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Should I buy PS3 or XBOX 360?

I'm seeking opinions and point-of-views, should I buy a PS3 or an XBOX 360?

Here's what I have. I currently own a PSP and enjoy it very much. I read it "plays friendly" with PS3s.

I also had a XBOX for Halo (but it's not a "must") and love Marvel vs Capcom 2 on it. I read Ninja Gaiden II, Fable II, and Halo Wars are coming out for XBOX 360. What does PS3 offer?

Which online service is better?

Now Blu-Ray pretty much won the battle, it seems a PS3 is more formidable, especially with an upcoming relase to copy blu-ray to PS3 for transport to your PSP.

Help me decide?

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It depends on your use.

The PS3 is more versitile in virtually every non game function it has. The 360 more media limited.

I've not tried either as a media extender though both do it I suspect. But I do have more ways to get media stored on my PS3 than the 360.

For games alone. 360. Rumble matters. For games and media, PS3. Not the 20gb version though.

Your PSP will hook up to your PS3 for remote play. I haven't messed with this much but I suspect it may be useful in time.

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I just wrote this email to molly because I don't think comparing value to HDD space is very accurate.

I wanted to clear something up about the price difference between Xbox 360 and PS3. I'm not going to mention the blu-ray, but in order to use the xbox like a ps3 there are $245 worth of over priced Microsoft extras needed to have a good online experience with Xbox. first $99.99 for a wireless internet adapter (included w/PS3), 2nd $59.99 for a Xbox cheap looking wireless headset (Can use any blue tooth headset w/PS3 which most people already own), 3rd $50 for an xbox gold membership (free PS3), 4th $35 for a rechargeable battery set to use w/ controllers (PS3 recharge via USB). Plus you guys have been making a big deal about netflix on Xbox. If you want to stream any media including Netflix, youtube, etc. through the PS3 all you need to do is partition the hard drive and install your favorite Linux OS or yellowdog 5 for ps3 which is as easy to install as any program for windows. granted it is more labor intensive to use Linux, but you have much more freedom to do what you want, not just watch netflix.
Sorry for the long email, but I'm tired of hearing how expensive the PS3 is and how cheap the Xbox is and wanted to clear this up. So, after you are forced to buy Microsoft's extras you bought a $545 20gb Xbox w/out a HD drive, after the recent price drop. Cheaper? I don't think so.

Thank you

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You don't NEED to buy all the extras

The wireless adapter is nice, but in most cases, a long ethernet cable will suffice.

You don't need to get wireless controllers so you dont need a battery pack. Same with the wireless headset considering that Xbox live comes with a wired headset. Plus if you use a wireless controller with a wired headset, it accomplishes the same thing.

And while you can install linux to stream videos, most people wouldn't want to go through all the trouble of partitioning their hard drive.

And as I've said on plenty of other boards, Xbox live is more fleshed out than the PS Network and IMO is worth the 50 bucks a year.

So the Xbox is still cheaper since you're not FORCED to buy extras. When I pick mine up, I'm going end up paying $300 for the 60gb version and $50 for Xbox live. $350 will get me online and enjoying myself as much as I could for a PS3. No wait...If I want to play older generations, I have to get the more expensive version. So it's still cheaper.

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hahahah.. no.

dear srkcin... if you havent noticed an rechargable battery for a 360 controller is $9.99 in the u.s. almost all your prices were way to high and only a fool would pay them.

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Wireless on XBox 360

Hey chris, I realise you made this post back in 2008, but nowadays the new XBox 360 S comes with built-in wireless, so there's no need to spend $100 on a separate wireless modem any more. Just thought folks would like to know, if they stumble across this thread like I did...

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Xbox for sure. It will be the best for entertainment like online movies, and will probably be a great alternative to Netflix.

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1. Free internet use (Xbox you have to pay for live...)
2. *****Online store ( Buy PSP,PS1 or PS3 games! Or download demos you might like. Download E3 trailers as well!.)

Rent or buy movies at the ONLINE STORE!

