I'm using the settings for the Sharp LC60LE830U and so far, it's looking pretty good on the Sharp LC-60LE6300U. I found 'em on amazon. Supposedly, the guy got it from cnet.

++++++++++++++Beginning of Calibration

--Picture Settings menu

OPC: Off
Backlight: +4
Contrast: +30
Brightness: +1
Color: 0
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0

--Advanced sub-menu

C.M.S. -Hue
R: 0
Y: +4
G: -5
C: +2
B: 0
M: +2

C.M.S. -Saturation
R: 0
Y: -2
G: -1
C: 0
B: -7
M: 0

C.M.S. -Value
R: +2
Y: 0
G: +9
C: +4
B: +3
M: 0

Color Gamut Range: Standard

Color Temp: Low
R Gain (LO): +11
G Gain (LO): +7
B Gain (LO): +13
R Gain (HI): -2
G Gain (HI): -7
B Gain (HI): 0

Motion Enhancement: 120Hz High
Quad Pixel Plus: On
Active Contrast: Off
Gamma Adjustment: +2
Film Mode: Off
Digital Noise Reduction: Off
Monochrome: Off
Range of OPC: [any]

++++++++++++++End of Calibration