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Frankly I worry about this OS.

At the office we worry that Microsoft is chasing after iPad and such sales to the detriment of office and more users.

The very fact they worked doubly hard to stop folk from enabling the old start button shows they have a disdain for what users want.

Looks like 8 will be fine for tablets but another Vista for the laptop/desktops.

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Windows 8 on laptops

Windows 8 will run fine on labtops , that has run vista or win 7 and latops running Xp you have too tjek if the grafic cart is ready for it. My experiene is that your pc / labtop should not be older than 5 years . Then it will run fine and fast on most off them , and i discovered an increase in boot time and running speed on mot apps.
Still there is some small problems whit compability whit some sides . But thats only a few of them i have run into.

Kindly regards Allan

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Not what I noted.

We know the OS will run but is it what you wanted?

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Running Win8 & Win7 dual boot

Like most folks I have read a lot of articles on the pros and mostly cons of Win8. So to satisfy my own curiosity I installed Win8 in a seperate partition and kept my Win7 Pro as my primary OS. Installation was a snap and the two OS's each run in full mode (I had tried Win8 before in a VM and was not happy with it).
So for the meat of this I wasn't into Metro so I installed Classicstart.exe and that made all the difference for me. I now have a start button and a desktop that is very similar to Win7.
Win8 seems to run slightly faster than Win7 , but I have not done any actual timing of it. I should mention that I have a self-built system with a Intel Q9400 Quad, 8 gigs RAM, Samsung 830 SSD and WD 1TB 7200RPM HDD.
I was disappointed that Win8 would not let me install my desktop gadgets (2) which I use to monitor my system. They graciously invite me to the "store" to purchase their app for this...however they don't have it in the store yet.
So far I am not inclined to feel any need to upgrade to Win8 and am quite content with W7for everything I need to do. I also have 2 netbooks with Mint and another with XP and a 5 year old laptop that I also setup as a dual boot Win8 and Win7. On this laptop I found a very nice increase in performance and may just upgrade to W8 for this machine.Overall I think it will be in the eye of the beholder on Win8. Try it and you may like it...then again you may not. I found the Classicstart made my experience much mpore productive.

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Windows 8

I had a weird issue, Windows 7 updated, but, did not update, even though it updated and showed it as having been successfully updated. I kept receiving messages that would tell me I had to reboot before the updates could take effect. I did. They did not.
That's the 10 second version of what happened. Whatever the issue was, I decided if I had to reinstall windows, I might as well test drive Windows 8.

There's a few issues I ran across; mostly due to incompatible printer drivers. (What's new there? Same thing happened with XP and Vista). Actually, the printer worked; it's the much needed scanner that did not. I discovered was not compatible yet; their response was pretty much, "Well, Windows 8 isn't out, and so, we haven't figured it out". How annoying, but typical. To my surprise several online gaming programs worked. I play Word Soup that works; and games that all work. If you use (Bible software) it works.
The Windows 8 experience was awesome for me, with exception of the two printers I tried getting to work (HP 6700 pro, I was assured worked, by the HP rep.; so, I purchased it. unfortunately, the scanner drivers did not. My 3 year old HP C309g of course did not, either).

I am planning to move over to 8 when it comes out Oct. 27th; esp since it will be only $40; and, yes, i will be paying the extra for the disc. $65 for a Windows Professional Upgrade disc? Oh yeah.

Btw, I've heard tons of people complain about the interface. There's definitely a learning curve. Things are not where they should be. It's geared for touch screens; but, I used my mouse and keyboard and never had an issue. Actually, with desktop view, I have to say, there's very little difference between 7 and 8. All my icons were where they were in 7 and Vista.

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Hp printers not working

Try a canon printer instead they should Work on win 8 my old multi funktion printer and my new are running fine whit win 8 Happy so i think that it could help
Kindly regards Allan

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