3. Blu-Ray (Xbox got screwed with their HD DVD)
4. Built-in Wierless internet (You have to buy an adapter for Xbox)
5. Can have multible OS (Ubuntu 8.0!)
6. Qore: Like IGN for PS3 (I use it for latest update for games and Beta releases)
7. PS3 Home. Interactive Sim ( not out yet, but it will be sick. You can build your own house, and play tons of games with your friends. There will we a lot of features for PS3 Home.)
8. Metal Gear 4 ( Best story line ever!)
9. SOCOM: Confrontation (Best online game ever!)
10. Web Cam for PS3 for chat use (Use cam with friends and chat away. It also has built-in audio)
11. Can use Keyboard and Mouse for PS3 (use to browes the web and chat durring games. also can use for your other OS)
12. Web Browser (Xbox does not have one)
13. Light controller taht fit right in your hands (Love it because they charge fast and they are sooo light!)
14. Media (can use most memory cards to transfer files) SD CARD
15. External HDD with FAT32 (Has to be FAT32 I am afraid . But works)
16. Backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 if you dont get 40GB

and much more!

PS3 and Xbox: Same graphics
Wii: Crappy graphics

Wii and PS3 have movement control. For PS3, you can move your controller around to interact with some games. I use it for Ghost Recon. When I get into fire, I jolt my controller forward making my guy slide to the ground for cover. Also Warhak, you can control flight by moving controller.

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for me?

For me..ps3

i have both
actually two xboxs, both which wont update, and are bricked because of it.

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Depends on what you want to do with it

I want to dissect this previous post a little since they list some of the highlights as if the 360 doesn't offer them as well. For full disclosure I am a mild 360 fanboy:

1. Free internet use (Xbox you have to pay for live...)
- Yes, but pretty much every review I've read says you get what you pay for with the PS3 online service. Not to say it doesn't work at all, but Xbox Live is very solid and imo worth the 6 bucks a month.

2. *****Online store ( Buy PSP,PS1 or PS3 games! Or download demos you might like. Download E3 trailers as well!.)
- XBL has an extensive online store, with over 100 games in the XBL arcade, including original XBox games, and numerous videos, movies, etc in the marketplace. I don't believe, however, you can actually buy any, just rent. However the few tv shows I have rented seemed to stick around for a long time, so maybe they're on there until I delete them. Not sure.

3. Blu-Ray (Xbox got screwed with their HD DVD)
- Yep, big point for the PS3 there.
4. Built-in Wierless internet (You have to buy an adapter for Xbox)
- Another big point for the PS3. That adapter isn't cheap either.
5. Can have multible OS (Ubuntu 8.0!)
6. Qore: Like IGN for PS3 (I use it for latest update for games and Beta releases)
- I don't know much about these two, but they sound outside the scope of your typical user. Not that they don't count as pluses Happy
7. PS3 Home. Interactive Sim ( not out yet, but it will be sick. You can build your own house, and play tons of games with your friends. There will we a lot of features for PS3 Home.)
- I'd withhold counting this as a plus or minus until it comes out. I've spent some time in second life, and it seemed a little silly to me to have my avatar meet with people to watch TV when I could just go meet with people and watch TV. If it's a similar experience I don't see much point.
8. Metal Gear 4 ( Best story line ever!)
9. SOCOM: Confrontation (Best online game ever!)
- While I haven't played them and I'm sure they're great games I don't think you really want to use the strength of the PS3 game library as a selling point do you? Both have some good exclusives, but for number of quality games I think most people agree that right now the 360 is ahead. However before you decide on your system be sure to scan their respective libraries and see which games are important to you, since this is your choice after all.
10. Web Cam for PS3 for chat use (Use cam with friends and chat away. It also has built-in audio)
- 360 has this too, but I've never played with one so cannot vouch for its quality.
11. Can use Keyboard and Mouse for PS3 (use to browes the web and chat durring games. also can use for your other OS)
- For me this is actually a huge minus of the 360. The 360 does have that wee bitty controller keyboard attachment, but I'd like to see a full keyboard and mouse for the 360 and games that allowed their use.
12. Web Browser (Xbox does not have one)
- Hmm, really? I didn't know the PS3 came with one. News to me. Happy
13. Light controller taht fit right in your hands (Love it because they charge fast and they are sooo light!)
- This is a personal preference thing. It took me a bit to move from the PS2 controller to the xbox controller, but once I got used to it the playstation controllers seem small and cramped to me now, much like the NES controllers felt small after getting used to the PS controller. I love the 360 controller, but I still have a friend who swears by the PS3 controller, so to each their own I suppose.
14. Media (can use most memory cards to transfer files) SD CARD
- You can use a thumb drive for media on the 360, but aside from that and the zune I don't think any other formats are supported.
15. External HDD with FAT32 (Has to be FAT32 I am afraid . But works)
- Next to Blu-ray I'd say this is one of the most attractive features of the PS3 for me. The fact that you can just swap out the hard drive is awesome (versus paying highway robbery prices for a 60GB hard drive for the 360).
16. Backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 if you dont get 40GB
- The 360 works with MOST of the regular xbox library. I do still have one xbox game that doesn't work (though they may have updated it since I last checked 6 months or so ago) but for 95% of the games the 360 is backward compatible.

