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Shooter at large.

Apr 3, 2018 1:44PM PDT

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Reporting: Shooter at large.
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wife mentioned it yesterday
Apr 4, 2018 1:09PM PDT

and I forgot to check on it. I'd assumed it was some Youtuber who had controversial site with income from advertisers who youtube had decided to ban. I still expect that to set someone off one day.

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I took it as kosher...
Apr 4, 2018 1:16PM PDT

because it came from the Mirror.

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This is an actual work place violence incident
Apr 4, 2018 2:28PM PDT

with a legal handgun....but that hasn't stopped actor Michael Ian Black from tweeing "Another shooting...I'm going to politicize the f*** out it, and should you. The NRA is a terrorist organization."

This has gotten so old, it's pathetic. Law enforcement was TOLD by her FATHER that she was unstable, unhappy with the pay and censorship she felt youtube was screwing her over on, and heading to their headquarters. NOBODY responded to it until the shooting started......AGAIN.

HOW IN HELL CAN LIBERALS BLAME THE GUN AND IGNORE THE LAW ENFORCEMENT FAILURES REPEATEDLY??????????? And NO gun 'reform' would have stopped criminal record, no mental illness record, legal ownership, legal age........

Even still.........the police and the media have referred to this as 'domestic violence'......

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OH NO! another Hollywood Liberal
Apr 4, 2018 2:51PM PDT

...gone totally off the reservation. Let's drag him back there and make him stay put, LOL. We can call him "Man who speak with no brain & no sense". Quick Hollywood, hide him away, he's threatening all those violent TV shows you use to glorify both the guns and the violence, and you wouldn't want this strident HYPOCRITE Ian Black from doing that would you? Call the Hollywood nut house to pick him up in a strait jacket before he ruins Hollywood's string of blood and violent movies. You hear that Hollywood, he's not a threat to the NRA which teaches responsible gun ownership, but to YOU, Hollywood, the distributor of violence glorifying trash.

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Apr 4, 2018 3:58PM PDT

supposedly the cops found her ahead of the shooting. She told them 'she got some sleep and was running away from her parents', so they turned around and left her alone to go her merry way....but NOBODY bothered to warn youtube headquarters. No problem........The ONE place that has security, would have recognized her as a threat and actually did something about it to protect themselves (like put the place on immediate lockdown, just in case, NEVER got warned.

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RE:The ONE place that has security, would have recognized he
Apr 5, 2018 8:05AM PDT
The ONE place that has security, would have recognized her


As a threat?

She had been complaining for months, and made her views known AT Youtube...

Did they call the po-po and let them know about their concern?

Did they take any measures "just in case"?

Some crazy lady making threats...WE should take preventive measures?

Did THEY increase on site security?

I don't think so....
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Show me where she publicly or
Apr 5, 2018 8:40AM PDT

at yahoo itself threatened to do harm? I believe she was only making threats of violence at home where her parents became concerned enough to call the police (not po-po). BUT if the parents OR the police had actually called yahoo about it, even if the police determined they didn't need to arrest her hours before she shot up the place, yahoo, I'm sure, would have taken it seriously and been on the lookout for her since they all knew her, knew what she looked like, and would have been upping their security or locking the place down. See something, say something means nothing if the actual TARGET isn't made aware at the same time as law enforcement.

The police actually got it all wrong from the git-go by calling it 'domestic violence' because they ASSUMED the male shot was her boyfriend because the spokesperson hadn't received ANY information from the patrol cops about why she was checked on in the first place. COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN is getting far to common when these threats are happening all around law enforcement.

Or don't you think so?

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(NT) youtube not yahoo.....
Apr 5, 2018 8:58AM PDT
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When I make an error in MY post I EDIT
Apr 5, 2018 9:23AM PDT

But then I suffer the wrath of TONI H...turn about is fair play....


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(NT) What wrath???? More babble from you, I guess
Apr 5, 2018 12:05PM PDT
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RE:What wrath???? More babble from you, I guess
Apr 5, 2018 12:20PM PDT

Is YOUR Alz kicking in TONI H?

Yet another reference to but ONE of YOUR favourite zingers....

I've noticed that lately you have
by TONI H / March 28, 2018 4:40 AM PDT
In reply to: RE:THIS was a different discussion/topic
a large number of your posts edited, JP.....does that mean that you can't string thoughts together long enough to make sense even to yourself and you have to keep revising them?

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Called a theater once, to get the times for
Apr 5, 2018 3:05PM PDT

a Star Trek film. Young lady on the recording gave us the times for "The Warth of Khan".
Groucho Marx in a film said "they waxed wroth. Then they waxed him [Roth] again."

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As expected....more babble
Apr 5, 2018 3:10PM PDT

I'm going to make a leap here and assume you are talking about the fact that I made a new post correcting 'yahoo' to 'youtube' do things YOUR way, I do things mine. But YOU had to go out of your way to make a long dribble/drabble post about how you EDIT.....and added garbage that made no sense to that. Since I posted a SEPARATE post SHOWING my correction and YOU don't let us in on what YOU had to change, who's more open and transparent, JP? AND I haven't had to correct any of my posts for quite a while....whereas YOU have been 'editing' on a regular basis lately....and you think I  have ALZ?  I'm worried about you now,,,,,,,,,,

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RE:I'm going to make a leap here
Apr 5, 2018 7:16PM PDT
I'm going to make a leap here and assume you are talking about the fact that I made a new post correcting 'yahoo' to 'youtube'.

