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shhhh... using a hidden camera

I would like to take some hidden camera footage for a scripted project. The concept needs to appear unscripted and unprofessional. My old JVC-307 doesn't have inputs, so I would like to get a new camera that I could put in a bag and connect a hidden camera that the subject could wear on their person, like a button camera. I would like full editing features to put video in from VHS, S-VHS, or another digital video, and an external mic - lapel style. Any ideas on this? Thanks!

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Re:shhhh... using a hidden camera

A more common setup is to have a radio link like you see at

This way the recorder can be any number of devices. From a laptop with the receiver connected to some USB 2.0 Video capture like this one ->

The whole getup can be run with a laptop for the recorder off of batteries and when in a car, this device ->

All digital and ready for your edits.


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Re:Re:shhhh... using a hidden camera

so, you're saying just do it straight to PC - not using any tape at all... never thought of it that way. Wouldn't I need a 200gb hd too then? What about those dv recorders? Also, will I lose quality with the radio link? Or is it something I can just adjust the contrast in Premiere? It is a 15 minute short that I want to eventually transfer the final cut to DVD.

Thanks for the help Happy

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Re:Re:Re:shhhh... using a hidden camera

You can answer all those questions if you go set such up. This stuff would have cost you ten thousand plus a few years ago.

What's stopping you today?

As to the quality issue. The RF link could degrade with distance, but the system I noted has no analog tape degrade issue or losing quality as you digitize it. So that is a "wash" in my book.

As to DVD, NTSC or PAL video falls far short of DVD's possible quality. To get DVD quality recordings, you are in the near 100 thousand range of cameras. But I think you know that.

No. You don't nee 200GB on the recorder side. Try 2GB per hour on a good codec. You asked for 15 minutes.


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Re:Re:Re:Re:shhhh... using a hidden camera

It is very cool that it is soooo cheap - thanks for the links & I will definitely be picking something up soon, I just don't wanna keep buying stuff that isn't right for my "grand concept"... I gotta stop directing in my head again.

So a few more questions: isn't a black and white camera better for low-light situations? What kind of hard drive would you recommend? Do I need an ultra-raid scsi or would it all really be in the codec? Then, what codec would you recommend? Thanks again Happy

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1. isn't a black and white camera better for low-light situations?

Sure, but if you know how, you can remove the IR block filter from such cameras and post-process the resulting capture to B/W. Removal of the IR block filter will mess up color, but extend the light range.

2. What kind of hard drive would you recommend?

The one in a laptop.

3. Do I need an ultra-raid scsi


4. or would it all really be in the codec? Then, what codec would you recommend?

You can pick MANY from , but I just used what came with my cameras and then used Virtual Dub or other software to recompress later.


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along the same line..maybe.

I have a horse barn that I would like to watch what happens when I'm not around. There are other horse/owners who use the same stable. I fear that there is something going on and I wanna catch them in the act.

is there a way to record ( with a hidden camera ) to a card or something that could be taken out and viewed later?? There is no electric in the barn.. and it's in the next town over. 20 miles away.

sorry to ask it this way ( on someone elses question ) but I didnt know how to start my own discusion topic.


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Not the place, but here's how...

On the main Camcorders Forum page, there is a button in the top right of the page that says "Create a New Thread". Using this will get you you're own discussion topic then you are free to ask all the questions you may have.

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