"Wii and PS3 have movement control. For PS3, you can move your controller around to interact with some games. I use it for Ghost Recon. When I get into fire, I jolt my controller forward making my guy slide to the ground for cover. Also Warhak, you can control flight by moving controller."

- I tried Warhawk with this and while neat, I don't think I would prefer this over just plain controller control. Again, however, this can be written off to personal preference. The fact that it's offered though is a perk.

- I think the biggest feature you left out is that the PSP and PS3 work very well together (or so I hear). I don't own either but my buddy Jetsers loves how they play together.

So it depends on what you want to use the thing for. If it's just for single player games then definitely the 360. If multiplayer is important then you have to decide if you want to pay for XBL and if you want to pay to connect to your console wirelessly. I haven't played with the sony store but I'd imagine the selection would be at least similar for movies and television.

If you also want to use the device as a media center/extender then the PS3 will probably get you more value since it will work well with your PSP and has that whole blu-ray thing going for it.

Ok, managed to kill an hour at work, now back to it. Happy

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XBOX 360

i have read ur post, and this is probably gonna be a stupid question. but if u have a wireless internet for ur computer, could that also be used for the xbox instead of buying a wirless adaptor

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wireless adapter.

i know this is a very old post, but i have been searching over the internet for arguments such as these(cos thats what i do in my spare time) and have noticed a common trend were people seem to whine about the wireless adapter that you buy for the xbox. now for some reason people seem to beleive that this is the only thing you can use, even though any wirless router will work fine. i bought a wireless router on trade me for $10 and i can easily say that it runs much faster and more reliably than the 360 adapter and the one built into the ps3. this is the 8th time i have posted this same message on the internet and ever time have asked that the next time that post something that they make sure to say that buying the BRANDED and exspensive items is opptional and having anything else is just as good if not better.

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Some points.

1. The online service might be free on the PS3, but it's crap compared to Xbox Live. That's why it didn't take off with the PS2 IMO. Online matchmaking was game specific as opposed to being centralized. It's a better user experience IMO.

You can rent and buy stuff from the xbox marketplace also, so that's not just a PS3 thing. Also the Xbox will plug into Netflix and let you stream movies from there.

3. Blu-ray might have won the format war, but it's really not that great unless you have an HDTV. Given that the PS3 is the cheapest player on the market though, if you're in the market for one, there you go

4. I'll give you this one. Having built in wireless is pretty handy, but I don't think it's a dealbreaker.

5. This might be a dealbreaker for some, but the way I look at it, if you feel the need to change the default OS on a gaming console, then the default must not be all that great.

6. And the fact that Qore has Veronica probably helps. However having to pay extra for it negates the whole thing for me.

7. Considering Home has been delayed so many times, I wouldn't base buying a PS3 on this.

8 and 9. This is just opinion. I can easily counter with Halo and Mass Effect.

