroy your operating system copy, this is why is essential to make a copy of the hidden partion as soon as you get your machine.

REMEBER, these disks, will contain only what the machine came with, so if you added programs, files, photos, music videos etc. you must back this first since restoring the pc will not restore any of these files.

Explore your pc or laptop and have fun.

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Don't be a fool by not installing SP1 for Vista!

In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

If you want your Vista machine running securely and seamlessly, Service Pack 1 is a REQUIREMENT!!!! For one, the manufacture of your OS strongly recommends it and for good reason! Service Pack 1 includes all the latest drivers, security patches, hotfixes, and updates that just plain make your computer run faster. All new versions of Vista shipped today include SP1. And mabye the most important reason of all: Microsoft Update won't let you install certain future updates WITHOUT SP1 installed. So don't be foolish and install SP1!!!!!

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Not a Vista user, but hope this helps

In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

Hello Mary,

I have not installed Vista at this stage, as I am quite happy with XP Pro, so I may not be completely clear or correct with my reply.

I am certainly no expert, but I am sure you would not have any problems with installing SP1.

Your system obviously is already Vista compatable (HP Pavillion can come with varied hadrware), so the update should be no problems.

If, on the other hand, problems do occur, you do not need to do a System Restore.

To uninstall a service pack, simply go to your Control Panel\Add Remove Programs.

In the resulting list, there should be a listing of the service pack. For example, with my service pack 3 of Windows XP, it appears as "Windows Xp Service Pack 3"

Click the "Remove" button, and all should be back to normal.

Hope I have been of some help.

Oh, by the way. I stated earlier that I was no expert.

Well, I have decided that I am.

EX as in a has been, and a SPURT as a drip under pressure.


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Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 Installation

In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

Hehehe, We're the same, I can't download the SP1 cause my system has some corrupted file. But anyway your not a fool if you didn't and don't want to install it. If there's nothing wrong with your PC and you think it run smoothly,then you're all good and everythings gonna be fine. I think your WINDOWS UPDATE should have install it to your PC back in May(if you have scheduled installation/download)so you won't be downloading it from microsoft(which was more or less 400MB from them)and before you download and install it, be sure to backup your system so that if your PC failed to install it,then you can restore it if in case some files became corrupted(like mine,but never fixed ^_^).If you have a reinstallation disk(which i think will delete everything and restore every files/setting of your computer into factory settings)and don't wanna bothered backing up or creating a restore point its up to you.



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even though i hate vista here goes

In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

Even though I hate vista here goes, service pack 1 does improve a lot of vistas bugs but not all of them. I too run it on my hp pavilion laptop. The mic still has issues that I can not get to the bottem of, but yes sp1 does make it more stable. If you dont get on with it you can just go to the add and remove section within vista and remove microsoft sp1. Its easy. With your concerns of if your laptop spec is up to it, I trust you are running vista already, so you should have no problems with instaulling SP1. However vista is memory hungry, so it needs atleast 1Mb of ram to run correctly, even though some PC manufacturers instaull it on PCs with only 512MB of ram. They seem to do this and get away with it and people just accept that their computer is slow! If this is the case in with you I would recomend removing the small cover on the back of your laptop, and upgrading your ram to the max that your laptop will take. (Check what the Max Ram capability is on the HP website under the Specifications section for your model number.) I have the max in mine and it now flys. Ram is so cheap now, its crazy not to upgrade it. Try sites like for cheap ram. I hope this answers your question.

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go ahead

In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

i never really payed attention so go ahead i tried it with and without no difference really don't worry about it i would just download it oh and make sure you get this so protect your computer for life!!
(;mostPopTwoColWrap&cdlPid=10861654) that is the free version or get a trial here: i recommend buying it when finished or you can get free if your not sure compare the difference between both versions here:

also tip use to ask questions you will get better help there believe me i asked a question in 30 sec had 20 answers all good try it!! ( hope this helped,


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Vista Problems

In reply to: go ahead

Now I'm thoroughly confused if I should run the update or not. I cannot shut down my computer without taking out the battery because every time I shut it down it reboots. Also, typing is a problem as the cursor keeps bouncing all over the page erradictly. Any advice? Would SP1 for Vista fix this?

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Vista SP1

In reply to: Should I download Windows Vista SP1 patch?

Hello, yes of course you should install SP1, I have not heard of any problems with it once installed and at the very least it seems to speed up the operation of the PC. Before installing from Windows Update, WU will check to see if you have all the previous updates installed which means that SP1 will install without any problems.
I have installed it from WU with no problems on my Acer Aspire 5520 AMD Athlon Dual Core TK55 processor laptop.
However, SP1 will not install on my HP Compaq Presario F500EA AMD Sempron 3400 processor laptop also pre-loaded with Vista Home Premium. It will not download from WU, it will download from Microsoft Download Center but will not install.
I have been in extensive contact with Microsoft and HP about this problem but they have not yet found the answer and they think Microsoft must be working on a Hotfix to solve this as clearly there must be a general problem with either HP PCs or the processor.
Go ahead and install SP1 and let us know how you get on.

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