I don't have your specific model but this might help.

Rtings explains the settings for each menu option here : http://ca.rtings.com/tv/reviews/hisense/h8c/settings

I own the N8000. My settings are similar to Rtings.

Brightness: 52 on all inputs except my PS3: 70. Get a dark screen from your source and bring down the value from 100 until it makes no difference.

Contrast: I set it up with a gray scale image. Look for one on Google. For my TV 39 is the best value. The same gray scale should be used for brightness, but it's not always available on all sources (like TV tuner).

Backlight: 100 This is how to get the most contrast but it might be too bright for you.

Sharpness: 0 it adds artifacts even with the value = 1

Noise Reduction: Low . Needed for low quality input DVD, 720p streams... It doesn't degrade high quality sources. Higher than Low adds artifacts, and degrades high quality sources.

Adaptive Contrast: Off. It changes what has been carefully done earlier.

Color Temperature: Warm (always preferred by calibrators).

I use the Blu-Ray Digital Video Essentials for color ajustments. But they are pretty much correct out of the box.

I don't touch other settings as I don't know how it may affect the image.