10. You can buy a camera for the 360 also.

11. See #10

12. For a game console, this is a non factor to me. TV based internet has never been all that great. It's limited compared to what you can get on a computer.

13. This is a personal preference. I've held a 360 controller in my hands and had no problems.

14. Transferring files via SD cards is a pretty novel idea.

15. You can change a PS3 harddrive pretty easily so this is pretty cool.

16. This is a reason NOT to get a PS3 IMO. You have to buy the most expensive version to get backward compatibility. Granted you need a hard drive to get backward compatibility for the 360, but you can just buy the cheapest version at $200 and find a harddrive on ebay or something. It would still be cheaper than the most expensive PS3

All in all, if you want a game console, get a 360. Out of all the current gen consoles, it has the best selection of exceptional games and a strong online community. Plus I think that a game console should play games exceptionally well. And that's what the 360 does.

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The Wii does not have as you so eloquently put it 'crappy graphics', why you insisted on putting this comment at the end of basically a review of the PS3 & XBOX is beyond me.

The Wii is IMHO a great console which has & will continue to provided many hours of fun, the PS3 will do exactly the same, just in a different way.

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What size TV do you have?

Because if its not sizable (say 37 inches or larger) you may not get much benefit at all out of the Blu-ray ability of the PS3 unless you sit inches away from it. And if that's the case then it shifts the decision more to the games and media extension, which are the 360's strong points.

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If you ain't got it yet...

PS3. They now have rumble.

If you have no use whatsoever for a Blue Ray/DVD player or the other things the PS3 can do, you can do just fine with the 360.

This isn't a 'oh my gosh I made a life threatening mistake' kind of decision.

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Get a 360!

XBOX 360 has....
- Games!!
- XBOX Live
- controllers have rumble
- Watch all your media from your Mac with 'Connect 360' or 'Rivet'
- Netflix launches in Sept on the 360
- NBC shows coming in Sept
- cheaper than PS3
- HALO 3
- Additional PORTAL levels coming

PS3 has....
- BluRay

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Who has a Mac? 1 out of 9,000 people. (Not reliable info) But still Silly not such a great benefit. PS3 can get any kind of information, like movies and music Happy

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Just play them and see

Every console is great. No need to read reviews or ask for other people's opinions because really we're all different. The best thing I can recommend is playing a few games with friends that own various different consoles and see which one you like better. The extras like Netflix are a bonus (not a deal-maker or deal-breaker).

Personally I like PC gaming because you get Hulu, Netflix Online, Podcasts, and the whole nine yards.

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PS3 100%

Im sorry but the xbox 360 isnt all that great. Only better because of games like Halo 3 or Gears of War 2. But the PS3 is soon to release a new game called MAG which is 256 player multiplayer. Also has blu-ray and free online play.

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Buy Xbox360 if U want game, Buy PS3 if U want a blu ray

1) Buy Xbox360 if U intend to play games or media on your TV. (it is a media extender and MS is gunning for online download. Therefore I think, beside netflix, nbc, disney, universal...etc, there would be more to come)

2) Buy PS3 if U are desperate to have a blu ray player now.
If U insist on buying a PS3 for game (maybe U like MGS4), I think it is better to wait till it come with a Blu Ray drive with a higher read speed.

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Louder than words

Dumb Xbox fan boy.
If you?re going to put your opinion don't give such an ignorant one.

XBOX 360 has....
- Games!!-----------That also appears on PS3 and looks better. What Halo 3 please just get 1 or 2 on your old Xbox same thing.

- XBOX Live---------it is pretty awesome but free is free and MS would charge you for air if they could.

- controllers have rumble----------now so do PS3 controllers and it has motion cencer something Xbox obese controls don?t have.

- Watch all your media from your Mac with 'Connect 360' or 'Rivet'-------if you have a Mac watch it on you Mac.

- Netflix launches in Sept on the 360-----really is it in blue ray??? no Sad

- NBC shows coming in Sept---------NBC sucks

- cheaper than PS3----------so is a pile of turd but I don?t recommend you buy some.