I don't have to hit you on the head with a hammer do I, you're way sharper than I've been giving you credit for...
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RE:Show me where she publicly or
Apr 5, 2018 9:33AM PDT

Show me where she publicly or at yahoo itself threatened to do harm?

HOW bout YOU show me where she threatened to do harm anybody at anytime OTHER THAN WHEN SHE STARTED SHOOTING.....

The department described her as “calm and cooperative”, and said that “at no point during our roughly 20-minute interaction with her did she mention anything about YouTube, if she was upset with them, or that she had planned to harm herself or others.”

While her father told police later that morning that Aghdam was upset with YouTube over her videos, and might have come to the area as a result, he did not “mention anything about potential acts of violence or a possibility of Aghdam lashing out as a result of her issues with her videos,” the department said in a statement.

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IF he really wasn't worried about
Apr 5, 2018 12:08PM PDT

"potential acts of violence or a possibility of Aghdam lashing out as a result of her issues with her videos", then why do you supposed he called the police in the first place? Somebody is conveniently covering for the fact that youtube itself wasn't warned ahead of time in order to protect themselves since obviously the cops weren't going to........another case of crap communication that COULD HAVE PREVENTED A SHOOTING.

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Let's just say
Apr 5, 2018 12:28PM PDT

YOU were the cop...What would YOU have done?


Let her go and Call Youtube?

Let her go and NOT call Youtube?

Those are your 3 choices....

Pick ONE (ONLY ONE) AND explain YOUR thought process....I'll get back to you...

You can only do ONE thing...IF you have another option...spit it out...let's see what ya' got...

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(NT) "SPIT"???? That's such a tempting invite
Apr 5, 2018 3:12PM PDT
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RE:"SPIT"???? That's such a tempting invite
Apr 5, 2018 7:23PM PDT

I gave you 3 choices and the opportunity to make up your own scenario....And you chose SPIT?

Do you SPIT your baccy?

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and that has WHAT to do with the liberal
Apr 5, 2018 6:30AM PDT

cries of gun control again?

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There is nothing "OLD"
Apr 5, 2018 7:41AM PDT

about a woman perpetrating a shooting....

You try and make EVERYTHING about Liberal or Conservative....EVEN religion...(in another thread)

One trick pony comes to mind...

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There was very little coverage of this story
Apr 5, 2018 8:46AM PDT

by the liberal media, btw......could it be BECAUSE not only couldn't they claim 'toxic masculinity' since this was a woman shooter, she supports PITA, is a VEGAN, is an IRANIAN refugee, had a LEGAL HANDGUN, had no criminal or mental records, felt she wasn't getting paid enough as a woman, AND THERE WAS NO AR-15 involved? She didn't fit ANY of the liberal talking points so they just sat down and shut up and let it slide as 'domestic violence' by someone who 'snapped' and shot up her boyfriend..........ALL of which was ******..

As for my 'old' was referring to immediately going to the NRA is a terrorist group and calling for gun control again. It had NOTHING to do with this female shooter or didn't you get that far?

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RE:She didn't fit ANY of the liberal talking points
Apr 5, 2018 10:02AM PDT

She had a gun didn't she?...

That meets ONE of the Liberal talking points...

That's all they need, just one, and they're off, just like a unemployed coal miner from Virginia or a gun-toting granny....

IF they don't meet the Liberal talking points...Conservatives complain that the Liberals can't find any talking points for Liberals to complain about....What's up with that?

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But it wasn't THE gun they
Apr 5, 2018 12:14PM PDT

target 'assault weapon', which is vague talk for an AR-15....when, in fact, because it IS a semi-automatic, that handgun CAN and WOULD BE included in their 'assault weapon' ban ultimately.

I'm just saying that there was/is a huge list of reasons why the liberal media hardly covered THIS shooting when compared to others........Everything about her screamed LIBERAL loved agendas EXCEPT for the fact that she had a LEGAL handgun and USED it to try to kill multiple persons randomly because she felt she was treated unfairly by a big corporation......can you say brainwashed SNOWFLAKE? If you aren't getting what YOU want, commit violence in any way, shape, or form..........

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RE:why the liberal media hardly covered THIS shooting
Apr 5, 2018 12:34PM PDT

When it comes to Liberals covering an event...there is no "happy medium" for Conservatives?

You want more "fake news" covering a "shooting"?


When Conservatives aren't shooting guns they are shooting their mouths off and "fake news" is the ammo?

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Just pointing out that the fact
Apr 5, 2018 3:14PM PDT

they were reporting she shot her boyfriend for hours IS FAKE NEWS because they couldn't wait to dismiss it since it didn't meet any of their talking points criteria for a shooting........

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RE:they were reporting she shot her boyfriend
Apr 5, 2018 7:33PM PDT
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And Fox corrected it pretty quickly
Apr 6, 2018 6:26AM PDT

Can't say the same for the liberal media..........

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RE:Can't say the same for the liberal media.
Apr 6, 2018 7:20AM PDT
Can't say the same for the liberal media.

YOU can't OR YOU won't?

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