I rarely use it. I won't say I hate it because I don't want to hurt its feelings, but I have very similar problems as you.

You say this is not a user problem, but I'm willing to bet it is. Your HP Pavilion DV7 has a Trackpad which is off-center to the left, ie, near the CTRL key. My PB laptop has a centered trackpad and I was always brushing against it with my palms, or fingers, or wrists when I was typing.

I was lucky though that the trackpad has a switch just to the right of it that 'turns the trackpad off' for when I am typing. That is still annoying though because I have to remember to press it, but then the mouse cursor is disabled and I have to turn the pad back on to navigate. In the end I got myself a spare USB mouse and disabled the trackpad altogether.

Don't dismiss user error, these forums are full of users with similar problems with trackpads.