- HALO 3-----------------that game wasn?t even worth being called a sequel, HALO 2 and 3 were an embarrassment to the original. I would say fable 2 and Gears of War that?s two good reasons to get an Xbox.

- Additional PORTAL levels coming -----------------is this even a real one; really is this the best you can do?

PS3 has....all of the above and BLUE-RAY??F-yeah.

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Facts not emotions or opionions

You have a few very valid points. What the discussion is focused on is facts, not your choice or thoughts on quality of games. I have an Xbox 360, Xbox, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP, Game boy, PC, and an old Coleco Vision and Atari. So when I state my opinion on playability and ease of use I am using my first hand experience and research from the internet and hell just some good all BS talk with friends.
I got tired of the arguments between 360 and PS3. I was an Xbox fan all the way. I have all the accessories, and all the extras. I bought a PS3 because Xbox lost the HD war. Now I am old. I remember the old VHS vs. Beta war. I bet on Xbox and lost. After doing allot of research I found the smartest and least expensive Blue-Ray player was the PS3. Not only do you get a Blue-Ray player, but you get kick *** games as well. Plus when you buy a stand alone Blue-Ray you usually don?t connect it to the internet. Because the PS3 connects, you get Blue-Ray format updates.
I have not only played similar games simultaneously on two equal display screens. (My bachelor party was a video game party. We got all our consoles, all our accessories and basically had a guitar hero, and Grand Turismo, and Halo party) I have also played all the Console specific games.
I can site references into which console has the better software, has better graphics etc. Well they both lose to PC. The reason being PC (if you spend the $) can be specifically designed for extreme graphics. The 360 and PS3 are almost absolute (if you go by PC standards) the day they leave the door.
But video games are not all about the graphics, or 1080p vs 1080i etc. Look at the Wii. People buy what gives them playability. What gets me excited about playing? What makes me enjoy the overall experience?
In my experience of having allot of different consoles I find that I ebb and flow between the flow. I am currently addicted to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on the PS3 (the graphics are so amazing they distract me) When I had a choice of buying Grand theft Auto IV I chose the 360. The reason being is the online play with the Xbox out shines the 360. It is so easy, there is no learning curve. You don?t have to be knowledgeable to connect and play. You just click. And hey there you are.
Because the PS3 is very propriotory I find that while free, it just takes longer. Yes I can connect. Yes I can play. Yes it works. But it doesn?t have the same ease, and problem solving that the 360 does.
As far as the ?extras? don?t forget connection with the 360 is free to. You just can?t play online. You can do all the same things on both. Also the 360 connects very easy to my Windows Media Center. I use it like a TiVo. I can record, and watch life TV. No extra steps, no extra downloads, no brain work required. It just works.
The PS3 rocks in the sense that it talks to my cameras, my PSP. It finds video and movies to. But to be honest takes me longer to set up. When it comes to gaming it?s half a dozen of one and six of the other. Is Halo 4 a reason for buying a console. Sure if you can afford it. So is Grand Turismo.
One is not better than the other, they both have great points. Your references to Xbox 360 issues are also incorrect. If you do your research you will find that most problems were back in 2005-2006. Microsoft stands behind all there products. Yes you have to jump through some hoops, but when my PSP went blank on the screen that was a freaking pain in the *** to fix. I had my receipts, I had all my documents. I couldn?t take it to the place I bought it. I had to send it to someone else, who sent it somewhere else. They tried to charge me for shipping and repair. I eventually got a new PSP but it took alot of work. I have never had a problem with my 360 Elite.
Either way you are dealing with 2 huge corporations, so your decision in purchasing should not be based on ?what happened to a friend of mine? but on the fact that both company?s are reliable and yes you will have to fill out paper work, but come on. To make it sound like Microsoft has a bad repair issue or they made a defective product on purpose is ********. It weekends your argument and takes away from your credibility. If a friend had an issue returning an item, they have legal recourse that is determined by laws. Not the company itself.
If you want to state your opinion that PS3 is better, than say that. Don?t take away from it by stating garbage or ?what if?s?. I state that in my opinion PS3 has better graphics, but to be honest I don?t buy my games based on graphics. I base them on the story, the action, and the enjoyment. If you are deciding between the two consoles you have to ask what you want. Do you want to play online? Xbox 360 (yes it will cost money and that needs to be added to the decision making process) Do want a Blue-Ray player? Go with PS3. Both connect to the internet; Xbox connects to your windows if you have it. But both will watch and record TV.
If you have the income, get both, and a PC, Then sit back and spend to much time playing games.

