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Shock and Awe Part II

Bush looking to reconcile with 'old Europe'

President wants consensus on peace, security and democratization

consensus wasn't that a Kerry word?

"We have a tendency in Europe and in America to talk past each other," Bush said, adding that he wants to reinvigorate the trans-Atlantic alliance, "a vital relationship for our own security."

What? European relationship and US security?

[canuck]We're all in this together, Keep your stick on the ice, we're pullling for ya.[/canuck]

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I?m Not Shock[ed] and Awe[Shucks, They Doed US?ins Agin]

It didn?t take Republicrat Dubya & Company long to begin Kerrizing themselves for Election 2006 & 2008. First, winking at Hilary?s Bill (no not that Bill) to add another paid bureaucratic Holiday on Federal Election Day. Then private cozy nooners with Ted Kennedy to discuss $ocial Ob$curity. Now setting up afternoon delights to French it up with Jacques Chirac in the name of reinvigorating the trans-Atlantic alliance, ?a vital relationship for our own security.?

The Dubya Nation is devolving into the Demopublican pseudo-Kerry Nation. It?s enough to make the ?Nation's Jointsmasher,? Carrie Nation, rise from the dead and chug-slug a fifth of Jack Daniels [burp-p-p]. Who?s the designated driver?

JP Cool

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can you repost

useing english or translate foru rules say if useing non english to translate

thank you

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Re: can you repost?Just 4 U Mark
Republicrat: Same as a Demopublican.
Demopublican: Same as a Republicrat.
Demopublicans and Republicrats: Neither fish nor foul. Take half of that back?they may be foul.
Dubya: George W. Bush
Kerrize: To cause to or appear to become more progressive and liberal.
$ocial Ob$curity: What happens to you when you rely on the government to fund your retirement and care for you in old age. The government system upon which the name is based.
Nooner: Censored per CNET TOS requirements.
Afternoon delight: Censored per CNET TOS requirements.
Trans-Atlantic Alliance: A bad international government joke.
Jointsmasher: A person who breaks up bars, taverns, pubs and establishments that sell or dispense liquor and alcohol.
Carrie Nation: Reference U.S. History, early 20th Century.
Jack Daniels: Tennessee?s Finest Bourbon.
Burp-p-p: Sound of stomach gas rapidly escaping through the esophagus.
Designated driver: Not Carrie Nation after downing a fifth of JD.

I hope this is a help to you Mark. JP Cool
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MJ and me

My favs, for which you MAY be invited to tea/coffee/MJ with me:

"Nooner: Censored per CNET TOS requirements.
Afternoon delight: Censored per CNET TOS requirements."

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This reminds me of the contortions an old Maoist friend

of mine could go through to prove that Trotsky had taken over the Russian Revolution while being exiled and later murdered in Mexico. And he really believed it too.

While both are impure compromised products of the American Political Machine, there's no way you can say that they represent the same thing.

And when engaging in these contortions, always remember to protect your back from injury.

Rob Boyter

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Re:?reminds me of the contortions

You heard that one about Trotsky too, eh Rob.

Contortions or no contortions, some very wise advice?especially when playing in the SE sand box?the protect your back from injury thing. I learned and practiced this skill well in my former life. Back then we called it COVER YOUR SIX O?CLOCK Wink

JP Cool

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Tin man and all

Is your 12 o'clock a straw brain? Grin

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Re: Tin man and all?w/ straw brain

I appreciate your submission of the initial SN CAL Data. I?ll take your straw brained question followed by a Smiley as a positive.

Regarding the actual composition of the contents of my pudding pod, no biopsy probe has been ever performed on it so I have no hard scientific data as to the actual composition of its contents. If you are correct and it is, in fact, straw then folks have been paying well for my straw brained data dumps.

Let?s just keep this our little secret, Skip?I need the money. JP Cool

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(NT) (NT) Eschew obfuscation.
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Yes, Kerry patented that word,

you know the 'c' word, bush shouldn't be using it. Happy

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