Good Gaming People. See you out there

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i want you professional opinion.

hello , i have to ask you this question because of your good reasoning. i will just jump to the point , i got a chance to get a ps3 or an xbox 360.the problem is where i live all xbox 360 come with a pirated chip which cost almost $100 more to the xbox but they are able to run pirated xbox games each costing just $2 .these are available almost everywhere in my country, but no games works for online purposes you get banned from xbox live. but games for only $2 makes a lot of a difference. 50GAMES for $100.
i already own a blue-ray player, a psp , and a HD LCD tv and i always wanted a ps3, but considering the original pricea $1.
i am a student in college and i dont have much time to spare so i could get a new game for ps3 once 2 months . i just want your personal opinion and a good reason not to get an xbox. plzzzz respond as soon as you can.s of blue rays is too costly. PS3 is alot better than xbox but the cost for games , for what i am used to is alot. i used to buy games for ps2 for

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Your choice is obvious.

Since pirating in any form cannot be discussed in these forums your choice is obvious.

Do not purchase anything that is pirated, or has pirated components.

Since no further discussion can me made on this, I am locking the thread.


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I can't recommend XBOX 360

It's pretty clear that XBOX 360 has more games available but that doesn't really matter when the console is dead. I just can't recommend a hardware to someone knowing that XBOX 360 has a pretty serious design defect that may cause them to die prematurely. I'm not suggesting that PS3 is 100% defect free. All electronics have some defect rate but XBOX 360's percentages are much much higher than the norm. I hear it's not unusual for someone to get their XBOX 360 replaced multiple times. I have a friend who now says Microsoft will not own up to the problem any more and they are telling him he has to pay $200 to get his XBOX 360 repaired. Microsoft has publicly said they will repair any defective units by extending the warranty but in reality this is turning out to be not true. For the record I don't own either XBOX 360 or PS3. I have friends that do and this is what I've heard and observed. Almost all my friends that own XBOX 360 are one by one ditching it in favor of PS3 right now because of the reasons I mentioned above.

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as much as i luv xbox, this is rly a valid point.

i know this is an old post, but it made me stop and think. im on my third xbox and one of my friends is up to 6!!

We've heard all about how they changed the cooling shrunk the chips etc. but it's clearly still happeneing. im really surprised about this and i really think ms has to do a lot to prove to me that the next xbox wont do this anymore... seriously.

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This is true. My friend returned his Xbox 360 about 5 times now. The last one that broke is still in his room. He is tired of it and wishes for his money back. The store he bought it at only allows renewals.... Another friend that I know has an Xbox 360 as well. He has never had to return it yet, but he says he gets the red ring or whatever you call it. I told him to buy a PS3 Silly

Another friend just bought a PS3 two weeks ago. He got 5 blu-ray movies with the 80MGS4 PS3, and he is happy. He tolled me it was a good investment. This is just form 3 of my friends and true stories. I will post more once my other friends buy a PS3 or Xbox 360. I doubt though any other will buy one, because they are PC fans over console.

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Need to price the XBOX as double

If you buy an XBOX you need to expect to pay for 2 or more.
My cousin had the XBOX ring of Death 3 times.
He just 11 and is now afraid to play the XBOX, so sad.
But he has game and accessories so he can't make the switch.
It's not a warranty if they just send XBOX's that just break.
There was some research that said the failure rate is over 50% talked about on BOL.
Microsoft won't release any data.

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you send it back to microsoft within 3 years of buyingf it, manufacturing error.

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